Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 16: Rebecca King Crews

April 28, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 16
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 16: Rebecca King Crews
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Regina Madre is an adult contemporary, R&B artist originally from Benton Harbor, MI. “Regina Madre” is the pseudonym for singer/songwriter/actress and wife to actor Terry Crews, Rebecca King Crews. She debuted the pseudonym in 2018 to get an honest opinion on her music and soon had 2 radio singles, “(I Keep) Holding On” and “Destiny”. Although she has never stopped writing songs, she has taken several breaks from her career to support her family. Rebecca believes in putting family first and the rest will follow.


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Well, good morning, everyone. I am so excited to have you here. Today, I would like to welcome you to ordinary women, extraordinary wealth. And I am your host, Marcy Predmore-McPhee. And, you know, one of the things that I just wanted to share before I introduce my amazing guests today is as I was reading from you squared, a lot of you who listened to me know, I read that pretty much daily, I was captured by a sentence that I'm just going to share with you. And then I will share our guest today in a little bit about her story. But if you rethink how you think, you can multiply your performance. I don't know if that resonated with any of you. But it really resonated with me is to continue to grow, you continue to think differently than the old tradition, or the old way of thinking, or the negative way of thinking. And then the very last sentence of the chapter that I'm in, it says, The Quantum Leap strategy

is based on Uncommon Sense. And you know how we all hear that we should listen to common sense. What if we listened to Uncommon Sense? What would that look like? What would that feel like? So rethink your thinking today. And I get the honor and pleasure of introducing a woman that actually I just met, but I've listened to some of her music. I have went out and looked at some of her Facebook, her website, and wow, does she have an ordinary to extraordinary journey that she is going to fill us in on. So today, I get to introduce Rebecca King Cruz. And she is in the entertainment and music industry. She is married to Terry Crews. And I'm going to just read just a snippet, but then I'm gonna let her fill in some of her

extraordinary. So she actually grew up kind of in the in the middle of the country in Michigan. She has a pseudonym Regina Madre. Am I saying that right, Rebecca? Yes. Okay, great for singer, songwriter and actress. And that's what that means. And wife to Terry as I shared. She debuted her pseudonym in 2018 to get an honest opinion on her music, and soon had two radio singles. And believe me holding on is worth going and listening to right now. Destiny is her other one. Although she has never stopped writing songs. She's taken several breaks

and careers important to her. But the reason she took the breaks was for her family. Rebecca believes in putting her family first and the rest will follow. And you know, Rebecca, I feel the same way the more you help other people get what they need and want. The abundance goes to each one of us involved. So Rebecca, would you please tell us just a little bit about you?

Rebecca King Crews  4:25  
Wow, that's a tall order

on the planet for 55 years. So a little bit about me will be challenging, but I will try. Like you said I'm a singer songwriter. I started doing music in my childhood, my mother saying my father's saying and he played multiple instruments. And he passed away sadly when I was very young. And my my mother married another musician, who really his trade was attorney. He was an attorney. But he also

gig with the Chicago musicians orchestra union and played with many jazz legends, Gramsci, Lewis, Nancy Wilson, Cannonball addley, when was going on me as a musician, as was my mother who encouraged me to take lessons and made us watch every musical and every Grammy Awards, and every Oscars and every Tony Awards, and took us to theater and live concerts and, you know, encouraged our talents. And so I spent the bulk of my childhood I started playing piano about nine. And then I started doing theater and performing about 13, directing choirs singing and playing in the church. And I did all of these things through college. And then right before I got married, I did my last show, which was Dream Girls. And then suddenly became this wife to this young man was aspiring to play NFL. And later he realized that dream. And off we went on this other journey that took me into really full time, you know, Mommy, full time, motherhood, which I loved by the way, and really was very content and wanted to raise my children and have that life and, and had a profession for a while as a hairstylist did that for many years, but didn't really go after my musical theater dream because I didn't want a Bible. So marriage, you know, I didn't want to be in New York. auditioning and running around, and then I got to take the kids with me if he's in football camp.

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Rebecca King Crews  7:03  
I just thought, you know, let me just hunker down and build this family. Let me Because for me, success was not having the career than losing the marriage. Oh, yes. So I focused on my marriage, I focused on my children. With the hopes that at some point, mommy could leap off and do her own thing. Well, little did I know, I'm 40 years old before. You know, the call came to my heart that knocking on my door that it was time. It's time now. Yeah. After my fourth or my fifth child was born. I bought some equipment and created a home studio. I got in shape. They started auditioning. And shortly after that, we shot family cruise, which was my first not my first time on television because I've been going to red carpets with my spouse. So I'd done a little TV, but our first show and the whole family work together. Wow. And next thing you know, the whole family had the bug. All the kids were auditioning, mommy's auditioning mommy make it and and I found that in putting my music out. There was prejudice against my age against my celebrity wife status, like oh, who she thinks she is now she wants to sing. Yeah, you know, my history that I was doing all that. And during the time I raised my family. I served in local churches, you know, I saying and I lead worship, and I played piano and I directed their choirs, and sometimes I got paid sometimes I didn't, but it kept my gift alive. It kept my ministry growing. I always believed in serving others. That's a family heritage. And I'm finally I'm trying to think, I guess it was 2018. After I put maybe two or three singles out under my name, I decided that I would take a page from a couple other artists play book, Donald Glover, who is an actor love music. And he started releasing music anonymously as Childish Gambino another artists Gabby Wilson, who had been found that she had to reinvent herself as well and released music without her photo, just to see if people liked it because they liked it. And they did. I said, Hey, I can do that. I hired a manager. And I asked him to send me out to summary or promoters with no picture. You know, with Justice Regina Madre from Gary, Indiana in about a snow thing. And I thought radio play on those first two songs. And on we did, um XM radio was playing music choice, several stations South the Midwest, we made a dent not a big bang, but still a dent. Yeah. And I said, you know, this is the way to go. I'm out with right now call what you want to do. Little kind of sexy ballot that I wrote in the studio one night while actually the funny thing was I was working on the song. And while we're working on the song, the producers wife called the studio to say, hey, when we come home, and I said, Well, this is a universal story. You know? Why? Because you're working. And I laughed and say that even Michelle Obama tells the story of how she and her girls used to sit and wait for Brock come home for dinner. And he'd say, I'm coming, I'm coming and they'd be eating alone. I said, This song is for everyone that's ever gone through it. I thought, you know, I'm gonna put this out. So that became my first single This year, we're just dropped another single last night. cop ever be the same. We're about to do promotion for the video. It's made a video, we're doing a worldwide promotion on that video. And I just, you know, I just said I have to live before I die, you know, absolute reason.

For me to not put this music out, I have the means to do it. Yeah, I'm thankful that I'm not beholden to somebody else sitting in a chair telling me what I can't do. Or I should change my looks or I should lose weight or gain weight or take off more clothes or, or you're told, you know, what, who knows, you know, or take all my songs and give them to a 13 year old? You know, that's exactly what I do. I would mind if some other people saying my stuff. You know, I actually started in the industry, pitching my music for other artists. Okay, and I never got I never got any placements. I got a lot of this really beautiful, you really talented. But this isn't really, you know, this song doesn't really fit me, right. And I got discouraged. And someone who I respect and admire a lot in the Christian and this was in Christian music. He said to me one night, why don't you sing your own stuff? And I said, Well, I can sing. But I really wrote the songs for other people. And he said, The world needs to hear the gift that's on you. And I thought, wow, coming from this person, I respected that. So I took a stab at it. And literally the next day I called my producer, I said let's get to work. And, um, you know, we've been going at it ever since.

Marcy Predmore  13:18  
You know, that is truly an extraordinary journey. And you know what, we all started out with that family that you started out with, but well your mom and dad had some passion to

Rebecca King Crews  13:31  

Marcy Predmore  13:32  
To get in front of people to feel the the music moves through you to share to the world. It sounds like they were in that same same genre.

Rebecca King Crews  13:42  
Oh, yes. My mother in fact studied opera. Opera train singer, you know, as a black woman in the south that was new that you had Marian Anderson and Liam teen price but still it was rare. Yes. My father who is Caucasian Scott, he Scottish, Scottish and Native American gentlemen. He was a little bit of like a blue eyed soul brother if you get my drift. Yes, it was a Justin Timberlake Michael McDonald of his day, never did achieve the kind of success he wanted, but that he loved soul music and I mean, he married a black woman in 1965. And and so their influence was great, even though we were poor. And we had no instruments in the house. Yeah, we played everything from Tom Jones to Barbra Streisand to Stevie Wonder. dockercon. Yes, there's and then the 70s singer songwriters, Carly Simon Carole King, you know, all the lenses. In fact, Carol is a huge influence on me and I've had the honor of meeting her that's Yeah, that It's my wife and my black side coming together. So that's why I call myself an adult contemporary r&b artist.

Marcy Predmore  15:09  
I absolutely love that too. And you know what, that to me is just what I said at the beginning of the show is your you rethought your thinking, you knew that you knew something was growing, or really needed to come out inside. And this friend of yours came alongside, and just really shined the light on the gift that you have. And again, urged you to step forward. So

Rebecca King Crews  15:36  
what a gift that was from him. And you know, what is really funny about that conversation was that we had never met before. But we knew of each other. Yes. And we were at the BT celebration of gospel, which is a show that bt used to do every year. I don't know if they're still doing it. But I was backstage and saying, Hi, I knew all of them. I knew everybody, you know, all the gospel artists, because my husband, our family, we're very openly Christian on our show. Yeah, um, they put us on Sunday night, alongside the other faith based programming. So all the, you know, faith based apps and artists, they all loved our show. I went to the show that night, everybody's like, hey, these girls hate this girls. Yeah. So I'm backstage to saying hi. And, you know, to people I know. And then I saw this gentleman who I've always admired. And I just walked over to say, I just wanted to tell you love your music. You know, my choir has sung your music and, and he looked at me to shook my hand. He said, do you sing? I said, Well, I do but and he just put his hand up. And he said, No more ghostwriting. He said, You need to sing your own music. This is his first time meeting me. Wow. So definitely one of those divine moments. Absolutely. I was just gonna say that. If he just was speaking from his heart from his spirit. Yeah. And I knew it. I knew it when I heard it. Yeah. And I actually have the pleasure of opening for him at an event here in LA. And so it was like full circle. That was a couple years after he had said that to me. So I'm very thankful for those guiding voices. When you have doubt, when you have self doubt, or when you are at an impasse in your journey, and you've done everything and you don't know what to do next. And you you don't know who to ask and, and then it's like the heavens open up, and God sends you somebody to speak an encouraging word or to tell you to go forward. Or maybe they make a left or a right turn. And, and it's just confirming what you knew, but you were afraid to do yeah. And I'm just excited, you know, I'm just pressing toward this place. I have a vision of what I want to see happen, you know, I want to be in movies and soundtracks. You know, I want to write and perform for television and film projects. You know, I want to create film projects, you know, the cruises are trying to take over half. Life is working on a Nickelodeon show right now. Sister Winfrey's out there auditioning, just like brother, older sister as real as on a show called Katie Keene, Katie King got shuffled in the middle of the pandemic, but, you know, everybody's trying to be in showbiz. So, this is our family business, you know, you know, what a business and mommy is just trying to make sure everybody stays straight, you know? Yes, yeah. So, no matter what I'm doing, I still I mean, literally, I was in the middle of producing this album. I have 10 songs that are going to go out right in the middle of that. My son, you know, has been auditioning for. He started auditioning at 10am. For four years. He didn't book a thing. Not a thing. I mean, this kid was going out three times a week. So you pick them up from school. You drove all the way to the west side, do the audition. It's an hour, you know that an hour and a half back in the traffic and eating burgers in the car and doing the homework in the car? Yes. And I was really tempted to say, you know what, we're gonna take a break. Timeout. guys can do this when you're 18 because mom is burning the candle and I'm running and I'm doing my own music. I'm launching my own businesses. I was working on a book At the time, I'm itching, I was auditioning for talk shows and reality. You know, and I was like, so then I had to hire his big sisters to drive him to auditions. And, and little sister two little Winnie was out, doing the same thing. She went in multiple times for big shows didn't get it. And then out of the blue, he gets this audition, and it's just a tape, he didn't even go in, he just sent the tape in. And we came back from Christmas break be like, Oh, they want to see him again. So he went in again.

Next thing, you know, seven times, they call us and say, Hey, we're going to do a Chem test, we're going to send you a contract. I was like, oh, ami might be getting one more job. God, he got cast in this part. He plays a character named munchie on a show called side hustle. And the wonderful thing, the wonderful thing about this this show, and this part is that it's so perfect for him. My son has always been, you know, a little bit of a computer nerd, you know. And a lot of things he was going out for just didn't really fit him. And this character is so perfect. And when he got cast, I was like, Oh, my gosh, I have to be up at five in the morning every day, take it to work. So it did make me pause my album a little bit. Yeah, right. Yeah. And so then I brought on some help. And his sister Naomi, number one, she splits the week with me. And while I'm at work with him, I'm on the computer, and I'm writing songs, and I'm developing my products, I'm doing a product line, and we just, you know, balance it by a little here a little there. You know, it's, it's like life. I've never been able to just go whole hog One Direction without something pulling me off the train. And then you just have to grab that thing and put it on your train and then keep going forward, you know?

Marcy Predmore  22:20  
Absolutely. And, you know, I bet many women right now can relate to you with being a mother, being a wife, being an entrepreneur in your own right, you know, having your children because so many times our journey does, if you want to call it start and stop. Right? Their journey sometimes takes over. Yes, it does. And that's not a bad thing. That's an amazing thing. But sometimes I know it's it tears you. But it's such growth to see them. And the example we are to them, too. So I'm sure they have an amazing example. And you for sure.

Rebecca King Crews  23:04  
Well, I certainly hope so my, my son sometimes laments the fact that I'm in the trailer while he's in there rehearsing. And I, yeah, Mommy will come in and watch as often as I can. But I got to take this meeting, because guess what, you're gonna leave home in about three years, and mommy has to keep working.

Marcy Predmore  23:25  
Right? Or wants to?

Rebecca King Crews  23:28  
And I feel proud of him. He's such a good boy. That's great work. Hard. He didn't give up. You know, he sure felt like it several times. But that, you know, is Sorry, no,

Marcy Predmore  23:42  
I just want to say and you know, so many people see you or him or, or our lives and think it was an overnight success. But you know, it wasn't there. You know, what was behind the screen of that journey, you know that you had to be in the car, eat burgers, try and keep him on track. And you lost your faith maybe a little bit to say, oh, should we just stop for a while? Should we do a timeout, but you know what success does come? So Rebecca, I'm going to just jump quickly to this question. And you alluded to it a little bit, but what does success mean to you? With everything that you just shared?

Rebecca King Crews  24:33  
I will tell you that that definition for me has changed with each season of my life. Yeah. When I got married, I would have told you I don't care if I ever become a star. Or you know, get a walk star on the Walk of Fame or win a Grammy. I want to still be married to Terry Crews when I'm 95 awesome and that and that was really True. I mean, I literally did kind of lay all my dreams aside. First of all, when I had my daughter Naomi, and then secondly, when I took it on myself to become the wife of this very excited, ambitious, young, football hopeful, you know, yeah, um, but I can tell you that that was the decision that was brought with a lot of prayer, and a lot of seeking. And I didn't make that decision. for any other reason than I felt it was my purpose. Yeah, it was the thing I asked God for right in my face, saying, Here I am, come and go with me. And the funny thing about that is it looked like the opposite direction of where I was trying to go. Right. I was trying to go to New York. And this boy was taking me to California. And on this housewife, you know, life and this whole, you know, because the transient nature of his career, yes. dictated that I needed to just make sure those kids were good. Yeah. Know what I mean? I mean, we moved 13 times, wow, in the NFL. And so I just was mommy and I loved it. I really, there was nothing else competing in my heart at the time, it just, that's all I wanted to be was the best mom I could be. And if asked me, then what is success is turning out to decent human beings who love God and love their neighbor. Yeah. And, you know, fulfill who they're meant to be in the planet. Wow. Love that. Yeah. And as I have, you know, gone through the process of becoming a mother. And then watching them make mistakes, watching them, lose battles, watching them, get their hearts broken, you know, I changed that model to my vision of success is teaching them how to handle life. You know, that they can live. And now that we're dealing with adult children, my vision of success is mommy's trying to get her business off the ground. And, oh, it's off my children, because I still want to see them happy and successful. You that. Why? To see that as my burden, it's their burden now. So um, I have goals now that I want to reach before I die. And wealth in terms of financial wealth plays a role there, because I think I'm supposed to build schools, and I'm supposed to build orphanages, and I'm supposed to serve humanity. And wealth is a great way to serve humanity. So I want to encourage all of you entrepreneurs out there not to see your gifting as unimportant because wealth makes things happen. Absolutely. Wealth is a blessing when used by the right person.

Marcy Predmore  28:23  
Absolutely. And, and, and again, that was that was the next question. So I'm so glad, Rebecca, that you touched on that because so many people get wrapped up in what money is. But really, it's about what money can do. So when you have wealth. Right now, we're involved with a group called unstoppable. We actually create villages in Africa. And yes, and we just love that because we know that we're creating education, health care, a roof over their head. And it's, we actually have a huge event coming up. It was supposed to be in LA, next Thursday, and now it's going to be virtual. So we are so excited. I'll have to give you some info on that. Rebecca, you might be interested. But you know what, that's what wealth truly is to have the freedom to make those decisions to help other people because again, Zig Ziglar was so right. And the more you help other people get what they need and want his blessings. Just bless us all that, Bob. So to me, I love your depth of of the wealth, question and success because you really brought your heart to the surface.

Rebecca King Crews  29:42  
And you know, Marcy, I'll tell you when I was a girl. Right after my father passed away, we were struggling quite a bit. Yeah, you know, I would call myself a poor little girl at the time. Yeah. So much so that I once stole some pennies out of my Little friends, Tootsie Roll Tootsie bank. What my button made me Give them back. So I could go buy candy at the little five and dime. But by the time my mother had remarried and she was willing to her financial career, she was selling financial services for equitable. My dad was an attorney. We had a big house, we had multiple cars. We had a motorhome, we had travel, and, you know, people call this rich kids, you know? Yeah. And then Gary took an economic downturn. And we struggled. And so though we had had some success, um, you never forget the struggle? apps, right? That's what throws you Right. Right. And my mother and her mother had dealt with this, you know, my grandmother went through the Great Depression. So that tendency to have kind of a poverty spirit, you know, even though we had money, we were always saving things. We wouldn't throw things away. You know, we were scared to part with things. And so one of the things I had to learn. And then when I went off to college, I spent a period of time, you know, broke college student, you know what I think? Yes, I do. And even after I had my daughter, I spent a short period of time on welfare, which is something I would have never ever thought would happen to me. But I became very ill during my pregnancy. And I was always the kind of girl who worked two or three jobs. You know, I was working at a nightclub. I was working at a childcare center. I was working at the theater working at the church. Yeah. And I was throwing up all day. Oh, wow. And so, you know, this is this sounds like a scene from an after school special. But I was walking down the street to the store. And there was one of those big billboards that said, Are you pregnant? Call one 800, blah, blah, blah, you know, and I'm in my college town. Yes. And I certainly was not going to run home to my mother and say, Oh, you know, take care of us, boo, forget that. She raised me better than that. Yeah. I call that number. And I went to this little center. And this lady, you know, kind of held my hand and cried with me. She said, Let's get you some services while you're sick. And then you know, we'll see. You can go back to school, or we'll help you get back on track. Right? Well, he said services, I didn't know what that meant. And I started getting these checks and these food stamps. I was like, Oh, my God, am I on welfare? What a reality. What but you know what? It allowed me to go to beauty school. Yeah. And while I was in beauty school, I started going back to church, and started playing and singing in the church again, had my daughter and was, believe it or not just going to be a hairstylist and then maybe go to Bible college and do something. I didn't know what I was going to do. And along came Terry Crews. And so it's funny how, even in your darkest time, you know, where you feel you've made a bad decision, you've made a mistake, and you're trying to redeem that and and God has not given up his original plan for your life absolutely overlaps to say he dreams bigger dreams than you and let him do it. And I'm telling you, I'm living the dream that God gave me. And it took me on a zigzag. You know, I, I didn't plan on being a mommy first. I wanted to be an actress first and get married. Five, you know, but ami at 21 and then a wife at 23. Yeah. And I go on TV till I was 40 to 55 putting out records and I say you know what, I love it. Thank you, God. You because now your story defies the odds? Absolutely. And you

Marcy Predmore  34:09  
know, God has such a great sense of humor.

Rebecca King Crews  34:11  

Marcy Predmore  34:12  
because we think we know what the knee is. And sometimes we take a right instead of the left. Yes. And he says, this is the way I want you to go because I need you to grow. So some of those failures or obstacles, were just growth. It was just sharing with us where we came from our ordinary to our extraordinary.

Rebecca King Crews  34:39  
I believe that Marcy, I completely agree. Is that the song destiny that you referenced? Yes. Um, is about the summer that I got pregnant with my daughter. And it's about how there's a line where there's a section where I think Baby, I need you. Yes. becoming a mother completely changed my life. Yeah. becoming a mother slowed me down. Yeah. It made me listen to God got you focused got me focused. Yeah. It. I don't know that I would have married my husband. Yeah. And not being stuck in Kalamazoo, Michigan with this little Oh, yeah, I, I don't think my eyes would have even been open or willing or, or even consider the possibility of marrying this crazy little boy from Flint who was two years younger than me talking about I'm going to go pro. Yeah. But God spoke to me. Yeah. And, and and I say all that to say that. To me it's like God likes to surprise you. Yes. He likes to surprise you. Because each time I've had these doors open for me or opportunities open? Yeah. Always came at a time. That really I was least expecting. Yeah. Even like, I don't know, if you I'm sure you've seen the press that Terry and I are releasing our book. Yes, on Thursday.

Marcy Predmore  36:19  
Oh, it's Thursday,

Rebecca King Crews  36:20  
great. April 15, we're launching our books stronger together. Okay. And from the time I was 17, I wanted to be an author. And I made a couple stabs at it, I did some I have several manuscripts in my iPad right now. And the greatest story was ours together. And I'm amazed at how God has brought my dreams to pass in his own time. And time when it's so sweet. It's so precious. Because I know that there was nothing I did to manipulate that process or take credit for it. It feels like a gift. Yeah. And it just makes me grateful. And, and I'm very honored. So I hope you guys will get the book, you'll know a lot more about us. You You may know more than you want to know.

Marcy Predmore  37:19  
You know, I think your story is just going to encourage and I'm going to piggyback on one thing that you just said Rebecca, every morning. And God shared this with me years ago. But so many times we go through life with our hands clenched. So every morning, I just open it up, and just ask him to fill the day with the gift that he wants me to have. So if I can encourage anybody, if you've been going through life, if you're on a rat race, if if your journeys tough right now, just open them up, and let him give you the gift of the day. Yeah, you never know what that gift is going to be. So I just Gosh, Rebecca, this has just been such a joy. And there's so many more things that I could share that I learned about you. But one of the things that I really want to spotlight before we have to say goodbye, is if anybody wants to hear holding on or destiny or any of Rebecca's new songs, Apple Music and Spotify. You can find her there. She's also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And I just got to take a quick peek Tell me what you're the website, the website is smart, ep k.com forward slash and I'll put this in the show notes to Regina Madre, for refresh. So if any of you were intrigued by Rebecca's ordinary, to extraordinary, I would encourage you to reach out she has such a heart for you. That's why she's doing it. She wants to bring the black and the white together. She wants to bring continuity and kindness and and her heart again, just really, you shined today. And it was just a joy to hear. First, the love for your dear husband, and then the love for your children is is just so it's just so refreshing. So refreshing. Yeah. And so I just is there. Is there one last tip or is there one last? What can I say? Are there some words that you would like to share with women out there starting their ordinary in the middle of their ordinary or have reached their extraordinary what could you share Rebecca,

Rebecca King Crews  39:49  
something that is very profoundly impactful in our journey is giving. Yeah, when I was a welfare Mommy, I learned about an Old Testament principle called tithing. And when I heard about this, I began to make a practice of taking 10% of my little welfare check, which was only $400 a month at the time. two installments, and every two weeks, I will put $20 in the offering at my church. Yes, of all the good work we were doing in the community. And that important to give. You know, that given I, since I was young, but when my husband and I together, made a dedication to giving of our wealth, even before we really had a lot of Well, yeah. Let's just say the rivers began to flow in our lives. Yes. And we have never stopped doing that. Yeah. And that, to me, is a very powerful key. When I think about success. Yeah. Hard work. Yes. There's great ideas. There's perseverance, yes. But if you want that divine touch, on your gift on your business, be a giver.

Marcy Predmore  41:26  
Oh, Rebecca, I absolutely love it. And you know what? It's true. The more you give, the more you'll receive. Yes, a lot of times, again, the blessing will flow like a river, as you said, sometimes it feels hard to give. But yeah, I'm at private banking concepts, one of my other companies, one of the things we teach is you have to give, but you also have to take care of you. So I would add to that, if you're paying $20 a week, a month away, to give, put $20 away for yourself. Also. Give yourself some courage to take that next

Unknown Speaker  42:07  
step. Yes,

Marcy Predmore  42:08  
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