Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 18: Polly Hohn

May 19, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 18
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 18: Polly Hohn
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Small town girl with big ambitions. Always wanting to push the envelope. I found Bob Proctor in April 2019, really started implementing in June 2019, and became a consultant. Helping people grow is my passion. Have not worked or struggled a day since I started.


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Hello, everyone. And thank you for joining me at ordinary women extraordinary wealth. I am your host, Marcy Predmore-McPhee. And I absolutely get excited every time I have a guest on my podcast, because one of the passions that I have had is, I want to really shine the light on people's ordinary to their extraordinary journey, we all are on one, whether you think you're ordinary or extraordinary, you truly are extraordinary. Just take a look at your journey. So today, I get the joy of introducing some friends that we met with Bob Proctor in 2019. I'm going to share just a little bit more about that. But first, I want to give you just a quick little tip. As you know, every morning I like to read because my mentor Bob says that readers are leaders and I really feel like I need to continue to grow me. So one of the things that I do, too, but one of the books that I'm reading right now, you all know because I mentioned it often is price Pritchett u squared. I love the book. It's just a tiny little book. But it's powerful on every page. So what I do with my team is, every month we pick a chapter and the chapters are only a page and a half a page and a quarter. But I love the nuggets that I see and feel and experience every time I read it. And you know what? what's so amazing is I've read this book for several years now. And I feel like I know the book. But every time I read it, something else jumps out at me. And so I just really want to encourage all of you to make sure that you are paying attention to you that you're growing you. So this morning, the words that that came to mind for me was rethink your thinking. rethink your thinking. Now does that sound strange to you? At first I had to really read it. reread it, rethink your thinking, how you're rethink your thinking how you're thinking you can multiply your performance potential. So one of the things that our guest is going to share with us is how you can really create potential in your growth. And if you just rethink what you have, in your mind, so many of us grow up on a tradition that we, you know, this is who we are, this is how we live, this is how we do business, whatever that may be. But I want you to just listen today and rethink. And this guest I think you're going to really be excited to know a little bit more about her because she is pretty phenomenal in helping people to rethink. But you know what, she had to begin her rethinking process also. And so she reached out to her mentor, and I'll let her share who that is.

Unknown Speaker  4:27  
But today,

Marcy Predmore  4:28  
I get the joy of introducing Polly Han. She and her husband Craig. Were friends of mine from one of our Proctor's events in 2019. It's called matrix. And what's really funny is Pauline and I ended up with the same jacket. She bought one in Canada, I bought one in the United States, and we came to the event with the same jacket. So that's one of the things I remember and then the other thing that's so special about poly Is I got to sit at the table with her husband, Craig. And I just feel like that we just had a heart connection. And so today I get the joy as I shared, just let letting her share her extraordinary journey. So here's just a tad bit. Polly is a small town girl with big ambitions, always wanting to push the envelope. I found Bob Proctor in April 2019, really started implementing in June of 19, and became a consultant. Helping people to grow as my passion have not worked or struggled a day since I started. So what I want you to hear from that is her story was she went to an event, and her life has been changed. So Polly, welcome to ordinary women. Extraordinary. Well,

Polly Hohn  5:57  
thank you, Marcy,

Marcy Predmore  5:58  
you are so welcome. And I would love it. If you would just share a little bit about you help the audience really to know how your entrepreneurial journey has unfolded since meeting Bob.

Polly Hohn  6:13  
Mike, okay. So when I was when I was a kid, I was 10 or 12. And, sorry, somebody tried to call me when I was about 10 or 12, I realized I wanted to be a chef. And I just dedicated every thought that I could to be becoming a ship. And like, all these things just happened easily for me, and I became a ship. And then like you fast forward, maybe 15 years sort of thing. And then I started having children, I was like, well, shipping doesn't really fit into my life anymore. What's next. And so I started working in my husband's family business. Now I can see so much potential in this business and how I we can do things better, like bring in computer systems, because everything was by hand. So we bought the business a while I worked there for eight years first, and then we went in and bought the business. Now, I didn't come from a business, upbringing or anything. We weren't dirt poor. But we didn't have an abundance of money leftover like at holidays with visiting family and things like that. So I went into business thinking that I'm going to use this business. Holidays is my thing. I love holidays. I love traveling. So I just every every cent we get we travel. So it was such a big change for me though, because although I've worked there for eight years, being the the mindset behind it all just changed my whole outlook on everything. But then I thought, like after about three years, I talked to my accountant, and I said, Okay, now what do I do? And he said, Would that see you there for another 25 years or so until or until you sell it? And I was deflated? I was thought, Betsy, like, and he's like, yeah, that's really my business, or maybe set yourself up for retirement. And for me, that was that was not that was not me at all. But I just embraced that. And I thought, okay, if this isn't, then this is it. So I threw myself into that work that position. And we grew the business. And like, in certain years, the profit just skyrocketed, and I didn't know what I'd done. And then, because I'm always searching for other ways, I didn't employ myself with a coach and I brought in a coach just to because I thought, well, there's some blocks within me because I did have some things happen when I was a child that weren't very good. And I wanted to work through them all because I knew that they were stopping me from growing there. So I got a coach that was right into NLP and I cleared a lot of things. However, then I outgrew her, and some other traumatic family things happened. And I thought, okay, I ended up coaching her on our last thing. So what's next? And of course, when you start looking, it all just turns up when you know what you want. And and then one of the ladies that I work with said, Oh, I'm gonna go on to this thing called a paradigm shift with Bob Proctor. And I've watched the secret like six years or so before that, and I got my sisters to watch it. I'm like, Oh, we should do this. And we use it to get cast faces and all that sort of thing. And when she said when she said, I'm going to do this paradigm shift, and she said it's done by Bob Proctor. I'm like, Is he still alive? Yes, Paul, he is. Okay. So we did the paradigm shift and it was when Sandy Gallagher said she wrote in teenagers On a print that she wanted to be in Bob's inner circle, and I saw related with that, because I was like, Oh my god, that is what I want, I want to do this. And I want to just push my boundaries all the time, I want to grow, I want to be the best version of me and I want to change our are paradigm for children, because I can see it all playing out my life when I was younger, was playing out through my children. And I didn't know how to change it. So when Bob said, I don't know what I did to change, I was like, you know, I don't know what I did, I can't tell my children what to do to change what they've already got going either. So I wrote down here, I'm going to be in Bob's inner circle, and I'm going to be in his top 1%. And it took me two days to tell my husband,

Craig, this is what I want to do. Because I'd already made that decision. And you sort of just everything fell into place, the money was there to purchase my my position as a consultant. The, because I was full time in our other company, I had to give up that position. And then I was like, Oh, I know what I'm gonna do this. And everything just sort of fell into place to just listen to my inner voice and all these things, just just sort of you think it's magic? Because it just happens so easily. And then yeah, I think it's, it's coming up two years, and I am now Bob's one in his 1%. I'm in his inner circle. And like, all these things are just happening. I'm like, oh, my goodness, there is no stopping us when we know what we want. And we can have that clear vision that I just want to push it way bigger now likes and now I'm starting to set my goals really huge, because ideal sort of stopped myself a bit there. Because there was a bit of fear. Like what happens with this small town girl from Katherine in this little town in the Northern Territory goes, boom, what happens then? Because I had no idea what that look like. Well sort of got a glimpse of it.

Marcy Predmore  12:14  
That is, you know what, and that just gave me goosebumps. Because, you know, Bob tells us to act as if, or happy and grateful now that it's already here. And so just your your little snippet of a story, you actually felt yourself you had the energy of that feeling that you were already there. You knew where you were was, it was a little bit stagnant, even though that business was doing well financially, you knew that there was something else that you needed, you had to rethink your thinking.

Polly Hohn  12:53  
Oh, yeah, absolutely. And try and the other thing is you need to we need to unlearn one way that we've already learned and that can be a really a sort of a stopping point to people that I've gotten, because I I was pretty successful. And it's a multi million dollar business that we own. We employ 10 or 11 people. And like it was it's flying. You think about money, it just flows through and through that people come in and go out. And it's it. We love it. Yes. But I wasn't pushing any more like, even not even pushing, but I wasn't reaching my full potential. Yes. Yeah. Well, even getting closer wasn't even just expanding. So now it's just like, no, let's give this a go. Let's try this. That's our it's like you wake up excited every day like I am at four o'clock every morning. There's one call that Bob does that 12:30am at home, so I get out of bed, come on that call for two hours and then go back to bed and then get up and coach at five o'clock. But I hope is I'm excited to get up and learn more and uncover more about myself. Because the more I uncover about me, the more I can help other people uncover themselves and learn that when you see how the penny drops in somebody's mind, and they go Ah, yes, I know what I have to do now. That is the most amazing feeling.

Marcy Predmore  14:24  
Oh, the best gift ever.

Unknown Speaker  14:27  

Marcy Predmore  14:29  
Wow, that gives me goosebumps to Well, you know what, and I have really watched you from social media because you are in Australia. I am in the States. But you know what, we have had a connection just due to matrix and Bob.

Unknown Speaker  14:45  

Marcy Predmore  14:47  
I just really have been excited to see your success. You're extraordinary. Because again, you have so much fun with it. It's not it's not serious, free. It's not the serious His job that you've got to go do but you're excited every day, as you said, to open up the day to see what gift is there going to be to unwrap?

Unknown Speaker  15:09  
So there's a couple

Marcy Predmore  15:11  
of questions that I like to ask my audience and they're broad, but everybody has their own meaning of these words. So the first one is, Polly, what does success mean to you?

Polly Hohn  15:25  
Well, I look at success as an everyday thing. Like, if you look at the success and thinking results, it's a progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. And an ideal is an idea that you've fallen in love with. So my ideal is to help as many people as I can uncover their gifts, because I believe we all come into this planet, with a gift of I was on a call today, and we are one in a 14 billion idea or projection or realization of ourselves. And we think that is unique, like every single one of us has something to contribute, and to bring people out of conformity, because we sort of come into the world in a box. And if we can open that box up and open and get started, that is one of those chapters in this book, in V squared, open your gifts, if you can open up what's inside you and let that free. Oh, my goodness, that's, that's what I love to do is, is just let people help them grow so that then they are brave enough to go, this is me. Yes.

Marcy Predmore  16:40  
I love that brave enough to know, this is me. And you know, that is, those are some really key words for people to really know, is just how courage to take the next step.

Polly Hohn  16:53  
So truly have to take one step. Yes.

Marcy Predmore  16:57  
Yes, that's, that's just so exciting. And you know what you and I both have learned so much from Bob, and he has become, you know, he has, he is somebody that we all look up to. And I have another mentor who says, always seek out someone who has attained what you want,

Unknown Speaker  17:21  
but started where you are.

Marcy Predmore  17:23  
And the thing that I love about Bob, is he always tells us his beginning story. He always lets us know that he thought he wasn't unintelligent. You know that he was kind of behind the eight ball all the time with attitude with those types of things. And like you said, you did have some things in your past that maybe felt like you would never be anybody that you would never succeed. But guess what, you really took that next step to know that you wanted something more. So one of the next questions it surrounds. A lot of people think it surrounds money, but it doesn't have to be but for some of us, it creates freedom to help other people. So what does wealth mean to you, Polly?

Polly Hohn  18:20  
So I think of wealth as a richness in life, being able to wake up every day and do whatever your heart desires. Yeah. So I love my coaching business. I am excited. Every dollar this morning. We have a book reading club every morning that we have that I love waking up and helping people and just opening their awareness because that's what we're here to do, isn't it? Find out what we're truly capable of? Yes. So having that richness in your mind is his perfect world. Perfect tooth perfect happiness. Like you can get that. And money just comes with that. Yes. I believe that when you go up the ladders of awareness that the money goes with it. Yeah, I've like I've always been one. I love shopping. I love buying clothes that are buying jewelry. I love going on holidays. I love cars. I love houses and furniture. It's all yeah, it's all to get that picture out of my head into the physical world. And, you know, I think if, if you love people, money just turns out for you to use it to help more.

Marcy Predmore  19:38  
You know, and I love that too. And even this morning, I had another podcast and I bring it up so often, but it's so apropos for what you just said. So Zig Ziglar another mentor of mine. He is gone now but he's still a mentor. I still listen to some of his words. I still read his words and he says them You help other people get what they need and want. The Abundance flows to everybody involved. Now he doesn't use the word abundance, but I do, because I feel like that's exactly what it is Polly. And a lot of times, it's like you said, when we're successful in business, then the money will flow, and then utilize the money. And you and I choose to utilize the money as a tool. So we go see, Bob, we get involved with a mentor, we get involved with somebody who pushes us just a little bit further. So that's pretty exciting. And I love the depth of conversation on wealth, because I do feel like that it is part of the journey of life. But money does have a place in that journey. And I know a lot of people, Bob talks a lot about a C goal. And he, he really helps us to work towards our C goal. And when you reach that C goal, you continue to mold your goal, you continue to attain something else, it's like you said earlier is now you have an amazing consultant business. Now what you know, you've got to set your bar just a little bit higher, you have to rethink, even now, what you're going to do to exponentially grow your performance.

Polly Hohn  21:24  
Nobody really tapped into I think if I was working with Mike 5% of my potential before I started this, I'll probably only tap into another 5%, though. Yes, I think there is. There were infinite, aren't we? There is limitless potential wrapped up in me. Yeah. So yeah, I, if you open your thinking, and the more you become aware, so if for me, like, like you said at the beginning there, when you get in touch with people that are in the place where you want to go to next, you open your awareness, again, to different possibilities, different house different who's like all these different people come into your awareness then. And then you get to that level, once you just feel in harmony with it. The one thing I have noticed is when you're not in quiet harmony, like your self image is not quite up to where you are, you're out of that moment. It's like oh, it's pretty uncomfortable. I just bought my, my Lexus 100 and about a lift that's been using years and years. And I thought, okay, let's just do it. It's like a decision. So I made a decision last year, and I said, Okay, I want this car. Can you please order it? I want red leather. dadadada da, yeah. And the reason it became the Lexus because that had the nicest red leather. When, when I sat in that car and drove out, I was too scared to leave the car lot. Because I was shaking. And I was this button. This is this is not me just yet. I made a little bit more time. But I had to grow pretty quickly to keep driving because I hadn't drive that cost 350 kilometers the next day to get home. So to get used, we're pretty pretty quickly and embrace it. So embracing growth is probably the key to it all. And just knowing that that bit of uncomfortable feeling you grow into it pretty quickly if you embrace it.

Marcy Predmore  23:19  
Yeah, absolutely. And it's embracing it. It's truly being aware of the growth. And I don't even

Polly Hohn  23:26  
that jacket, that jacket that we both had when I bought that jacket, I stood there and I was like, Can I really walk out of it? Like this is way above like, I looked like a movie star when I bought that thing, and I was like, Can I actually walk out with these? And can I wear it tomorrow and artists know you're doing it? I put it on? Oh, and it was what? Minus 12 degrees that day today. Oh, this was so good.

Marcy Predmore  23:53  
And I actually wore my yesterday to my grandson's football game.

Polly Hohn  23:57  
Oh, no, it's not. I can't wait to wear mine again. I'm gonna take it with me when I go down to next. It's not something I can wait here.

Unknown Speaker  24:05  
That is just so awesome

Marcy Predmore  24:06  
that I'll never forget that is we both have some some good tastes. And I'm right there with you with I do enjoy the finer things of life. But I realized those finer things of life are Yes, they're important to me. But now I I really believe and I really live as if I already have it. I like to feel that energy of the new car or the new coat or whatever that may be. So I know a lot of people will resonate with that some won't. But I'm encouraging you who maybe don't resonate with it. Maybe you do need a coach. Maybe you do need a consultant to just help you with that next step. So Polly, I have one last question. And then we're going to talk just a tiny bit about your consulting business. But the last question is, I know that you are a wife and a mother that you're an entrepreneur with Craig. But what does a day in the life of Polly look like? You shared a little bit but just give us a little brief moment there.

Polly Hohn  25:16  
So a working day or a play day, Hey,

Marcy Predmore  25:20  
you know what, give me both.

Polly Hohn  25:22  
I would love that. Okay, guys, so a working day, I'm, I'm up at four o'clock in the morning. I love yoga because it really does settle down my mind because it is pretty active. Like I'm always say, settle is settling that down. And showing love from my body is what i what i do yoga for. And then I do some journaling, I can I do write out my goal each day, I do write gratitudes. I get involved in like, I spent a bit of time just thinking like, Okay, this is my goal. How do I feel in that position? Where Where do I need to move into a bit more because if your goal is not here in the physical right now, there's a bit of growth that you need to do to bring that in. So I'm always looking for the area that I need to, to grow into that day. And then, at nine o'clock, I work with my pa and we work out our day. And either LinkedIn calls with people to see if they'd like me to help them get to where they want to go. And I do that until about five or six o'clock in the evening. And my coaching is in in those times as well. And then it's family time cooking dinner spending time with my family. Yeah, and we have four televisions in this house. And since we started, I started with Bob, the things hardly ever get turned on. I used to be somebody that would sit in front of the TV from the time I got home until nine or 10 o'clock at night. And now the things don't get turned on. And then on wait like I do a freedom friday every friday is freedom Friday. So I do whatever I I love to do I love sewing and being crafty. Like I do have a really creative mind or doing some sort of crafty thing. So I make blankets for people patchwork blankets for people that are special to me. And then I love fishing we we go a lot outdoors. So this weekend, we're going to caribou and we're going to spend a night fishing and then out in the boat throughout the day catching fish with with some Mark maybe. And then yeah, just being with our family because when we get out of our comfort zone, which is home and being in rooms and doing that daily thing, we actually have a greater conversation. So that's that's what we love getting out of out of that sort of routine as much as we can. Yes.

Marcy Predmore  27:59  
And you know, that's the other thing I really have to say is you do have to give yourself permission to have fun to go have fun and really feel that energy to you know, one of the things that another mentor Kevin shared with us years ago is masterminding is actually being with a group of people, having fun, being active, and getting those creative energies going through activity, not just sitting, you know, thinking reading readings, great. I'm not not saying it's not. But he said you need to go have fun with each other, you need to build that relationship. So that's one of the things that we love to do, too, is mastermind with other like minds, so we can kind of feed off of each other's energy. So yeah,

Polly Hohn  28:56  
yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Marcy Predmore  28:58  
That is so fantastic. And so it sounds like you know, you have entrenched yourself so much into really growing you and how that's expanded is helping other people be aware or, or have the courage to take that next step. So what does a consulting session actually look like feel like with you and your clients?

Polly Hohn  29:26  
Okay, so I work with my clients in a group setting three times a fortnight. And the biggest thing I think, for me and my clients is helping them to understand that they create the world around them. Everything that happens to us is because of a feeling inside of us, so if we are not liking what's out here in front of us, there's something inside A lot of us that we need to change thinking, like, like you say, rethink, rethink what you're thinking they change your perception about it. And so having people be able to talk and ask questions like, this is happening. Why is this happening? And we like it. It's a group that come together, and other people will come in and say, well, I've had that position too. And this is what how I've, how I've gotten through it. And

the biggest thing, I think, in our sessions is, everybody's at peace with asking what they want, and, uh, stating what they need help with, because that is the first first thing of growth is saying, Hey, I'm not where I want to be. How can I get there? Can you help me? And when you make a decision that, okay, I'm not where I want to be. And just know that it's only because of what you're doing that you're not there. It's not anybody else's problem. Right? They haven't done anything. It's just been us the reason that we're not there. And we can clear that out pretty quickly. That's the other thing is so fast. If you've got a coach, and they are invested in helping you get there in the fastest possible way, hopefully, you will do end on its head and in. Absolutely to kill us in the beginning, though. That's

Marcy Predmore  31:38  
absolutely right. And, and I know we've experienced that, too. Not saying that everyone's going to have an overnight success and overnight sensation. But we do see very rapid progression, as you begin to grow as you begin to, as you said, wake up every day just to see what the gift of the day is going to look like.

Polly Hohn  32:03  
Oh, yeah. Yeah, and see what your mind can create. Because if you can create a picture in your mind, it's yours. And it's yours. It's uniquely you. Yes, the thing is, a lot of people don't believe in themselves. And that, and that's Yeah, you know, I

Marcy Predmore  32:21  
think that I think that's really true. They don't believe in themselves. And, and again, Bob does tell us if you can think it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand, because that's exactly what it is you're asking for. So I just I just am so thankful that you were able to join us. So Polly, let's, let's share with the audience. If someone were wanting to get together with you for some consulting, would they go to your website? To what modality would you want them to reach out to you for some consulting?

Polly Hohn  32:57  
Okay, so I have my own group called my success filled life, I call it my successful glass so that when people say, I'm in this group, and it's called my success filled life, they're actually like, it's getting into their subconscious mind that my life is successful. And it's filled with success. So but I recommend that people come in there first. And I get a feel of how I teach how I help you to undo some of the the negative thinking or the maybe not even negative thinking, but the limited thinking that we have that keep us here right now. And I mean, they're live every day, I've got some other beautiful ladies that helped me out in there as well. Also, I have a website that has all my programs that I work with, with people in their life, I have a book club, I do some other webinars and things in there as well. I have my business page, and my personal page on Facebook, but the main place I work with is in my facebook group. And then when I somebody does become a client of mine, I have just the private group where it's, it's a lot deeper in there, the content that goes into there, and like I said, I work with people three times a fortnight at least that's in a group session. And then I always so work one on one to help them. We limit ourselves so much. So we can say I think this is my C type goal. But when you dig into it a bit, so you can see that they've already sort of done that before it let's just let's just reach outside a bit more and go a bit bigger. And they're like, Oh, do you think I can do that? You can do anything if if that's what you want. Do you want that? Well, I'd love that. Yeah. So if we can build that pitcher, then then they get emotionally involved. And we know once you get emotionally involved with something if you can keep holding that feeling then it's going to come to you at lightning speed. Absolutely, and that's absolutely it's the energy, it's the emotion, it's the feeling of in for sure. And so about how long is a set, you know, if

Marcy Predmore  35:08  
somebody signed up for a consulting, package session, whatever you call it, how long of a time frame is that?

Polly Hohn  35:19  
I like to work with people initially for nine months, I do thinking into results with them, which takes up a good six months worth of time. And then I go into their mental faculties a bit more, because we're not talking about our perception and our will and reason and intuition imagination in school, so I go help them really uncover that, because one thing I noticed with me is that my intuition is off the charts. And it has been for a very long time, I just didn't know how to develop it. So that was one of the biggest things that I came into this consulting business for was to develop that more. So now the ladies that I work with, and the people that I work with, I'm so in tune with them, like, it's all got to take something and then the text will come through, and we're like, oh, we're on the same page. So great. So and that's how I employ people. Now I see if there's a connection. And if there's a connection there, then yes, I employ them in and get them. Because that means we're on the same wavelength, and we're going to work in the same harmony. And when I grow, they say to me, like Polly, what are you doing, we feel like we need to grow to and then they come with me every step of the way. So it's just so good.

Marcy Predmore  36:38  
That is a wonderful and what a team to bring with you. As you beginning. As you all become like minded, they see you they're aware of your change, and they want the what you have. So again, you were where they are, and now have achieved something and they want to follow suit. Well, I just I can't believe our time is just about over. So I just wanted to let everybody know that I will be putting this in the show notes, but it is Polly h.com.au. That is her website address. And again, I really think it'd be worth your while to reach out and just let her know that maybe you're ready for that next step. You know, ordinary women extraordinary wealth.

Unknown Speaker  37:28  
That's what it's all about is

Marcy Predmore  37:30  
walking your journey and becoming your own extraordinary, because we're all extraordinary. We just need to be confident in that extraordinary. So Polly, is there one last little tip that you would like to give the audience before we sign off? Just to give them some encouragement

Polly Hohn  37:56  
to take the next step? Okay, so my number one thing would be you are never ready. You are never ready to grow. However, if you feel like you want more, then that's your inner being telling you, hey, let's do this. So if you're feeling that at all, you need to you need to listen to that, because there is so much more waiting for you out there. And if it just takes somebody else to help you believe in yourself, then go for it. Yeah, because when you believe and you accept who you truly are, that's when everything changes. Oh, I

Marcy Predmore  38:37  
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