Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 23: Victoria Gallagher

July 14, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 23
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 23: Victoria Gallagher
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Victoria Gallagher is a worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy, a best-selling author, international speaker, life success coach, and renowned authority on the Law of Attraction. She has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty, aligned with their dreams through her effective meditative recordings and online courses. 

As a tireless personal growth enthusiast herself, Victoria hosts the popular Law of Attraction show The Power of Your Mind podcast featuring industry experts. The Power of Your Mind is a self-help podcast helping listeners unleash the power of their minds. Victoria Gallagher shares over 20 years of wisdom and techniques in hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction, visualization, NLP, meditation, personal growth, positive affirmations, and other effective methods to help listeners tap into the great power which resides in their mind, and become the best version of themselves.



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Marcy Predmore  0:59  
Well, good morning, everybody. This is Marcy with ordinary women extraordinary.

I guess I have a super exciting message to share today with my interviewee today, and I can't wait. I hope you guys are just having a moment just to listen to this message. Because I think it's really going to resonate with you as much as it resonated with me. And today on ordinary women, as you know, we're going to talk about someone who started out in life, ordinary as we all feel, but has become truly extraordinary in her industry. And one of the things that I really again, want you to pay attention to is she has some tips and tools today that I think will really help you to get to your next step or your quantum leap, or whatever that may be in your world. So today, I get the privilege to introduce Victoria Gallagher. She is a renowned world renowned leader in hypnotherapy. She's an international speaker, an author, she is a licensed success coach, and truly has a passion for helping us change our the power of our minds. She is she works tirelessly on herself, to grow into motivated who she is and what she has to offer. And again, she's going to help us unleash the power of our mind. So sit back, have a cup of coffee. Just enjoy the interview with Victoria and myself today. Victoria, I would love to have you come on and have the audience here. So amazing stories of your extraordinary.

Victoria Gallagher  2:53  
 Oh, absolutely. Well, thank you. Thank you so much, Marcy, for having me on your show extraordinary women, you know, from, from earlier blogs to becoming extraordinary. I love this topic of your podcast. And I you know, this is what it's all about. It is all about, you know, just moving forward and achieving, you know, something bigger than we thought was possible. When we were when we were growing up. So, for me just a little bit of a background on you know, kind of where I started. I you know, I'll start back when I was a financial consultant working. This was over 20 years ago as a financial consultant and I just had achieved what I consider that that moment in time. Everybody's vision of success, you know, I became a stockbroker. I was earning a six figure income I had a nice home, I was married, I was in good shape. I had a nice car, I had all the things that you would ever imagine that would make you feel successful. And yet at the time, I just started feeling like this. This like this feeling of unfulfillment. I just wasn't satisfied and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I was like depressed, I couldn't like get out of bed to get up in the morning and, and go back to work and dial for dollars and just do this thing that was creating this life that I had. And so I started on a journey of personal development. I took this seminar called size seminars and it was it was a life changing. It was like a turning point for myself because I realized, you know, they asked a question there. That was just just really sticks out to me and it's like if you had all your needs met for money for love for energy, For how for everything was all figured out, they just went on and on and on? How would you be spending your time with what would you be doing? And I said, I would just help other people to have that. Like, that's like, if you're completely fulfilled and everything is perfect in your world, then you would see that there is other people that are not living that way, then that's to me, the only thing left that you'd want to do is just elevate everybody else to that level. And then once the question was asked, like, well, so you know, the thing is, is you're never going to have that 100% perfect satisfaction that like, you know, there's always going to be something that you're striving for, you're always going to be going to the next level, even if you've achieved the the level of success that you had dreamed about, you know, you're not going to stay there, you're always going to want for more. And so that was a point that I was in, I mean, I was considered successful. So why wouldn't I just want to go ahead and do that. And so the way that I chose to do that was through hypnotherapy. And there was a little bit of a story to get to that part. But I wanted to ultimately bring the experience that I had in that seminar into every home and allow people in the comfort of their own home to be able to experience personal development. And so I would go on to create hundreds and hundreds of these, you know, little recordings that would help inspire people help motivate people help them to become all that they could be and get their limiting beliefs out of the way and move forward and do whatever they wanted. And I just have always believed that if you can believe it, if you can see it, if you know, then you can achieve it. And you know, and so the recordings would help people to do that. And, you know, along the way, I had to make some really tough choices. You know, at that point in time, when I started moving on that path, my boss where I was the stockbroker, where I was making the good income basically gave me an ultimatum and told me that, you know, you have to make a decision, and you gave me 30 days, I wasn't making any money, I was spending money. You know, you're, there's a point in your business, when you start a business where you're just not making any money, it takes, you know, you're spending money on advertising, on development on all of that. And that's the point that I was in, when he gave me this ultimatum, I was spending money not making money. And, and, well, we all kind of know what direction I chose. And, and, you know, and and I, you know, overcame some obstacles along the way, one of the biggest obstacles that I had to overcome was moving into fight or flight at that point where, like, I made the decision, and I felt like I'm equipped because I've got all this personal growth training, right. But it was at a surface level, it wasn't completely integrated into my being yet. And so I moved into this fighter flight to just make it happen to first that happened to will it to happen to just do everything that I could spend my 16 hours a day, like 16 to 18 hours a day, I'd be working and, you know, barely get enough sleep. And I was struggling for like the first year and a half, I was really, really struggling and finally kind of realized, Oh, I stopped all of the, you know, programming my own mind. Here I am. I'm like the biggest hypocrite in the world, because I'm selling all of these wonderful hypnosis programs to everybody else to program their minds, but I wasn't actually listening to them myself and doing what got me to the point of like, that confidence, that motivation, that choice that I made to take this on. So I in that moment, like, had this epiphany. It's like, duh, like, I need to actually program my own mind for success because it does. One of the things that so many people don't understand is that your subconscious mind is running the show. And it's always on, it's always listening. It's always gathering information based on what you do what you say. All of that and those beliefs are going to override and overpower anything that you can consciously are trying to will yourself to do. And so I just knew that like, Well, obviously I need to get. And I knew that like no, not logically, but for whatever reason it was like No, I'm too busy to do that.

Marcy Predmore  10:18  
You know what, what resonated with me as you're sharing some of this is I've said it many other podcasts, but you have to put your own oxygen mask on first. And the second thing is you have to continue to sharpen your own sword, you have to begin to ingest what it is that you're projecting. Because if you don't people do know that they they really do sense that it's not resonating from the heart. And I think what was so exciting Victoria about you, and as I read a little bit about you is your projection of your passion around helping people to to really understand their potential, their minds potential. So I really appreciate just sharing, yes, we all came through ordinary struggles, Why me? Why not me those types of things. But my husband and I also went through sighs so we really do resonate with that. And we also have a mentor right now Bob Proctor, Proctor Gallagher Institute, we're just really involved in continually daily growing us. And that's why audience out there, if you can just listen to just some morsels that Victoria has to offer, I can guarantee today will be life changing for you also. So I am just super excited. So there's a couple of things that I do want to just put at the beginning of the show that I didn't, and then we're going to repeat it again. And it will be in the show notes that Victoria also has an app that you can get. And it's called the hypno cloud app. And if you go to your Apple Store, download that. And it's got over 500 different recordings for possibly what's going on with you, whether it be sleep, I just looked at a few of them, Victoria, you can kind of jump in here, but there were so much resource there.

Victoria Gallagher  12:30  
 There is and it's just going to continue to grow. I'm so excited right now with I mean, this is my main focus this year is is getting this app into I don't know, one in every 100 would be great, you know, it's a pretty big goal that I have, but I you know, I'm looking at ways to just make this the, you know, so easy. And just so like, like a non negotiable, like, you know, you wake up in the morning and you program your mind for whatever it is that you want to achieve. And you get rewarded by doing that there'll be, you know, feature where you know, you can have friends to encourage you and and all of that. But right now, you know, it's just a library, a vast library of anything from you know, wealth, career, spirituality, relationships, any area of your life that you want to target it, it has hundreds of different programs in there to help you and, and to help you stay consistent. It sends you a little reminders and gives you a little rewards along the way for how many times you've listened to different sessions. And it's training you to do this on a regular basis, because that's one of the things that I struggled with myself personally, was just being consistent about this. Like I love going into hypnosis, like every time I do it, I feel so amazing and so wonderful. And it's kind of like, you know, maybe you haven't had sex a little while, you know, and it's like, you forget to do it. And then it's like when you get back to it's like, oh my god, why was I doing this all along? It's the same. With hypnosis. It's like, it feels so great. But sometimes it's just hard to find that time make that time and surrender to it. And so that's, you know, what the reminders are all about helps, it helps and the rewards is just helping you to be consistent with it. So I love it.

Marcy Predmore  14:34  
 Consistency, that word consistency, but I'm going to change that word to repetition. Yes, one of the things that Bob Proctor teaches us is just repetition, repetition, repetition. And so when I we're going to talk a little bit about a day in the life of Victoria, but when I wake up every day, I have an app on my phone. It's called looping, and it's my voice and it's my voice saying, I'm thankful and grateful now that whatever it is that, you know, you want to either occur today, Dream Home, vacation, whatever that may be, but like Victoria is sharing with us is your subconscious truly is in control. And if you feed bat, it's incredible what just presents itself. So Victoria, I want to ask you a couple of questions because I know the audience will, will really be intrigued by hearing your story from financial advisor to now helping unleash the power of the mind. But what does success mean to you? 

Victoria Gallagher  15:44  
Yeah, this is such a great question. And I've I've had, I've had multiple answers come to me throughout the day about how I really define success. And you know, at the most fundamental basic level, I believe success is just simply setting, you know, setting out to do something, and, and completing that. And then like, at the most fundamental level, that is what it is, it's accomplishing something, you can have success at making a cup of coffee. Because you know, the, at the end of the, at the end of that activity, you have succeeded at doing that. And so, I feel like I'm just at the most basic levels, just, you can have success in multiple different events, multiple different activities, multiple different areas of your life, you can have success in your, your business, but maybe not have success in your health. And so for me, there's having success, and then there's being successful. And I feel like being successful is when you have all of those areas in your life operating in the way that you envision for yourself. And in a way that makes you feel happy, makes you feel whole makes you feel complete, makes you feel that you you deserve the things that you have, you know, you could be walking in a life and feeling like you don't necessarily deserve that. And so I feel like it is, you know, when your deserve ability matches what you have what you know, you could feel like you deserve more, and you don't have that. And so, again, you You're what you have in your life, what you're surrounded with, you feel that you deserve that, and, and you know, there's always it's not that you're complete with where you're going in your life, there's always that five pounds, or there's always the, you know, the next level, you know, if you've become a millionaire, and now you're on the road to becoming a billionaire or multi millionaire, or whatever it is, you know, that it's not just about money, it's relationships, its health, its happiness, it's well being, you know, and it's just, it's living life on your terms and nobody else's. So that's what success means to me. 

Marcy Predmore  18:11  
I absolutely love it and deserve ability. I really love that because so many of us, especially we women in life, we don't like we deserve things that we need to just work a little bit harder or take care of someone else, instead of really, you know, maybe focusing on what's resonating with us at the moment. And so deserve ability, that's a good one, I'm gonna remember that word. The second thing that you said was so many times, and for me success, I've had a lot of failures that have created my success. So again, it was me reincorporating some of my journey at thinking that I truly had failed, but it actually got me to where I am today. First of all, not being really able to speak in front of the people and now just really loving it and just really enjoying the relationship built because to me that's the one of the biggest successes is getting to know you Victoria getting to know people in my world that come in and either want to befriend me or, or need mentoring, whatever that may be. Their relationship to me is pushes to the top of the list. 

Victoria Gallagher  19:27  
Yeah. And you have to be willing to fail in order to be successful. You have to be willing to fail over and over and over again. And you know, and just embrace that and real and kind of get excited when you fail. You know, it's almost like you just it's a numbers game. I mean, back when I was dialing for dollars. It's like how many people that I have to speak to before I got to Yes, I had to hear so many nose, nose noses, these tiny little failures and you got to become scribble and That failure and realize like, okay, that's just one step closer to where I'm going. So you have to I love that you've brought that up because you have to embrace those those failures. That's all part of the process. If Thomas Edison didn't embrace failure, you know, I don't know what we'd be doing hair for life, maybe somebody else would have come up with it. Who knows. But he had that idea. And he had to fail 10,000 times to finally have success. And yeah, yeah, there's just so many examples of, of failure out there that you can that you can look at that ultimately do lead to success. 

Marcy Predmore  20:41  
Yes. And the one last thing before we go to the next question is I reading a book right now called us squared by price Pritchett. And in one of the chapters he talks about when we send a rocket to the moon, it's off course 90% of the time, it continually has to re adjust to get back on course, it was a great visual for me. And for some reason it just stayed with me is every day when we start our day, we might be 90% off of where we're heading, but just don't don't beat yourself up just course correct. is continually listening.

Victoria Gallagher  21:24  
I was listening to another podcast you did with did you mention that in another podcast? Or did I hear that some stuff?

Marcy Predmore  21:32  
It's right now it's just been in it. And someone that comes to mind I just say it out loud. I love that. I love that idea. 

Victoria Gallagher  21:39  
And it absolutely makes so much sense. And you have to you have to have the awareness to know that. Okay, a little bit off here a little bit off of that. 

Marcy Predmore  21:52  
Yes. So, love that definition of success. So I hope everybody enjoyed that to my next question. And again, it's a very broad question. But it's a question that has always meant something to me. And that's again, where really ordinary women extraordinary wealth came from, because I used to think I had a definition, but my definition is actually molded and grown from here, but what does wealth mean to you? 

Victoria Gallagher  22:22  
So to me, I believe wealth is entirely a mind set. It is not what we normally, immediately the picture that comes to one's mind when they think of the word wealth, usually, people think of bags and bags of money. And are you know, overflowing. And you know, in the end it is it is a sense of abundance, I do I do equate wealth with a feeling of abundance. And but abundance, like I said, If feeling is a feeling, it is something that you experience, and you can experience wealth. Without a single dime in your bank account, you can experience wealth, by simply having an experience that I am worthy that I am enough. And, and wealth is just something that you personally exude. And all of the things that you want are attracted to your vibration of wealth. So in a way, it's like a vibration. And you know, but it can mean a wealth of, of, you know, of ideas, I think actually a wealth of ideas is far more valuable than just having money sitting there, if you don't have the mindset to know what to do with that money, or how to make it work for you. So it's really something that comes from your mind, it could be a wealth of, of resources, it could be a wealth of people that you're connected to, it could be a wealth of, of having, you know, good health, it could be a wealth of experiences. So, you know, it's a lot of things. It's It's It's abundance, and it's an experience, and it's just something that really comes from within and so that's ultimately how I define wealth.

Marcy Predmore  24:33  
 I love it. And, and wealth truly is to each their own. For me, wealth is depth. It's actually feeling a solid foundation of everything that you just said. Yes, I'm the company that my husband have has private banking concepts, is we really teach people about money and how to change their fate. Thinking about money, how to use it in a basic manner, but also all the way to an investment manner. So yes, that's a portion. But wealth truly is just a depth of depth and a solid foundation of what we want to continue to ingest and help us grow. So I love that definition of wealth, too. One of the questions that I really been excited to ask is, tell us a little bit Victoria, about what motivates you to stay either on your game or to grow you or to push you a little bit outside of your comfort zone? What what motivates you,

Victoria Gallagher  25:43  
I am really motivated by when other people get success and in their life, I mean, it really comes down to that I have a strong feeling that everyone should or could be doing what they love to do whatever they're passionate about. And I absolutely love it. When another bird takes flight, another person succeeds in doing, you know, in moving toward whether it's attracting the love of their life, whether it's getting into better shape, or whether it's starting that new business, which is obviously like, that's the thing that really, I love watching people blossom in creating their own, you know, businesses, especially online businesses, I do help a lot of people in that endeavor. And so I just I love I'm motivated by what can I do to push somebody a little closer to having what they want. And maybe it's not even pushing, but inspiring. And I just, I'm motivated by what can I do to inspire somebody today to move into the direction of their, their dreams and our goals, I just, and I just really believe wholeheartedly that the desires that we have, they're absolutely there as our divine guidance and what we are meant for in in this life, and if there's anything that you even have an inkling that you that you want, that's there on purpose, you should go for it. And I love just moving people toward that and and letting people embrace that and letting people feel like yeah, you know, I deserve that. I'm worth that and I'm going for it. So that's, that's just what motivates me just the smiles on people's faces the reviews that I get the I just, you know, that's what I'm here for.

Marcy Predmore  27:53  
That's your true success.

Victoria Gallagher  27:56  
Yeah, it really is. That's the end result. It's not even like, the things that that I have. I mean, honestly, I I'm pretty fulfilled with you know, I mean, there's always more that that can be gotten, you know, but I'm pretty fulfilled in my own. And I've just bought my dream home. I love the car that I drive. I have a great husband, I've great cats. I have everything I don't you know, I have everything that I want. So my next level is really just how can I get other people to this to this point in their lives? 

Marcy Predmore  28:34  
Yeah. And and really what what a calling for, you know, really just again, unleashing that power of their mind is pretty incredible. So let me ask you this. How do you grow Victoria? What do you do? What is a day in the life of Victoria look like? 

Victoria Gallagher  28:52  
That's a very good question. And that that has actually been something that has evolved so much over time. And there's only recently in the last month has really evolved again and I finally got to the point where I realized I am worth taking four hours for in the morning to get myself ready for the day. Okay, and I it sounded ridiculous in the past, but now it's like it makes perfect sense. So it starts off like this. I wake up at five o'clock, between five and 515 I'm making the coffee scooping the poop doing what I need to do to get ready for my my meditation. So I do my silent meditation. I've got my own Zen meditation room as it's I love it. And and I've been building that since we moved in here. So it's it's almost complete and I'm so happy with that. I've got my meditation chair in my hypnosis chair. And so I sit down for half an hour to do silent meditation. Then I go into half an hour of programming my mind through hypnosis. dosis then I sit down and I read for a half an hour and get some input from somebody else. And then I write for a half an hour, then I go out for a walk for about an hour walk or run, come back in, get my makeup and my hair done. And I'm in front of my desk, like as if there was a boss that was going to scold me, if I'm late, I am sitting there by nine o'clock at my desk with my cup of coffee in hand, and my water and I'm ready to go. So from nine to the rest of the day, kind of goes like, you know, I'm getting on it. Oh, the other thing, really important thing is during all that morning time, no email checking, no social media, I do not want any input, I don't want any news, I don't want anything coming in, like, this is my time to like, set my day up with you know, and when I'm doing my journaling, it's you know, it's intention, it's visualizing, it's gratitude. It's like, you know, this is how my day, how my week, how my month, how my year is gonna go. And so that I'm ready, you know, to check the email to check the social media to do that. And I get myself a half an hour to do that. I work with my virtual assistants for the next hour. And then I go into time blocking mode, and whatever creation that I'm working on, whether it's whether it's book writing, right now I'm working on my creating a new course my 21 day manifesting challenge. And so that'll be the next project. So whatever project I'm working on, I time block that I go and do my pomodoro rows. I don't know if you're familiar with pomodoro timer. So I yeah, I'll do, you know, depending on the day, if I have multiple interviews, I probably mostly going to get into one full set one full two hour set. If I have a lighter day of interviews, then I will do three or four sets of pomodoros. And that was pomodoro. So just the time to like totally right, totally just, you know, and, and then my day, my workday ends at six, six o'clock, my husband and I go for a nice, walk together, cook dinner by seven, you know, start cooking dinner by seven eating, you know, by eight o'clock and go to bed by 10. And then get up and do it again. And I've recently just stopped working on Saturdays and Sundays because I can you know, I love what I do. And I could work all I could work around the clock. And so I just weekends are for planning and, you know, planning, doing, you know, getting people's birthday presents, planning for Christmas planning for holidays, going shopping, doing whatever I want to do. And so that's, you know, and spending time, of course, with my husband and my cats.

Marcy Predmore  33:04  
So in the life of a day, I think what I really again, in hearing you say is you had to finally make some time for you. And I think one of the things that Victoria is saying, because I know my life is very similar to your story is you don't want people to feel bad that they don't have four hours. Because I know a lot of moms, a lot of entrepreneurial women out there who say I have no time. Yeah, no, when you hear a woman who does take four hours, don't get all panicked. That something that you can do, which is take a piece of that wisdom and maybe do something for you. So for instance, on one of Victoria's hypnosis that I was listening to this morning, was just a beautiful, helping me to reduce anxiety. So let's just say that some of you are out driving to work and you have a 15 to 30 minute drive to work, maybe get one of those hypnosis is and just enjoy that in growing you. Those are just one of the tools. The other tool that I really love, and that you mentioned is journaling. And again, if people journal that's that's great. If they don't that's okay too.

Victoria Gallagher  34:32  
Yeah, and was started started getting a little bit the internet slowing down or something? Yes, yes. Yeah. And I, I was talking about that for myself. But you know, if you only have, you know, 15 minutes, you know, you can divvy that up. I mean, even if If you took a minute just to close your eyes and listen to your breathing, that that counts as a meditation, I mean, you can do that any time, any place, you can do that. And one of the things, one of my goals, and one of my dreams for hypno cloud is to have a section in there, like, if you only have five minutes, if you only have 15 minutes, and let people, you know, actually sort the, the material by the amount of time that they have to spend on it. Because Yeah, not everybody has that amount of time available to them. You know, especially, you know, if you're a mom, or you have different kind of lifestyle, and so that, you know, absolutely, you can take that for hours, and you can shrink that down to four minutes if you needed to, it's just a matter of consistency. And for me, I like the time in the morning, I have it and that's the way I do it. But it absolutely can be done in whatever amount of time that you have. 

Marcy Predmore  36:07  
Absolutely and, and that's what I want to do is to bring the point across, because so many people see a very extraordinary successful woman like yourself, and they Oh, my gosh, I can't do that. I don't have that. I want you to hear the wisdom that Victoria is sharing that you can create your own morning routine. And I'm actually mentoring a couple people right now. And one of the young women, she's got young children at home when she said I just didn't have time to read all week. And I said, No worries. So what I asked her to do is just give it's an app, it's called looping on your phone and read the chapter. And as you're taking the kids to school, listen to your own voice reading the chapter to yourself. So there's just ways with the technology that we have today that you can actually use those as tools that don't create an energy suck for you. Yeah, I need to check out that app looping. Yes, it's just really it gives your own voice. So it's a constant reminder of whatever it is you want. Or if it's if you don't have time to read this morning, just listen to the chapter. So absolutely, yeah, love that. I just did another tip. Well, we're going to do just a tiny bit, of course correction. And we're going to talk about environment or tradition that we all grew up with. Now, we all grew up with the traditions of what our mom and dad imposed upon us or planted in us, all the way through our grandparents, aunts, and uncles, there was an environment was our subconscious. So we're going to talk a little bit about money. And I'm curious, Victoria, just with your growing out with your tradition, with your family environment? Did you grow up with something that that you stayed in firm today with our money? Because it sounds like you were in the financial industry for a while? Or are there things that you didn't like, and you thought I really want to change this? What was your tradition growing up? 

So I had the benefit of sort of seeing two different sides of the spectrum growing up. So I had the mom and dad were divorced and poorly pretty early age and I lived with my mom. And my mom was a hard worker, she struggled to put food on the table, like not, we didn't feel like we were struggling, but it was like we were not also not the kids, you know, that got to go ski on all the ski trips. We were not the kids that were wearing the Most High Fashion clothing, we didn't live in the house with the tree house and the swing set and all of that, you know, we just lived a very conservative life that, you know, we you know, we never thought that we were going to starve or anything like that. But you know, there was always just a little bit like looking, you know, down the street and seeing how other people lived and that was that, you know, that was that was nice, but I did see my mom complain about money and and not having enough and then on the other end of the spectrum, I got to spend some spring breaks and some summers in Los Angeles and living in you know, these luxurious high rise buildings with my dad who had you know, valet drivers and and you know, and he was he was doing rather well and wining and dining his, you know eight different wives that he not at the same time. But, um, you know, driving, and both of them driving Mercedes, you know, having wives that had these fur coats and big, big diamond rings. And, you know, so I got exposed to what it was like, but my dad was a little miserly, because the other thing that my mom would be complaining about was the child support not showing up on time. So there, and my dad was kind of a workaholic, he worked around the clock. So I learned all these very, it was very dynamic relationship that I had with money, I knew that I wanted some, I knew that I wanted a little bit of the lifestyle like that my dad had, but I didn't want to be like, my dad, you know. And so I, I, very quickly, I just learned so many things, like I learned that you have to work hard, in order to make a lot of money. And that was something that's been a been a rule, that has actually been very difficult for me to break, like, I still work hard, but I, you know, I don't work hard doing something that is hard, you know, like, I just work, maybe I've been in abundance. I just, I love it. And so it was just, you know, the, the the traditions, I guess were just the work hard for money, it was a very, you know, it's going to be a struggle, you know, your con people are going to constantly let you down, when it comes to, you know, getting the child support and that kind of thing. And those were some of the things that I just really wanted, I knew that I wanted to get away from and I wanted to just, you know, I always thought I was going to make it and become a famous person. And at that time, it was a singer, you know, and, and I just, I always knew for myself that I was bound for some ridiculously special wife. And I, you know, and and I haven't gotten to that exact extreme end of the spectrum, I still see that I still see myself, like a Tony Robbins on stage in front of, you know, 1000s 10s of 1000s of people at one time. And, you know, and obviously the money would follow that, but it was never really about that, that, you know, just having a lot of money, it was just about being comfy, you know, I just always wanted to be comfortable. And, and, you know, and, and, and just really inspire a lot of people and so much, so much for me money, having money is about really inspiring other people that they don't have to struggle that they can have it too, like I just wanted to be, you know, be an example for the rest of the world to see that, like, you can be anything you want. You can do anything that you want, like, I just wanted to put myself there just for that reason. So

great, great little history and story. And what's really intriguing is you had mom, who and again, not a bad thing, good thing, but she had a little bit of a lack mentality. And you had dad that had that work hard mentality. So those collided to you to really have some big dreams and maybe maybe a quantum leap back then we maybe didn't know that word then but maybe had a week that you know, you knew that you wanted maybe having to achieve that. But when your quantum leap from there to here has been incredible, for sure. Because you're on the world stage today with podcasts on teaching people to unleash that power. So that's pretty incredible leap right there. Yes. It's been it has been Thank you. I really think that's just an only touch on it before we go to the next question. But one of the things that that we have learned from many mentors is that lack mentality with your subconscious mind. It is whatever you think whether it be positive or negative, that's what it expresses. So when you live in a lack mentality when you grow up in an environment with black, you really do have to recreate your environment. You have to inject into your subconscious into your passion, what it is you want and if your Quantum Leap is being a singer on a stage with 100 1200 a million people get ready get poised for your leap. But totally focus on your landing, really see yourself being and doing and having what it is that you want to do. So, lack seems to be a big word that I hear often from our viewers. 

Victoria Gallagher  45:21  
Most definitely, I will say this, you know, on the, on the flip side, even though you know, and my mom was a pretty, she was a pretty empowering person, it was just that it didn't show up for us financially. But, you know, she taught me the power of visualizing, she taught me the power of being self confident. She she, you know, I'm like, it's, it's kind of interesting, because if I had spent the time with my dad, who was, you know, a little empty, you know, and always kind of looking to fill his cup in some way out there. Versus living with my mom who really taught me personal fulfillment, and to do it yourself and to be independent and to, you know, have all of these great qualities it's like, which one would you choose, and I would definitely still choose to live with my mom, even though it was like, there was a little bit of lack mentality as far as the finances go, it was such, if she was able to fill me with a sense of self empowerment and personal, you know, can't self confidence 

Marcy Predmore  46:32  
what I mean, what a gift right there that that was an a great environment to be planted deep down inside. So that's awesome. And so that brings me to our next question. And I might be able to figure this out. But you might have somebody else in there. We all have mentors, they could be alive, they could be in a book they could be in the past, one of my mentors is, it's the book of Ruth in the Bible, I just love that book. And I read it often for just things that I need to hear. But who would maybe sift to the top for you, Victoria, to be a mentor that's helped you get where you are today or where you come from, but where you are today? 

Victoria Gallagher  47:17  
You know, that is always a challenging question for me, to be perfectly honest with you. I for number one, you know, I myself, I am my own mentor. So it starts first and foremost. With that I am probably my biggest cheerleader, my biggest coach. I'm constantly seeing myself Intel and pushing myself to those new heights. But you had mentioned and I and so on. To add to that though, there's been people that have helped me along the way. My very first mentor that helped me to realize that I could create this online business for myself was a woman hypnosis, it hypnotist named Wendy freezin. And she, when she just sort of pulled the curtain back and showed me what her business was doing way back in the early stages before I had made it. It was just like, revealing to me it was like, Oh, you really can't like I had this idea, this vision for myself that what I wanted was possible. But she was the one that actually showed me Yes, what you want to do, I'm doing it and so that really helped me. And then you heard me mentioned Tony Robbins. I mean he's you know, all of his books. I anytime I'm like looking for that, that feeling of additional motivation, inspiration or where I want to be or how I want to show up, I turn on one of his videos. I don't have him personally as a mentor, but he is definitely the mentor in my mind. And I put myself into the head of Tony Robbins all the time. Like when whenever I'm having a little pep talk sometimes you know about like, I need to stop doing certain things like building my own websites or, or doing silly things. You know, I asked myself what Tony Robbins be doing this. And you know, same thing with Bob Proctor. I love Bob Proctor. I remember seeing Bob Proctor 20 some odd years ago back, you know, he came to principios part of size seminars, and I got to meet him in person a couple of times. And he is so inspirational. And I just I love the way that he tells his stories and he just puts things in such common sense that anybody can understand what he's talking about. And so he really just breaks success down and where you want to be just so succinctly and makes it just yeah, it's obvious that it's so obvious that we You can do what we want to do and be what we want to be the way that he explains it. And so I there was just, I mean, I can literally list off 100 people that I consider as a mentor. But yeah, first and foremost, I would say I am a mentor.

Marcy Predmore  50:19  
I love it, I absolutely love it. Because it really goes to show you, you truly have a passion for you, you truly have a passion for growing what that is, and where you want to be in what you want. And so really what I wanted to get across as we begin to close here is just as you know, as we interview people, and I know you do also Victoria on your podcast, we just really want people to understand that these are just nuggets of gold. These are just nuggets. For me ordinary women that have found that truly extraordinary journey. And we just really want to help you get to your extraordinary. And if you just get one little tip or tool from these podcasts, that's the gift. That's the gift to us just to give people that next step, that next encouragement forward. And we all have those mentors, whether it be Tony Robbins, whether it be Bob, whether whatever it may be, just really repeat repetition, repetition, repetition, just enjoying what, what you know, and have and adjust that. And again, I can't stress enough on the hypno cloud app for you all to go download that. But also subscribe to the power of your mind podcast, because I think you will really enjoy some powerful messages from Victoria and the people that she's interviewing, because I know she really has a vast group of people in that industry that are very well known that you might get some tips for. And again, we would love to have you subscribe and share this podcast, ordinary women extraordinary wealth to your group of friends and family that would be a gift to us just to be able to share a message with you on a weekly basis. So we're going to close here, Victoria, and I just want you to as we're talking about nuggets of gold, what nugget Would you like to share with the audience as we close today? What would you like to say to them? 

Victoria Gallagher  52:44  
Well, first of all, thank you so much for this has been such a pleasure to be a guest on on your wonderful podcast. And so I just want to like leave everybody with you know, just re iterating again, the the whole power is, is within you. And that if you have a desire or a dream or a goal in your heart, and as long as it is true to you and who you are, and it is coming from your genuine, authentic self, then that dream that desire, that goal is meant for you. And there are so many tools and techniques that will help to program your mind. Whether it's visualization, whether it's hypnosis, whether it's affirmations, you know, if you can feel it, and you can see it and you can imagine it, then there there is a path for you to get there. It's just going to take programming the power of your subconscious mind. And your when you believe it, you will create the path and the way and the how to get there. You can have anything that you want. And you deserve it. 

Marcy Predmore  54:06  
What a great tip. And you know, we always end with the tip of the week, but I think I'm going to use that as the tip of the week. And and if any of you do want to possibly sign up learn more about what Victoria does. Victoria m Gallagher comm is her website. And I would encourage you, even if you would like just a console, just a mentor to say Where should I head today you might have been that food for thought that you were looking for that might be just what you were looking for today. So I just want to say to everybody, ordinary women extraordinary wealth, we just hope that you have an extraordinary day and realize how extraordinary you truly are. So thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much. And thank you listeners for listening

Janay Harris  55:00  
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