Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 4: Melissa Posey

January 20, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 4
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 4: Melissa Posey
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Melissa Posey is an Account Executive for the Proctor Gallagher Institute and is personally trained by Bob Proctor, one of the most widely recognized and revered teachers on human potential and success in the world. She is on a mission to help others transform their thoughts into concrete, real-world results.

Since 2012 she has served thousands of clients worldwide, helping them to identify what is holding them back, overcome limitations, and bring their visions to life.







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I am so excited today to be interviewing one of my dearest friends. And I'm going to share a little bit about our background story for how we came together. But first of all, I just want to talk a little bit about ordinary women extraordinary wealth. One of the reasons that I created ordinary women and extraordinary wealth is because I really, I really feel like we all have an extraordinary story that needs to be the light needs to shine on that story. We're all ordinary, we begin ordinary, but our true story is our extraordinary, that's beautiful. And so I just am super excited today that I get to have Melissa Posey as my guest, she is truly my mentor and coach. So about three years ago, Melissa and I met through a mentor of both of ours, his name is Bob Proctor, Proctor Gallagher Institute, you're going to hear more about that today. But what I'm super excited is we were brought together through business through really our spouses. But today we are true heart friends and get to really share just our lives and our story together. And Melissa has such an extraordinary story. And I'm so excited that she was able to impart that with me many years ago on, on really how to grow myself. And so today is going to be so impactful. And I really want you all just to just to feel the extraordinary in yourself. And so, Melissa, thank you so much for joining me today. I just so appreciate you being here.

Melissa Posey  2:49  
I'm so happy to be here. It's always fun for us to chat.

Marcy Predmore  2:53  
Oh, yes. And, and chatting is our most fun. But you know what, we are going to be sharing a lot more than just a chat. So a little bit about Melissa. So we have known each other for many years. And Melissa has two beautiful children. And she'll probably share just a tiny bit about that as I let her share. She has two beautiful children. And you know, that was just really that was her heart gift were her children. And she also was an elementary school teacher and adores teaching, she actually has the gift of teaching and mentoring. And you're going to hear that today again. But Melissa and I have both been through our journeys are we actually had some pretty low places in our journey, which many of you in the audience will relate to. But Melissa, Melissa, and I continue to build the story. And I'm super excited for her to share her story because I think it's going to touch many of you in the listening audience. So Melissa, I just want you to share and forgot one person, one of the most special people in her world is her amazing husband, Heath. And Tim and I had the privilege of being at the wedding of Heath and Melissa, and what a gift God gave each of them in each other. And I am so encouraged when I'm with them. And I just love the energy that they they really give to Tim and I. So Melissa, tell us just a little bit about your small journey and then we'll go into some questions.

Melissa Posey  4:42  
Well, like you mentioned, I was a kindergarten teacher. It feels like honestly, in my other lifetime. Yeah. And I had something happen. I mean, a shift in my life path and I got divorce. And at that point. I mean it was just It was actually really beautiful. Because I was at a crossroads of what am I going to do now? How is this going to look? And when you mentioned my kids, I mean, they are my Why? For certain, yes. Like, that's why I decided to really stretch myself and grow because I knew that I could have do and be more than I was I wanted to impact more people. And I love being a kindergarten teacher. I loved it. However, what I was earning as a kindergarten teacher, I, I looked around and, you know, for my children, they wanted to stay in their house that they grew up in, I wanted to continue to give them and I just I knew there was more for me. So at that point, you know, when I say it was a crossroads, it really was like, I was not in a good financial place. I was going through a divorce that was adding up in a huge way. And I was in this big house with this nice car and these two children that I wanted to support. And now I was going to be a single mom. Yes. And so that was a turning point for me. Was that, like, what am I going to do here? I honestly didn't know. Yeah. And, you know, to have the guidance come in all of a sudden, personal development came into my life like it was it was literally brought to me like I was just somehow guided, guided and drawn toward it. And I started listening and my whole world was starting to, like things were clicking. And that's how my journey began, began, honestly, was because of the divorce, I found, really my calling. Now there were steps along the way. I mean, I had to do a bit of work on myself. Like, that's how I started in this. And then things just led to me becoming a coach. Then I set my sights on just something really crazy. Like, there was a person that I wanted to mentor with. And it did look crazy for me to set my sights on mentoring with this person, because he's well known all over the world. And a lot of people want to work directly with him. Yeah, well, you know, something inside me was like, I know, I can do that. But I don't know how, you know, now I'm doing it. And I have been doing it for several years. So you know, even the name of your podcast here about ordinary women like I was that, yes. But I built myself to be so much more which, you know, even where I'm at. Now, the exciting part is I know, there's still more for me to do there. This is a journey. There's, it's not like I've reached it. We just keep growing and expanding. And I think that's why you and I and Tim and Heath like we clicked so well. And we're we do business together. But we're also friends is because we are all like on this evolution, this journey of stretching. And it's it's exciting.

Marcy Predmore  8:16  
It is so exciting. And you know, Melissa, one of the things that you just said and, and just the introduction of who you are, and just being the real you because that's really what I think we all need and want to hear. But is the how you didn't let the house stop you. And so many times, the first thing that pops into a person's mind is Oh, my gosh, how am I going to do that? How is it going to come about? And so one of the things we're going to talk about today in the podcast is how to get the hell out of the way.

Melissa Posey  8:50  
So let me just tell you, Marcy, you've got to get rid of the how late and I know a lot of people listening are like, come on, you know, like, I want to see the path. You know, what, what's going to lead me to get to where I want to go. And looking back now and connecting the dots. Like I truly did not know how, but you just you you have to almost live from the end. And I mean, we're backwards and have a goal and then live from that goal and not get into the house. But every day you do these little steps which I know we'll we'll probably get into. But anyway, those little things that we do every day. You know, part of it for me is study and being led by a mentor which is amazing. And then all these things start happening and clicking.

Marcy Predmore  9:41  
Yes. And we are we are we are going to talk about that. That's going to be one of our questions and you'll all really want to stay tuned because, again, Melissa is is just a top notch trainer and coach so I just really am excited for that. But let's let's just get started. I'm going to ask you a couple And I just really want you to just share from your heart because again, we all started on an ordinary journey. But we'd become extraordinary and, and I really want so many people out there to really see their extraordinary through your journey and you just shared you went through a divorce. single mom, sometimes we wonder, how are we even going to feed our children? How are we going to how are we going to do this? So my very first question, it's kind of a big question, but what is success? To you?

Melissa Posey  10:40  
Success to me, it's freedom. That is always been. I mean, it's my favorite one of my favorite words. Last year, it was actually my word of the year. I've been creating it for several years, it's being able to really have do and be what I want when I want, like freedom. To me, it's all about freedom. Because I lived. I mean, years ago. I feel almost like I wasn't free. Yeah. And that was just the place that I was in at that time. Yeah. But over the past years, I realized that was something that was really important to me. So Success to me is freedom. Yes. And it's also one of my favorite quotes. Success is faith in action. It was so Success to me, you know, faith, touching on what you just said, about getting into the how I didn't know the how, but yet I was led by faith. And it's just taking those steps like the intuitiveness that I've developed. take the next step. And then you know, we'll see further from that. And it's always taking the action. That's why I love that quote, is because we can't just sit at home on our couch and hope that, you know, visualizing is going to bring us everything that we want, we actually have to be taking the steps every day. So to me success is also it's faith with that inspired action, but it's really freedom to me.

Marcy Predmore  12:20  
Yes, that freedom. Love that word. That's probably one of my favorite words is freedom. And my words many years ago after my journey began in this part of my life was freedom to move, freedom to move. That is just thank you so much for that. And the second part of that question, and again, it's a bit of a big question. And as you know, ordinary women extraordinary wealth, is something that's near and dear to my heart. Wealth isn't always money. But there is a part of life that we have to have money. So wealth is for me a kind of a rich foundation. So what does wealth mean to you? Well, when

Melissa Posey  13:03  
you say wealth, I mean, part of me right away goes to money, I think about money, and a lot of people that I coach, most people that is what they're wanting to create in their life, that is, is the money so that they can live and have freedom. However, wealth to me now is really all areas of my life. Yes, wealth is my health. Wealth is absolutely the financial piece of it, because we can do so much good, not only for ourselves and how we want to live. But for so many people around us. For me, when I think about money, I think about what I can do with my children with my my family, and how I can give and wealth is my relationships as well. And it's me being fulfilled. So wealth. It absolutely is the Financial Peace. However, I know that it's really entwined in all areas of my life. And so I work at those every day. All areas.

Marcy Predmore  14:08  
Yes, yes. And we're going to talk about some of the tools because I know that many of you are going to want to know these tools. And again, wealth truly is, it's more of an overall picture. It's not just money. But if you don't have money in life today, sometimes you can't get to where you need to go. So that's the freedom. The whole picture of wealth. So let's talk just a few minutes about money. And just think back. Growing up. Mom and dad have favorite aunt uncle grandparents. What is your tradition? around money? Do you have one that comes to mind? Well, yeah, a few

Melissa Posey  14:53  
things come up. And my parents are the most amazing people on the planet. However, they worked hard, I watched them growing up work very hard. They had the the nine to five job. They were, you know, five days a week. And, again, they worked very hard. And, you know, a common phrase that I heard when I was growing up. I mean, it's coming up now it's just popping into my head. Yeah, you know, when I would ask for something. I mean, all my needs were always covered. However, if there was anything extra to come in, it was like, money doesn't grow on trees, you know, we can afford that. Yes. So what happens and, you know, now being a coach and working with this material, and working with so many clients all over the world, is that we make that our habit, our pattern, part of our belief system, when we hear that growing up, you know, and then as we become adults, and it's like, I would love to have that, you know, what's popping in is, you know, how are you going to afford that money doesn't grow on trees. So it's a lack limitation and scarcity mindset that most people, and again, there's probably people that are, you know, ladies that are watching this, that can totally resonate? Yes. I was one of those people. Yeah. Now, it doesn't have you don't have to continue to live like that. First of all, you have to be aware of what are those beliefs that are running me? And then now, you know, with the help of what you're doing and help and how you're helping people, like there's something that we can all continue to be doing so that we don't have to live like that?

Marcy Predmore  16:42  
That's absolutely right. And, and just with that question, I'm going to shift my questions just a tiny bit, because I'm super excited for you to just share some real practical ways. So in the life of Melissa, what does your day look like? How does your day start through your day? And then how does your day end? Just let people know that you truly are an extraordinary woman in your day to day living?

Melissa Posey  17:11  
Well, I I'm up early. My mentor, he he's up early, we hear him talk all the time about starting your day off, right. And I fully believe that before the rest of the world is almost awake. I love to get up and have that quiet time. To me, I would not think of starting my day without getting myself right first. And when I say getting myself, right. I mean, there's, of course tools that I'm using every single morning. Yes, yeah. And there's a you know, there's a bit of reading that I do. Right now, there's a kind of a program that I'm specifically studying that my mentor is said, this is really going to serve you like here is a gap for you to attack. I'm all about that. Yes. And so that's what I've been studying daily. Part of what I do is every day, yeah, it's not a few days a week. And it you know, life does get busy. And there are things that come up, and you know, we're approaching the holidays, it'd be so easy to possibly not make the time every single day for me. This is one of my habits. I'm up early. There's study that I do every morning, it's a few hours. Yeah. And there's things that I do for myself. And then every morning heat the night, we'll have coffee, we do our gratitudes. Which is huge. Because when when you're focusing on you know, your gratitudes and what you're appreciative for, it raises your vibration. Yeah. And to start your day like that. And to be on that higher vibration. I mean, it sets me up to win for the entire day. So my morning, usually is around 430 or five, yes. And then I start with my clients at 9am. And there's certain things that I do every morning between the 5am and 9am. And then I take you know, clients for a few hours, I have my 12 o'clock slot, which is about me so that I can recharge, I will go on a walk, you know, I may do a meditation. I take clients for the afternoon, and then the evening, I have to shut it off. Like that is again my time to be with Heath. And you know, there's a lot of things that we do in the evening. And yeah,

Marcy Predmore  19:37  
that's that and you know, it just it doesn't sound it doesn't sound cumbersome. Your day doesn't sound stressful or you know how sometimes in our past lives and I know some of you out there, you have a day that your feet hit the ground, and it seems like you never catch up. So your habit Have being focused has really helped you with your balance throughout the day. So just tell some of the women out there, what are some of the tools if you could just give us possibly one or two books that maybe are a staple for you every day that that, and then a couple of other tools that they could use besides the book? I know you just mentioned one of the programs. But what are some books that might be or podcasts that might be interesting to the audience?

Melissa Posey  20:32  
I have so many books. I mean, books are one of my favorites. And so depending on what I need, I jump around a bit in my reading. Yeah. So I love you're born rich by Bob Proctor. I'm studying that book right now. It's it's really how he's created his success. And and I fully believe in having mentors, you know, they have a way of kind of showing us our blind spots. And if we don't know what those blind spots are, we honestly don't know what to attach on how to get better. Yes. And so why I really like that book is because it's how he has created his success. And since he is my mentor, yeah, I do really love that book. But Think and Grow Rich is another one. I love thinking grow rich. That's one of my favorites. And you know, a lot of people have heard of it. Some people that I talk with that I coach with, they're like, Oh, I have that book. But yet I haven't, you know, picked it up and haven't read it. Well, this is you know, something else. Like we have to actually do the action back to how we started. Yeah, even if you you know where to pick up a book like thinking Grow Rich, my recommendation is, scroll through the chapters, there will be a chapter that jumps out at you that you're like, yes, it's its desire, or its imagination. You know, choose a chapter that's really going to serve you right now focusing on that chapter for like, 30 to 60 days. I know we get so accustomed to when we read books, we'll start at the beginning. We'll go all the way to the end. Yes. Now that's okay. I used to read like that. Yeah, I did, too. And now what I found is I'm focusing in on there, again, is that word focus on where my gaps are? Like, yes, what what I'm needing to, like, I'm always looking for ways to get better, I'm never satisfied. And that's part of why I'm continuing to see shifts in my results all the time is because I'm not satisfied where I'm at. I know that there's more people for me to help, there's more for me to do, there's more for me to to grow in and stretch. So you know, those are a few of my books. I also love u squared. Because u squared is about quantum leaps. Yes. And I'm at that place right now. Where I know that I can get there more easily and effortlessly. Because it's not about the working hard back to how I grew up. You know, I saw this for 18 years of my life. My parents working hard for money, and I know that there's an easier way it's going to come from me though. Yeah. Like it all starts with me. That's why I'm so disciplined with doing my study every day having certain actions every day.

Unknown Speaker  23:40  

Marcy Predmore  23:40  
yeah. And, and truly, it's it is discipline and focus. And you squared truly right now by price Pritchett is it's one of my go twos. And as Melissa said, for 30 days, I pick a, they call it a chapter, but really, it's either a one or a two page. And in for you busy women out there, this book would be phenomenal because it only takes a few minutes. And in u squared. One of the things that they talk about in many of the chapters is to stay focused, and to really, really focus on your quantum leap. And right now unless I'm reading the chapter on to seek failure, and how wonderful failure truly is. without failure, we wouldn't be where we are. And so the Quantum Leap sometimes seems like too big of a leap, but it's truly the poise or the leap that helps you stay focused because you're ready for the jump. And as you said in your in your life you learned work hard, but you had to change what Bob would call a paradigm or a habit in your own mind. It's not about working hard or harder. And again, the other thing that you shared, which a very dear friend of mine shared this. And I know Bob says it in certain words, and I can't quite bring it out. But if you're not growing, you're dying. If you're truly not growing in life, then where are you? Where are you headed? You were

Unknown Speaker  25:20  
either going forward or going back things never stay the same. Yes. And you know, what's interesting, what you just said about the quantum leap, is that this is another place that ladies out there listening to this might want to get stuck in the house. Well, how am I supposed to do that? And you know, what I'm suggesting to you, and it's what I do what I've done for years, yeah, is there's a little bit that I do every single day, to keep my mind, right. But it's also checking in with myself all throughout the day. It's not like I just study in the morning, and then I'm off, like, I'm checking in all the time. And I'm very cautious about a lot of things like moving my body and exercising or get a good night's sleep. But again, I'm I'm so always jazzed about my morning routine, because I know if I start my day off, right, I'm gonna I'm gonna win the day for certain. I love back to you squared. If there's a book that has been really impactful, to me, that is very short, because these chapters when I say chapter, it's two pages. Exactly. And so this is something you know that all your listeners could go and order right away from Amazon. Yes. And literally, you could read through the book in one afternoon, and the chapters, like you said, There, they are so impactful. And there's a chapter that I love about getting uncomfortable. Oh, yeah, in u squared. And what we know is that when we're growing, when we're really stretching, going after our big goal, it is not comfortable. It is not a lot of people like when when they're starting to stretch, or think about starting that business, like maybe a lot of your listeners are thinking about, I'd really love to do this, I really, you know, we all have these things that we would love to do. But we've got to be taking the action, and it is gonna feel uncomfortable. Like we have to say that right now that it it is part of us growing and stretching. And getting into that next level is being uncomfortable.

Marcy Predmore  27:31  
Absolutely. And uncomfortable, truly is not a negative word. It's just a growth word. And one of the things that, you know, Melissa really helped me through a few years ago, and, and it's a program that she actually coaches. And I was I was a bit angry, she would call me once a week. And I actually had a bit of an attitude when I saw it was Melissa on my phone, even though I love her with all my heart, it was like, Oh, now I have to tell her about the week, or about what I didn't do, or that I was too busy. Or I mean it was it was just it was the uncomfort but I didn't allow the positive energy of the uncomfort come to play either the growth and and just tell the audience from your days of being an elementary school teacher to today. What's the feeling you get every day as you open one of your books or as you do your habit? Don't we have to resonate with that feeling.

Melissa Posey  28:34  
It's all about a feeling that says this is how we attract in it's how we're feeling part of why I love my morning routine. So much of having coffee with my husband is because we go to that place of gratitude and no matter what's going on in the world. You know, because this has been a challenging year for a lot of people. Yes. However, there is good all over and we find that good. And we've had such an amazing and productive year. I haven't traveled as much right however being home we have accomplished more than I ever would have thought honestly during during a pandemic time. Yes. And so definitely all about the feeling and getting to that place of gratitude like as you say feeling I can feel my goal right now like I can feel and you know we're leaving here this interview and going to sign on our new lot we're building Yeah, which is uncomfortable.

Marcy Predmore  29:43  
Yes. We were talking about it this weekend. Yes. Yeah. However, I

Melissa Posey  29:47  
know that that's part of the journey when when you understand Okay, this is part of it. Getting uncomfortable and stretching. This is part of going after what you really want.

Marcy Predmore  29:58  
Right and and again You, you guys, aren't you and he's both you're not worried about the how, right now, you know, Melissa's mentor Bob, he's actually pushing her and telling her Walesa, this really isn't that big of a deal. So just don't worry Joe, you go and and really realize your quantum leap. So if I can encourage everyone out there, your quantum leap, if you have a goal or a big dream, and you just really need somebody to help you or mentor you through, please don't hesitate to reach out. At the end of the show, we're going to give you just some direction, if you really would like to get in touch with Melissa and what she does, and how she mentors people across the globe, in realizing their quantum leap, or their big dream. As we go there, I have another question for you. And I know you probably have many, but for me, mentors have meant the world to me. They're, they are a true gift to me. Because not only have they been an example to me, but they've also either helped me practically or just from a distance or from a book. But can you name one or two mentors right now that just come into your mind that have impacted your life?

Melissa Posey  31:26  
Bob Proctor definitely one of them. Yes. And a rush who he is. Bob's right hand, man. He I mean, I talked with him all the time. And you know, when you were talking about when I was coaching you Yes. And pushing you a little bit. That's what a rush does for me, what you're describing, it is a good thing. And it's a necessary thing, because people most people do not make those changes on their own. No, they mean well, and they want to, you know, go after something, maybe create a business, right? But yet people sit and they will possibly think about it or get stuck even from the get go of what's the first step that I take. I'm not sure what to do. This is why having the mentorship and accountability is so important. Yeah. And so mentors to me, I would not be where I am today, if I did not have the mentors, because they've taught me what to do to create success. They both have seen my blind spots, and then told me what to do. And I've gone and done it. And what I hear Bob say a lot is what you would do on your own and like a 10 year timespan. Yeah, I can show you how to do in four or five months. Now, when I heard that a long time ago, I thought you've got to be kidding me. Like, can I really fast track? And can I really, you know, go and take my annual income and turn it into my monthly income some of these things? Yeah, just sounded again, I was getting into the how of you know, how could this possibly have my However, what I've learned over the years, with how I set up my day, and just putting the focus on myself daily, because it all starts with me What kind of a wife I am, and what kind of a mom I am to my children, how I show up to my clients and how I run my business. Like it's all a reflection of me, right? And you know, you and Heath and Tim and I have always talked about, and we've had many mentors, but

Marcy Predmore  33:32  
Bob doesn't sugarcoat anything. Your main mentor boxer,

Unknown Speaker  33:36  

Marcy Predmore  33:37  
does not sugarcoat anything. And you have to take 100% responsibility for yourself. because nobody's going to do it for you. I mean, if you have this big, ferocious dream, it's not just going to be given to you. Because would you really enjoy it? If it was you have to go after it?

Melissa Posey  33:59  
Yeah, that's the thing. And yeah, you know, we're talking about take 100% responsibility. It's getting honest with yourself. Yes, that is not an easy thing to do. And that's part of, I mean, I've had so many lessons over the past years. That's one of them, is I've got to get honest with myself and my beliefs how I show up every day, right, getting really honest. Yeah. And, of course, you know, the action and how I've been coached and mentored. It's, it's created what I have today, which, I mean, I'm just so enthused looking back. I mean, I have had quantum leaps. Yeah, yes. And it's exciting. You know, your your listeners, there's just so much that you could do even right now. We're in the beginning of December. you're approaching a new year. You know, we're close. Yeah, don't wait until January 1. A lot of people they'll come Come up with a resolution January 1. Don't wait, start now and my recommendation. And I don't know, I feel like maybe you are about to ask me this Anyway, today, take pen to paper and start writing what it is that you want. Yes, go to that place. Yeah. And start the writing. Because some people that I work with maybe even some of your listeners, like they know they want more, but they don't even know what that is right? Well, none of us can tell you what that is, you have to discover that it's a beautiful first place to start is to get quiet with yourself, this isn't something that will probably be on one sitting anyway, no, keep the pad out and start writing for how you want to live. Like what kind of person do you need to become right? In order to create this goal? Just start there. And that's a little piece right? Or anyone can do that. Anyone that's listening today? Yeah, can can start there and do it now. Because again, we're just a few weeks away from starting off the new year. And that's a starting point, it's the foundation is to start getting clear on what it is that you want. You cannot build up from there. If you don't have that solid foundation, because it's your drive and your desire for your goal that keeps us going every day. Yes. And,

Marcy Predmore  36:23  
and you know, Melissa, that is so true. And I i hark back to some of the conversations that you and I had as I was beginning to grow me. At first, I really wasn't even sure. What did I want? Have you ever really sat and thought? What do I really want? And if you don't become the leading actress in your life, that's right, then someone else will take that spotlight. And we know the your extraordinary journey needs to be spotlighted. So that was one of the things that you encouraged me was to think about, What do I want? So as Melissa said, it doesn't have to be because we're into going into a new year. You can have a new year, every month,

Unknown Speaker  37:12  
every day, every day, every day. Yes, yes.

Marcy Predmore  37:14  
And, and but really what you need to do is dig deep, really look inside, or even go to the mirror and look at yourself in the mirror, which is one of the things that I did, and said, What do I really want. So I just I can't stress that enough in our extraordinary journey. You are extraordinary. And there is a mentor out there that really will help draw that out of you. And as we begin to close today, what if somebody really wanted to reach out to you or have some resources, books, podcasts, mentors? Where would you place that? And we will go ahead and put these in the notes to where could they reach out to you if they really wanted to? Or a resource that they really wanted to make a change in their lives? Sure.

Melissa Posey  38:08  
Well, and definitely, you know, put my email address up here, so that if someone you know, wanted to talk with me, you know, directly, I'm happy to do that. Yeah. I would say that's really the first step, I always get cautious. Because I have people I get on the phone with. And they asked me, you know, is there a YouTube video from Bob that I can listen to? Is there? Is there one book, I should go get? Melissa, what is the exercise I should do? And I would love to sit and tell you that just one of those things or, you know, a conversation with me is going to change everything. Yes. However, I've learned over the years, that it's those little actions that we take every day and working on our mindset daily, because something that my mentor, Bob says repeatedly is that our success is 5% skill set and my 95% mindset so back to and I love what you just said like we are the actress in our own movie, don't be a supporting role, waiting for you know someone to to give this to you. You've got to go out and create it. And you know, that's getting clear on a goal and staying focused on what you want and not getting sidetracked with obstacles because it's very easy to do. So easy. So, yes, I would love to say there's one thing that your reader that your listeners, you know, could take from this Yes. However, it's the daily disciplines and this is my belief. This is what I've learned over the years and how I've created what I have is that it's my daily disciplines and it's getting myself right Every day by doing all these good things for my body for my mind, that makes me the best mom I can be and the best wife and and also coach and mentor to my clients. It's It's everything that you do daily. It's not just the one thing but and we've touched on a lot today we have getting honest with yourself. Yeah. And looking at what what am I really thinking? What is my you know that that little voice saying and beliefs and getting clear on a goal? Wow, we've we've done a lot. While we've been talking. Yeah. However, you know, what I would encourage your, your listeners to do is to take one thing that we've talked about today and implement it, because it would be so easy to listen back to this and be like, okay, you know, I've got these 10 points written out and you want to go after and, and do all of them. Yeah, it's not. It's not realistic, really like when we talk about changing the paradigm and talk about making the shifts in our habits, patterns, attitudes, perceptions, yes, yes, just take one thing that we've spoken about and say, Okay, I'm going to sit down with pen and paper today. And I'm going to start writing about my goal, I just something like that, just one piece. And you know,

Marcy Predmore  41:22  
Melissa, that is probably the biggest nugget that you're going to get you you had many, but don't allow what we've just shared to overwhelm you. But just take a piece of paper, sit down, and really focus or think just be quiet for a minute. And you know what, God gave us a sixth sense. You know, you know, your heart, you know, what you really want. So listen to you, because you are extraordinary. And we just so want to, you know, continue to help bring the extraordinary out in your life. And that's, that's just a goal and a dream of mine. And Melissa, I just want to say thank you for being so extraordinary in my life. And just really mentoring me along the way, whether I knew or didn't know what I didn't know. And now I just got a little bit further in my journey. So thank you for being so

Melissa Posey  42:32  
thank you for having me. And you know, something that just popped into my head. That's so great. Is that to be around that like minded group of people, you need to surround yourself with the right people with the right information. It's such a blessing that you're doing this podcast and bringing on extraordinary women. Yes. And I mean, that's what it's all about. Is that are you feeling supported and growing? And, and really like when we have, you know, we were just coming off of an amazing weekend with you and Tim, where we mastermind, we talked about our goals, probably something that the you know, the some of your listeners out there aren't used to write having those kind of people in your life. Excellent. They're out

Unknown Speaker  43:22  
there. Yes. And, yes,

Melissa Posey  43:24  
make sure that you're surrounding yourself with people that are positive, that have goals that are looking to move further in their life.

Marcy Predmore  43:36  
And, you know, Melissa I and I will, I will end on that note, because I can't tell you the change in my life. I I've always had a very strong faith. That has been my foundation. But first, there were periods of times in my life, I was surrounded around people that that gave me more negative energy. Maybe I wasn't enough. I didn't, didn't do things right or so you need, you need people to cheer you on, and truly help you to pop the champagne in the celebration of your life. So I'm not saying and Melissa is not saying to ditch your family or close friends, but you might need to reach out to someone that's going to maybe push you and love you a little bit towards your goal. Instead of sit back and say, Oh my gosh, that goal is way too big. That'll never happen. And that's a good thing

Melissa Posey  44:39  
to have the big goal that excites you and scares you at the same time. Yeah, and I'm glad that you just said that. I'm not suggesting at all to you know, ditch your family. Of course not. Absolutely. However, look at your environment. Yes. Because even Yeah, you know, how, how do we spend our time if we're Kind of relaxing? I mean, what are you listening to? Are you listening to the news? Are you listening to things that are not serving you? Even that is part of your environment? So it's not just the people. Yeah. But it's what are you putting in? What are you reading? What are you getting emotionally involved with, that you could change your environment and feel a shift, even if you even if you went to bed, and before you went to bed, had your gratitude journal by the side of your bed and looked at what was, you know, positive and good from the day and be grateful for it? Yes, that's what you're gonna soak on for eight hours before you go to bed, make a shift like that, that's your environment, whether you choose to go to bed listening to something that is, is not going to serve you or move you forward, do something, you know, like that. That's a really great shift in itself, but looking at your environment, and looking at your thoughts. Again, I could keep going. It's

Marcy Predmore  46:03  
Oh, and we could keep going today. Because Melissa and I and Heath and Tim, we just love, again, to mastermind, because we both feel each other's passion and goal and energy for creating the story of our lives. And we get the joy to be in each other's story. And so I just really want to encourage you all. And Melissa just ended on gratitude. Today, if you're struggling, think of one thing that you're thankful for today. And you know, I was just telling Heath and Tim as Melissa and I were getting ready to visit with you all today. You know what I'm thankful for who made this mug because I love my cup of coffee in the morning. Somebody created this for me to enjoy my coffee. And I know that sounds simple. But I'm truly thankful for the little things as well as the big things. So I just want to encourage each one of you. We will have many notes in the show notes today. And we just really encourage you to take that next step. If you would like to talk to Melissa Posey or myself. And if you need a clear direction, you have a new energy to reach out to you have some new friends to reach out to. So let's shine the light. On your extraordinary.

Melissa Posey  47:34  
Beautiful. Thank you for having me, Marcy. Thank

Marcy Predmore  47:36  
you so much, and we'll see you soon.

Janay Harris  47:41  
You've been listening to ordinary women extraordinary wealth with Marcy Predmore-McPhee. Be sure to drop us a line if you're enjoying the podcast. As we always love hearing from our listeners. Let us know what you think by looking us up at ordinary women extraordinary wealth.com or on social media where you can join our private group on Facebook called ordinary women extraordinary wealth. If you'd like to connect with Marcy on LinkedIn, you can find her by going to linkedin.com forward slash i n forward slash Marcy dash Predmore-McPhee. Also, it would really mean so much to us if you would leave us a five star review on your favorite podcast platform. If you found this episode valuable. Be sure to share it with your friends and colleagues. And remember, we publish new episodes every Wednesday, so be sure to subscribe. See you next week.

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