Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 22: Sandra Gold

July 07, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 22
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 22: Sandra Gold
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In this episode: Sandra Gold 

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Sandy Gold is a Proud Single Mom, entrepreneur, and parent coach helping families create the life of their dreams by improving all areas of their life. 
 Her coaching focuses on creating an abundant lifestyle through working on all areas of life such as finances, time management, relationships, and creating trust and beautiful relationships with your children.



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Welcome, everybody to ordinary women extraordinary wealth. Today, I really want to shine the light on a very extraordinary woman and her journey. And one of the reasons that I share with you every week, the reason I started this podcast, is because I really feel like women sometimes live what we all think is an ordinary life. But we really don't get to share our extraordinary, we don't get to really spotlight that extraordinary. So today, I got introduced to Sandra from another dear friend. And I just love how this network continues to grow. So today, if you hear anything in this podcast, if you'd like to reach out to Sandy or myself, please don't hesitate. But right now I am going to turn a self introduction over to Sandy. But first I just want to say she's passionate about family, about children, and about education. And all of those combined together. She is truly an extraordinary woman. Sandy, tell us a little bit about you know what a great

Sandra Gold  2:13  
introduction. First of all, thank you so much for having me, and letting me share with your audience. So my name is Cindy Colt. And I was born and raised in Austria and I moved to Florida kind of on an adventure. I was supposed to be here for one year ended up saying way longer. It's my 23rd year this year. And, you know, met my now ex husband, that was a big part of why I stayed here had a beautiful daughter, which is turned 16. And that's where my passion is. And I've been a single mom for almost 16 years. And she's my world. She's teaching me just as much as I'm trying to teach her. And it's been a true blessing. And that's where the whole mission of helping other parents came along.

Marcy Predmore  3:01  
Oh my gosh, that in what a great story. And I think the reason that I was so excited Sandy just to get to know you a little bit more. First of all, as you and I shared Austria is on my bucket list. And so I'll be getting some tips from you on my next travel experience there. But secondly, just your passion for getting to the states and creating that extraordinary life. And really, your daughter is truly your the most amazing Life Achievement which most of our children always are. But I'm just super excited to hear just a little bit more. So we're going to ask you a few questions. And I just want you to share with the audience, just from your heart, what these questions actually mean to you. And we're going to start with as we talk about wealth, wealth is not always money. But wealth is truly important. And money is truly important behind the wealth, to give freedom to give movement to help you with your endeavors. So Sandy, tell us your tradition of money.

Sandra Gold  4:10  
That's a really interesting question. Because you know, I mean, what's the last name of gold to begin with? I get a lot of call I just like clean must be rich. And my answer has always been no matter how financially wealthy I was, Yes, I am. Because there are so many more riches to life than just money. I do believe that money, however, makes it easier and gives you more choice because you can do different things. You know, I love to travel. If I wouldn't have any money, I wouldn't be able to do that. And again, share that with my daughter. It's a lot of special memories and bond that we create when we're traveling the world. So, yes, it does help. You know, the people that say money doesn't buy happiness. It doesn't. But it helps.

Marcy Predmore  4:53  
That's exactly right. It gives you that true foundation to where you can share those experiences. Whether it be Travel education or whatever that is. And you know, as we grow up, our parents, grandparents, family members actually impart their beliefs which have been passed down through the generations. What are some of the money beliefs that your family has passed on? And you're still living those today?

Sandra Gold  5:22  
Well, I don't lift them anymore. Well, does me back up a little bit. My grandma was probably the worst influence when it came to financial abundance mindset. You know, she grew up during the war times, and you know, hard times no money, big family, this truck of supporting, you know, their brothers and sisters. Right. So her saying was always like, we never have money, we never will have money. And I remember even as a young girl, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, somehow, I always saw myself, you know, having my own office and being the boss of some company.

Marcy Predmore  5:59  

Sandra Gold  6:01  
And even then, I would think, like, wow, I don't know, you know, it doesn't mean just because you didn't have any that there's no way to make money in any way. And I always believe there's enough for everyone. Oh, yes. So you know, it wasn't really a blockage. But it definitely, you know, made me think, because when you hear it over and over, it's like, well, and then you hit those little hurdles, and you're like, well, maybe they're wrong, right? You know,

Marcy Predmore  6:28  
absolutely not supposed to have money. Maybe I was set up. That no truer words really. Because truly, when people in Sandy, I don't know, because I know you do a lot of education, and you've done a lot of study yourself. But when money the topic of money comes up, a lot of times it shied away from it's an apologetic conversation, it's a conversation of, Oh, I want to have enough, I never want to be rich, but I want to have enough. You know what, it's okay. If you really are extremely successful, because you're going to share that with us here in just a minute. It's okay to be extremely successful. And there's no reason to be apologetic. Now, yes, you grew up with that tradition, because your grandmother lived a completely different lifestyle. And then you and I did, and as our children are going to grow into their tradition, because it'll be a different time, then also. So really, when we talk about tradition, I just remember my parents sharing with me, and they were both just ordinary careers, but extraordinary people, they just really taught me how to really just work hard. And it'll all it'll all work out, pull up the bootstraps if it goes wrong, and it'll all work out. True to a point, but I'm not sure I buy all of that. Because I really feel like the more you change your thinking about money, that's where you really get the the growth, I guess from from that arena.

Sandra Gold  8:14  
Yeah, it all starts in the head. I mean, if you have blocks in, you know, on your mindset, in regards to money, you're never going to make any because you're capping yourself, and you're going to start self sabotage yourself at a certain income.

Marcy Predmore  8:28  
Absolutely. And I love that self sabotage. And again, with your education, I know you're going to get into that a little bit further. But let's just jump jump over as we talk about careers and finance. Let's just talk a little bit about what were your financial goals at the beginning of becoming or being the entrepreneur that you were searching to be?

Sandra Gold  8:52  
Right? Well, as a young at a young age, when I was, you know, picking schools and things. It wasn't really the money, it was more of the feeling I wanted to have the freedom, that was the biggest thing it was I didn't put $1 amount on it. When I was going through college and even, you know, right before graduating, I didn't really know what I was gonna do, or what my financial goals for. That didn't start until I was an adult and really in the States, because I graduated college, I worked for six months, and then I left to come here. Wow. And when I met my now ex husband, we started a business, not knowing anything about the business. No clue, and we're just kind of like, okay, we're going for this. There's a market for it. We're doing it. And we figured things out as we went. And he actually introduced me to Tony Robbins. And it's kind of a forced introduction because it's like, No, nobody can make you think differently. And you know, I know what I'm doing. I don't need anyone to tell me how to think. Right then you know trying to be a good wife and listen to the first recording and Then I tried fighting it to so he's not right.

Because I was so against that, and I'm halfway through the first city back then I was like, Oh my God, this all makes so much sense. And part of that program was to make a wish list and have no limits. And I mean, we were just starting out, I was 20 years old, we literally had a mattress on the floor, we had nothing at that point, wow. And I made a list and put down on there, I want to have a Mercedes SUV. I didn't even have a car at the house thinking, right? I mean, the traveling, I wrote everything out as if there were no limits. And within the first year, things started happening. And I didn't even really specifically, or mindfully take action on those goals, just wrote it down. And, you know, a year or two later, I had that SUV, and I had the big house house like, and even if I didn't click right away until I had those things. I was like, wait, those are all on that list. I wrote, you know, a year or two ago, it was amazing. And that's when I started building a different relationship with money to or was like, Okay, I'm setting actual financial goals.

Marcy Predmore  11:18  
And you know what, I can't say how important that is. And as we continue to talk, we'll share more with the audience. But let's talk about how your values and beliefs, how they have worked for you over time, you started a business with your ex husband extremely successful. But as we both know, life sometimes can get in the way circumstances can get in the way. But that really is no stopping place. Because it's just gives you the opportunity for an additional quantum leaps to tell us just a little bit.

Sandra Gold  11:54  
Now new Sandy guards to my need, it actually shifted a little bit when because, you know, at first I had this in my abundance mindset, or there was no limit to earning potential or In addition, not for everyone. And then as we became richer and richer, I will blame my ex husband for Oh, the more money we make the unhappier we are. It's like the more stuff you need. And you know, the less you're home and you need to buy another toy and output actually build a bad relationship with money and was like, okay, the richer we get, the less happy I am. Yes. Which was crazy. Because after the separation and how to reframe that again. Yeah. And make money.

Marcy Predmore  12:41  
And you know, that is so true, Sandy. And I'm really glad that you brought that up. Because as entrepreneurs, yes, money is that scorecard. But sometimes when you allow the growth to actually get in your way, if it's the wrong growth, you know, if it's just in money focused or money oriented, it's truly what money can provide for you, your family, but again, for the world, because if you make a lot of money, you want to be able to give a lot of money away. At least that's how we feel in our hearts to is, the more you help other people get what they need and want. God's abundance will be to everybody from that point on. So so I really hear what you're saying on the toys, or the more money sometimes people get so wrapped up in that piece. And they forget possibly even the values, which is what we were just asking the question of

Sandra Gold  13:38  
time, and you need to appreciate along the way, how far you've come. And we grew so quickly. And we were so young, we had no clue what we were doing, you know, now looking back, I was like, you know, he didn't know either. Right? Read it. You know, he he was a typical man owning all the cars, the toys and everything. Yeah. And there's nothing wrong with it. It's just we lost everything else when we became more business partner sinise,

Marcy Predmore  14:06  
which again, it sounds like you were both very good business partners, but times in life that throws us a curveball. And and again, you have to just, I'm reading a book right now. And it just it always reminds me of those words. The chapter I'm reading is seek failure. And it says the poise before the leaf sometimes is the most important. And right now you had to read boys before your next week. Right? Yeah. So how about so where are you right now? With your goals? What is let me back up just a second. Let's talk one one quick question. What does the life in the day of Sandy look like when you wake up? Kind of give our audience an idea of what the day in your life looks like?

Sandra Gold  14:55  
Okay. I have a pretty simple morning routine. I usually get up. And now that I have a teenager, I'm usually up way before her very peaceful morning, let my dog out. And then I do a gratitude journal every morning. And I found that that brings even more abundance and really sets my day up for success. Because if I appreciate everything that I have, no matter how small it is, there's more coming. Yeah. And then, you know, I set my intentions, I usually do my Im statements, or incantations, and then I set my goals for the day. And that may be as simple as Okay, I'm going to help one person today. Right? If I did that, if nothing else got done, it was a successful day, but or, you know, today's like, Okay, my main focus was on getting a few podcasts out. So it doesn't have to be this huge goal list. You know, you take one step at a time every day consistently, and you're going to reach everything that you want.

Marcy Predmore  16:03  
Absolutely. And, and that's so true. You, you have to give yourself grace in that. But in your day, I love that. I know, I have a mentor. And I mentioned him often. But one of the things he says before your feet hit the floor. Give thanks. What are you grateful for, and I did a lie day before yesterday for ordinary women extraordinary wealth on faith on my Facebook group. And one of the things that jumped out at me, Dave for yesterday was I was doing so many gratitudes before I woke up, I thought I'm gonna have to get up and touch my feet to the ground because I could just stay in bed all day, probably we can give gratitude. It becomes a big thing. It does. It really does. And there's so much to be grateful for. Yes. And that's I think that's where I just was a realization. So I did my live on that is, yes, gratitude is the best thing. And writing down i'd love it that you write your gratitudes down in your gratitude book.

I do that a lot. But I don't ride it as much. So I really like that tip today, too. Yeah, awesome. So tell us where you are right now. I know you've had to kind of recreate your quantum leap, you're poised for the leap of continued entrepreneur endeavors. Tell us a little bit about what your goal is today. And what you're leaping towards?

Sandra Gold  17:35  
Well, as of today, and moving forward, my biggest part is on the contribution part. Like he said, you know, the more you give, the more you will have, and not just financially just, it's going to be a fulfilled life. He has everything comes down to how much he can gifts. So I've really been focusing on, you know, a call it my passion project with helping as many parents as they can to turn their life's around, because God knows I've been in the dark spots, I know how to get out of there. A lot easier for me to tell them because I've been there myself. And you know, especially over the last year or so many more mental illnesses and domestic violence and just people struggling at home. Yeah, that they needed more than two children. Because if you're if you if you're stressed out as a parent, you're not going to be able to be a great parent, you know, you're going to be worrying about money and your own mental health, you're not going to be able to provide for your children the way you want. So it starts with us as the parents and then yeah, well, trickle it down to the children.

Marcy Predmore  18:46  
Yes, and, and you know, that's so true. And just again, some of your words just harked me back to a lot of times in life. We need to seek out mentors, to help us get where they want, where we are wanting to go, but where they've already achieved. And in the goal in your golden parent outlet, what you're really trying to do is saying you're not a failure as a parent, but some of us have been there and have actually achieved some successes in being a parent. And so I'm here for you in those successes, wouldn't you agree?

Sandra Gold  19:25  
100%. And you brought up a great point because a lot of parents, no matter how well they do, they think they're feeling as a parent or to failing the children. And you really can't fail your kids as a parent. Unless you know you really don't love them in, you know, it's really major, major issues like abuse or anything like that.

Marcy Predmore  19:48  
Yes, but not being financially stable, not having a big house, not giving them everything that they want, right does not make you a failure, as long as you love on them. They know you're there for them. That's all they really need. Yes, yes. And that's really true. It's just really just being present. And the quality time because of course, we weren't given a manual to becoming a parent. We all grew up with traditions with, with them, you probably have a different Christmas tradition than I do, or, or a holiday tradition, whatever that may be. But really, it's just quality, caring, loving them through whatever it is that they're going through. And you're right, there are some pretty, pretty strong things that some parents have to go through. I think the Lord every day that I have healthy children, but I do have some friends who, who really had a hard, hard road to hoe with some emotional issues with their children. And I know that's really hard. Right. And I know in the golden parent, in your group, you have a lot of people that are able to you do a lot of lives. So a lot of people who are able to help in a lot of different arenas, correct. They've all been there in one place or another. Yeah, yeah, we

Sandra Gold  21:09  
basically focus on all areas of life, because I think it has to come all full circle, you know, you have to take care of your health. Otherwise, you can't take care of your children, you need to be financially stable enough to at least provide, you know, housing, food and the basic needs. And, you know, your emotional and mental stability, it all ties together, you can't just excel in one area and ignore all the other areas of life.

Marcy Predmore  21:35  
So we work on

Sandra Gold  21:36  
everything, anything from mindset, money, you know, switching careers, all that that way, comes full circle, you have a beautiful life there for the children will grow up in a happy family.

Marcy Predmore  21:48  
That's absolutely right. And it's true. Our journey is ever evolving. As I shared earlier, the journey seems ordinary at times, but truly is extraordinary when you look back on your journey, and everybody needs to be proud of their ordinary journey, because it's, it's being an example to someone else. And speaking of examples, let's talk about mentors. Is there a woman or anyone in your world that has been a mentor to you? And what does that look like in your life today? Well, it's

Sandra Gold  22:26  
one of my biggest ones has always been my mom, reverse. We've been best friends from as long as I can remember, we still are. She's my rock, you know. I mean, there's just so much unconditional love and trust, that even when I was younger, you know, I would tell her things, kids usually don't tell their parents, I would find a way around. It's

Marcy Predmore  22:49  
the friend scenario. And,

Sandra Gold  22:54  
and I remember, you know, especially in the teenage years, because we used to spend a lot of time together. I always said I ever wanted to have kids back then. But I was like, if I ever have kids of one, I want to have a relationship that we have. And that's for a lot of my parents and came from us because, you know, she showed me the right way and how to create that bond. So I was able to recreate that with my daughter through some simple things that she would tell me as I was growing up.

Marcy Predmore  23:25  
Oh, gosh, I just and again, I love that because you first of all, she's your mom. So she was she was your authority. Second of all, she was an example. But third of all, she was your best friend. And, or is your best friend. And I just think that is a story in itself. When a mom and a daughter as we all know, as we grow up, sometimes you can have some clashes with moms and especially teenage daughters. But just to have an example like that, that you can actually say she's your best friend. That's pretty awesome. And what about your daughter with your mom? Is she is she pretty close to your mom? Yes, yeah, those two are inseparable. And I love it. I absolutely love it. So, um, what? What advice right now, so I know that there's many women out there listening. And, you know, we've all been through the journey of we feel like we're failures. We maybe don't feel like we have a mentor. But what can you share with women today? in finding a mentor, growing yourself hat, give it give them just a little light on where they can go to possibly grow themselves. Right?

Sandra Gold  24:43  
Well, you know, after I left home, a lot of the mentor says started coming into my life or through the self development world and back then YouTube and all that they didn't exist or wasn't as popular but nowadays, there's really no excuse because you can you You know, watch free videos online, on mindset on how to make money on pretty much anything. And you know, even the big guys like Tony Robbins, jack Canfield, Les Brown, I mean, all the big names, they have free videos on YouTube. And even myself, I've been to a lot of their seminars, but I still watch the YouTube once once in a while, like, it's a five minute refresher, okay, I need a boost. To get back into state. And, you know, if you don't, no one in your real life, just seek out people that that teaches us. There's there are plenty of online resources that are free. Oh,

Marcy Predmore  25:42  
and that is so true in the world of technology today. And I know again, a mentor of mine told me sometimes your mentor doesn't even have to be alive. Right? You have a book that just touches your heart, that could be a mentor, that author could be a mentor. And I know he has many mentors that are no longer here on earth with us. But he mentions them all the time, because they've impacted him so much. And you're right, right now, Tony Robbins is huge. I mean, there's so many different arenas out there that you can go to finance, again, Family Education, self help those types of things. And I know we do the same thing. And a dear friend. And he truly is a mentor to he is no longer with us either. And died fairly early of cancer. But he he used to tell me and then it's the simplest words, but he said, Marcy, if you're not growing, you're dying. And you know what, sometimes in a day, if you realize your day is gone by without growing you just a little bit. Sometimes it's for even, I mean, even myself, I always try and get up and do something for myself. But if I let the day get ahead of me, and I don't take the time, I really noticed the energy, the energetic difference of the day, Do you ever feel

Sandra Gold  27:07  
that way? Yeah, I have I have to grow. It's like a muscle. This point.

Marcy Predmore  27:13  
Yeah. Oh, and you know, what, and I just really feel like the growth is, is the excitement. And it's, it's really, it leads you into the next thing or the next success that you're looking for. And again, the reason that you're sitting here with me is we had a friend in common, who we both have grown with, and she said, I have somebody I really want you to meet. And the biggest gift in life, for me is connectivity is it's just getting to know Sandy and Sandy getting to know me. And then we can actually share with all of the women who are listening to this podcast on just parenting growth, money, whatever that may be.

Sandra Gold  28:06  
You could technology's amazing. If you're connecting with people from all over the world. I mean, you know, to fix the fact that they're connected us. She's in Canada, I'm in Florida, you know, we would have never met if it wouldn't have been through, you know, self development and the use of technology.

Marcy Predmore  28:26  
And really, that's it. And actually, that was one of my gratitudes a few weeks ago was technology. Because sometimes, I mean, you and I were hopping on today, and I couldn't hear you and I get so frustrated because I think, Oh my goodness, how come this doesn't work. But then on the other hand, you're sitting here we're having this beautiful conversation, because of technology, even though we had to figure out which button to push or, or making sure that we're in the right place with the camera, any of those basic things, but we're able to share a message that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get out. Yes, yeah. And so really, I just really want to share with the audience if they were to want to get a hold of you, if something today really resonated with them because I'm sure there's many single moms out there in the audience. And also moms who have with spouses or not who have created wealth, possibly lost it all starting on their second game or their third game, whatever that looks like. How can they get ahold of you? What are some places some of the arenas we can find you?

Sandra Gold  29:39  
The easiest way is Facebook. Just look up my personal profile or you know pm me I have

Marcy Predmore  29:48  
a private Facebook group just for to parents,

Sandra Gold  29:51  
we're fun group. We do challenges, you know, we can win prizes. We're getting ready to actually get people together. Not just online, but in real life. Person meetups, so that's going to be fun. There's always something going on there, like little mini competitions, friendly ones, or, you know, challenges and I post a lot more videos in there than on my personal page, because it's more geared for kind of, you know, our own little group.

Marcy Predmore  30:18  
Right, right. And then do you also when you all get together face to face? Or when you can? Or the kids involved? Or do you get together as parents? Either way?

Sandra Gold  30:29  
Some of them it is with the children. And then some of it, it's kind of like mommy getting a day off? Yeah, yeah. So we'll get the spouses or someone to watch the kids. So mom can have a glass of wine or you know, get a massage, or just sit on a beach without having to worry about the kids sign like that. Yeah,

Marcy Predmore  30:47  
I love it. I love it. Well, for the audience, this is Sandy gold with the golden parent. So if you do want to find her, Facebook is a great outlet, just you know, all we have to do is go out and put her name in the search bar, and bring it up and you were in Florida, just to let everybody know, just in case, there is another Sandy gold out there. But you know what, if you have some questions, or again, if you're single mom, single dad, this isn't just for women. But what we really do want to spotlight women just because of some of the journeys that we actually share together. But hop on, go take a look at the Golden parent and just see if there's something that you can utilize for support for yourself or share it with someone that you may know that needs that support. So Sandy, is there anything in closing that you would like to share with the audience, I

Sandra Gold  31:43  
think my biggest thing has always been don't give up. You know, sometimes times are dark, they they're not what you want to be. But there's always the flip side of coming out on the other side. And that's when it goes from ordinary to extraordinary. You may not know that you're meant for this extraordinary story of your life, while you're in the deep dark sides, and you will come out of it. You know, day by day, keep moving towards your goals, your dreams, and eventually you're going to come out on the other side. And it's going to be like,

Unknown Speaker  32:17  
Oh my god, I

Unknown Speaker  32:18  
did all that. That was me.

Marcy Predmore  32:22  
Yeah, it will be I'll be so proud of you know, yes, yes. So really just take the next step, don't let the failure stop you. And failure truly does get into to your success. If we didn't fail, we would never know how to succeed. So I love that don't stop, take the next step. And Sandy, I just, I just can't thank you enough for just giving us a little bit of your time. I know how busy you are with the golden parent and, and just taking care of your daughter, and really encouraging others in this single parenting world, or just parenting world. So audience, please reach out to Sandy. And I have a quick tip of the week. So because we talk about money here at ordinary women extraordinary wealth, I feel like it is an important topic. So the tip of the week is going to be to have an emergency fund. We're in the time of year right now that we really need to have something set aside and Sandy and I both know what it's like to maybe not have anything in reserve. So I want you to put together an emergency fund. Basically all that is is either six months of income, this liquid to you, or even $1,000. So the tip of the week is an emergency fund to give you just a little bit of security to have for the unexpected. So we hear it ordinary women extraordinary wealth, really love shining that spotlight on many women and Sandy gold happens to be the one this week. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. You are so welcome.

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