Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 25: Daniel Martinez & Anthony Gaona

July 28, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 25
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 25: Daniel Martinez & Anthony Gaona
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Guest Bio: 

Daniel Martinez
I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people. My dad worked on the roads in the Chicago area for over 30 years. He always taught me to work with my brain, instead of my body. Your body can only take so much abuse. I learned so much from my father. He always pushed me to work smarter and not harder. 

I have owned and operated a trucking business for 2 years. I started learning real estate in 2019. Fell into the Data & Skip tracing business in 2020. My partner Anthony & I started Hivemind in 2021.


Anthony Gaona

I’ve been in digital marketing for almost 15 years. I grew up in construction working for my dad when I was only 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all so a lot of my free time was spent learning how to generate leads. It didn’t take very long for me to master online marketing because I became absolutely obsessed with it. For the last 15 years I’ve been generating construction-based leads. At first, I was running the projects myself. This led to sub-contracting all of the excess projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies. Fell into whole selling for a few years. 

Now we teach land investing and creative financing, and we started our CRM company to help more people.













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I just want to say welcome everybody to ordinary women and extraordinary wealth. You know, I started this podcast because I really wanted people to understand and spotlight their extraordinary. And whether man or woman, if you are an entrepreneur, I hope you're listening today. Because we've got some amazing guests, that might just give you an avenue for an additional stream of income. Or if you're in that industry, it might just pique your interest. So today, we're going to spotlight the extraordinary with Daniel and Anthony. They have hive mind, CRM, and they both have such a great background, because I think they're going to resonate with you. Their background was so similar to mine, I think you're all going to feel the same way that the world would consider their background possibly ordinary. But truly, they have become extraordinary. So Daniel and Anthony, welcome to ordinary women. Extraordinary. Well, thank you for having us. You bet. So I am going to share just a tiny bit about both of you. And then you can kind of help me fill in the blanks. And we have a couple questions that we want to just ask you, just to help the audience understand who and what you are. So Daniel says, I have been an entrepreneur since 2018. I come from a regular home just like most people, my dad, so many of us look to our mom or our dad worked on the roads in Chicago area for over 30 years, he always taught me to work from my brain, love your dad, instead of my body, your body can only take so much use. I learned so much from my dad, he always puts pushed me to work smarter and not harder. Such great words to hear. I've owned and operated trucking business for over two years. And learning real estate in 2019. I fell into the data, skip tracing business, which I'm anxious to hear more about that in 2020, my partner Anthony and I started hive mind in 2021. And then, Anthony, I've been on a digital Mart, I've been a digital marketing for almost 15 years, I grew up in the construction area with my dad, when I and you started out when you were 12 years old. Normally we had a ton of work or no work at all, which is true in the construction world. With free time, our free time was spent learning how to generate leads. It didn't take me very long to master online marketing, because I became absolutely obsessed with it. And I think the audience is really going to enjoy this because online marketing is truly important in the digital world that we live in. At first I was running the projects myself then led to sub contracting on all the excess product projects and eventually wholesaling the leads off to other construction companies. I fell into wholesaling for a few years. Now we teach land investing, creative financing, and we started our CRM company to help more people. And audience, I just want to say, you know the words I'm going to say because if you hear the podcast at all, the more you help other people get what they need and want. The abundance really does flow to all and I think that's what Anthony was saying. So I'm going to start with you, Anthony, just because I love that last sentence. And I want you just to share a little bit about your journey, as we just heard in your bio from then to today in your entrepreneurial journey.

Are we frozen? I froze up for just a second there.

So that's

we're in a digital world remember? Yeah, absolutely.

Yep. So you kind of informed me just take a couple steps back where I've been where I'm headed.

Yeah, yeah. Just Just give us your your overview, not just the bio.

Okay, perfect. Yep. So that's pretty much the basics. I grew up in construction. So hands on kind of guy, I know how to do any kind of remodeling, I can build, you know, these intricate stone showers and I have all this useless technology now inside of my head that I can do with my hands, I can install floors. And you know, I can build a house from the ground up. I still had a, I still actually own a roofing company. I don't I'm not operating it too much anymore. But we were doing Commercial Roofing, like on industrial buildings and shopping centers, that kind of stuff even as late as last year. I own a car dealership as well. And that all that got pushed to the to the backburner. As I started to venture into real estate as somebody does, they get into it, and they fall in love with business. And that's kind of where I am now. So I, I've been in construction, and we're licensed home builder, general contractor, I thought I was going to start flipping houses. And that's not the case at all, by God, I just started doing online lead generation on Google, and on Facebook, and I got some land leads. So I got a 46 acre farm and I got this 20 acre ranch and lo ranchette. And I didn't really well on them, you know, on a couple of deals, now we've made an excess of six figures on just a quick flip with the zero out of pocket. So I followed the path of land because I noticed that people weren't doing those kinds of numbers in houses. So now we've made land our primary focus. And we didn't know what creative financing was, we just kind of were investing with the money we had in our pocket, and the situations and scenarios as they came up. And we ended up doing some creative deals and doing some seller finance deals and these really advanced strategies when we had no clue what we were doing. So that's what we're focusing on now. It was a low volume game, right? finding these leads online, you know, you might only do eight or 10 or 12 deals a year. So we thought the best way that we would scale our efforts is by teaching what we're doing. And teaching the whole United States, right are teaching the whole globe, how to do what we're doing. So instead of us doing 10, or 20 deals a year, and making 100% of it, we said hey, what if we did 1000 deals, and we only made 50% of it, you know, and we taught people how to do what we're doing. So that's what we're in the process of doing right now. So that's really the only reason that we created a digital product, which is our CRM was that so that we can help new people or other people attract their leads, track the marketing efforts to duplicate what we're doing. So that's why we created what we did. And that's why we are where we are today.

That is that's, that's awesome. And again, you said something earlier and a mentor of mine said you go as far as you can see. And once you get there, you can see further and it sounds like that's how hive mind came about as you got as far as you can see, and then soccer there. So thank you for that. I love that quote. Thanks for sharing you that. And Danielle. So let me just ask you I know we just heard from Anthony, I'm going to ask you the same question. But add to that hive mind. How did that come about? on where you are today?

Um, I would say man, it wasn't a necessity of our own business. So Anthony and I we actually met I want to say about two years ago, we actually we bought we A lot of people have been courses are Shams and scams and all this stuff. So we ended up buying a golf course, real estate course at the same time, we both started messing with houses and couldn't get any traction with houses I started doing land x first deal was actually a land parcel in Florida. I've never seen it to this day. So we actually met back then. And then we just kind of kept in touch, be critical, cultivate a friendship out of it. And then it ended up being the missing piece that he needed because him he's just, he's full speed ahead without actually figuring out how the roads gonna get there.

I love it.

So we ended up working together on that part. So a lot of a lot of it is we needed our own business and a way to offer such a good product to other people. It can help in so many other businesses. Like, like not everybody that we work with is in real estate. We work with a variety of different companies. One of our newest users has actually started a surf surfboard shop. So that's one of our newest newest clients. So it's like weird random thing but surfboard surfboard shop is what they're starting to actually opening up tomorrow. A grand opening tomorrow. Oh my gosh, that's awesome. I'm like I'm excited for them, but it's just been a lot of it was we needed supplementation, systemization and automated optimization in our own business. And there was no product out there that had everything all in one. So once we found the product, it was a no brainer to kind of network with essentially the world and bring everybody into the fold to providing a good product at a good price. And of course, bringing your network because your network is your network.

Absolutely. And I truly believe that. And so if somebody were out there looking for you, as you said, as both of you just shared, so tell me what is an ideal client, or is there an ideal client,

any technically anybody that is in business or wants to be in business or has any type of product to sell, just if you're doing any type of marketing, outbound marketing, you want to host a website to sell digital products, if you're doing affiliate marketing, it could be something like that. So it could be from car sales, real estate to the surfboard shop, it really doesn't matter what type of business you're in, like I said, you can do, you can use a lot of different features for your business itself, no matter what your niche shows,

Oh, that is so awesome to know, too, because so many people like hive mind, a lot of people wouldn't know what that is. And even the CRM, a lot of people wouldn't really understand what a CRM is. So again, tell us just a little bit. So line everybody, what is a CRM.

So CRM is a customer relations management tool. So it's a way to their every business should be marketing, if you're not marketing, to get new clients, you're always going to be behind, because you always have to be marketing to get new clients. So what our system does, it combines all of your, all of your efforts in one service. So you need you need a product to bring in your leads, you need a product to cultivate those leads, and then you need a product to get reviews to get more leads. And a result revolves in a big circle like that. So if you have everything all in one system with texting, emailing, calling, or having website hosting all that one product, you can you can coordinate all your different products into one, you can send out a text and an email, follow each other a text and a voicemail following each other on different different products or services that you're offering. Or just just to build that email list of whatever whatever personal product you're trying to sell. So even for podcasting, we have internal calendar. So if you wanted to build out a certain calendar, like I'm only going to do Thursdays, five to 7pm, and they can schedule that appointment, then you can set up automations for that set up for email reminders, what's your your your your podcast is very great with that. So our product, we almost whatever you're using would work the same way.

That that's awesome. And in the digital world that we live in, I would say both of you found a niche that I would say almost every business needs to look at, first of all, to keep score, but second of all, just to get their, their face and their brand out there. Am I correct?

Oh, yes, for sure. And like I said, you have to you have to be marketing, no matter what business you're in, whether you're an agent or a corner store, you have to be marketing in some fashion. So you need you need a way to store and keep up with your clients. And you can you can do that easily with a CRM

example right now you bet like a real real world example right of a CRM because Daniel he is. So what a hive mind is, right? Is this kind of what the picture is back here? Yeah, it's a, it's a connection of two minds coming together as one, right? So Daniel and myself created a hive before the hive mind even came to be so he would be my back end technical support. And I'd be front end sales and marketing. So I would say hey, I need you to run these comps for me, I need you to do this numbers oriented, you know, stuff for me. And he said he'd knock it out in like 30 seconds and like, wow, this guy's fast. So I started leaning on him more. And then he would start he started leaning on me more says, Hey, I have this client key column. And can you do this. And so we just started pushing tasks back and forth to each other. We had no formal partnership, we had anything. So we created the first like part of the hive mind. And we saw like how we could work when you partner up with somebody who knows what they're doing. So me. I got really good at online marketing, but I never tracked anything. I never used the CRM before. Yeah, so I would just like kill whatever was red hot. And that was it. That's like how I've been running my company for the last 10 plus years, is I would just take whatever was right in front of me knock that out and just move to the next one. So if somebody went cold, or somebody was lukewarm like a client, I would just push them to the backburner and probably never follow up again. So I just always stayed in front of hot leads forever. And that's the only way that I've ever operated. So what I've mine has allowed us to do is it allows you to automate a large, large portion of your follow up, you know, reminders, calendars, integration, Facebook Messenger, it just integrates with so many different parts of your business. You know, somebody like myself, who doesn't think in terms of like tech and CRM and automation. It's perfect for me. It's like I don't even know how I was operating without it before. So like you said, anybody in any business, not only in real estate, you can benefit from having a CRM if you're not using one already. It's actually one of our mentors and I met him through Daniel is Daniel Ridge, one of Daniels mentors. He says if you don't have a CRM, he says you don't have a business and We didn't know that, you know, coming into it, we just, we created it for ourselves. We needed it. But yeah, you're absolutely right. Every business needs one.

Absolutely. And thank you for that clarity and explanation. Because truly, you've got to keep score in business. And I think both of you hearing and growing from your dad's tutelage, we all need to, yes, maybe work hard. But we also, in this day and age need to work hard, I need to work smarter. Because it's so important for us to work smarter. But the other thing that I'm learning in the digital world, especially in my business, and private banking concepts business, is people still want to be they want quality, they want you to have a relationship with them. And I think that's what I'm hearing from the two of you. So if somebody were to look into hive mind, I know that there are several different, maybe three categories they can get involved in. But do you actually walk them through? Or do you hold their hand as they get started in this CRM world?

It depends depends on the situation. Like right now we're early on. So we're providing a lot of support and make sure everybody, we want everybody succeed and succeed fast. So like, a lot of, we've had one of our users literally come into our system, within four days, get a deal under contract a real estate deal and close it out within 30 days, which is really the the speed of real estate is really slow. For him to get for him to get a contract and close out in less than 30 days is amazing. And then another one of our users, he's been using our product for about two months. And he's doing high volume, high volume marketing for land in Florida. And we're actually doing an interview with him tomorrow, because he had his first six figure month. Wow. Yeah, another

another cool story. Somebody that came on, she's brand new, she's 24 years old, never been in real estate before she works in a call center. And she got her first deal in under 30 days, and she'll make over 200,000 profit on that deal. Wow. So yeah, we do work with our users, if they plug in if they engage, you know, we're there to work with them. I'm even getting on phone on the phone with people that they find like their sellers and property sellers. Yeah, I'll do the negotiating, I'll come set up a creative strategy. So we are super hands on we so somebody engages, yeah, there's a high likelihood that they're gonna succeed. And then of course, you have the people that sign up, and we just never hear from them. Again, we just we don't know what they're up to. But if somebody plugs in and they get on board, and they come in yet, we have an active mastermind, we're on there seven days a week, and we are working with people with because again, the idea of that, we'd love for him to subscribe to our software and use it. But at the end of the day, we created it so that we can do more joint ventures with people.

I think one of the coolest thing about hive mind too is the network side of itself. Because we're we deal with a lot of business professionals. So people might need a probate attorney, they might need a lawyer so we can reach out to our network to solve and facilitate these problems. So here's another example one of our we saw a problem with language so meaning another thing, he speaks better Spanish than I do, but my Spanish is choppy. But we there's a lot of different languages in the US because because we're a melting pot. So one of our services that we're also trying to integrate in the near future is language assistance. We have a network of over people that speak up to people that there are bilingual trilingual, speak different languages that we're trying to incorporate into our business that are real estate professionals and their own right, whether investors agents, brokerages, or some type of investment professional real estate professional, that we can now cover over over 15 languages. So if somebody has a person that needs to be spoken to in their native tongue, we are able to facilitate that.

Wow. Now to me again, in the niche you're in, that just added just one more layer to that niche. Because again, I think people want to know that you care about them before, they want to know what you're going to offer them. So that's really awesome that you guys took the time to, to even create communication, for creating communication down the road. Well, I think that helps our audience a little bit just to hear and understand where hive mind is. So I want to ask both of you, because we are a podcast that really likes to share an entrepreneurial message. And a lot of people want to know, just like what you shared, where you came from, where you are today, but how you got there. So I have a couple big questions. They're broad, and there is no right or wrong answer. But I want both of you just to answer the first question is, what does wealth mean to you?

I have one, let me break into two parts to make it super quick. Even one is control of your own personal time. So if nobody else owns you do your day to day activities like nobody else gets to dictate what you do with your own personal No time, hopefully you can share that with your family. And on the other side where you create enough abundance in your life, whether physical or non physical, right can be spiritual as well, but that you have enough to share with others so that your cup is overflowing. That's what I think of when I think of wealth. I don't exactly think of like a number in the bank, I think of, Do I have enough to feed the people around me? Have the people around me grow and increase in their life in all aspects? And then do I get to do whatever I want with my free time every day all day? That's what I think that's how I feel wealthy.

Love that. Love that. That's great. Daniel, what about you?

We have the same exact answer. I think I think freedom of time is the most important for me. It doesn't really how many, how many, how many dollars i have in the bank account, if I can control my time where I want to be the freedom to take the day off and go to the park like that's, that's true. I feel like that's true wealth. And a lot of people they might have make it, they might have a high paying job, but they don't have the freedom. They don't have the freedom of this. I don't know I wouldn't get through that. Well, they might have a wealthy bank account. But I wouldn't consider that freedom of

I love that because mine is also freedom to move. So I loved both of those answers. I really did. And I think so many entrepreneurs really need to think about sometimes what does wealth mean to you? Because so many people put money on it. Yes, we need money to make the world go round and to make our businesses strong strength and growth. But we also need to really ingest what it means to us where we want our businesses to go where we want us to go.

You know, I found that internal calm. That's that's another part of it. Like if you feel that that clarity, that internal clarity, I know what I'm going to do next I know where I'm headed to I feel the wealthiest when I'm at the gym on Monday morning at 9:30am. Or I'm on right at the park with my kids riding bikes. That's when it kind of occurs to me like have I think I've mastered this thing we call life. Such a thing.

You know what, and and whether we master it or not, we master it for the day, he gives us the gift of the day. So we get to unwrap it every day. So that's amazing. Yeah, we've mastered the day. That's beautiful. Yeah, that truly as well. I've got the next big question. And this one, again, is super broad. But I feel like entrepreneurs again really need to relate to or feel. Did you go through the same journey they did or me to them whatever that looks like. But what does success mean to each of you?

I will take this one first. I feel like success. And I didn't I realized this literally this week, I feel like success is having the ability to infect other people to do better. So I was I had I had another mastermind call yesterday, I said this on the call was that our first user to have his first six figure month, I'm like, that's just the first like, we're gonna have possibly hundreds or 1000s of those. And next, he's gonna hit the million. And I'm like, that's success, even if it's not my success, that success. Other people seeing other people win and win in their own right profit off of their own efforts off of maybe assisting them in whatever way and knowledge information you provided for them to win. If they win, I feel like that's success.

I gotta say, Daniel, that that touches me because that's it. I I just so believe that. Again, like I stated in the beginning, the more we help other people. That's the excitement for me. And the success is it doesn't it doesn't have to be monetary. It just is seeing someone else achieve a goal or a dream is Wow, amazing. So anyway, Anthony.

Yeah, I think my answer sounds a lot like the first one. I think if a person is successful, not only have they designed a well designed master plan life for themselves, but they get to experience that and share that with others. So I'll tell you just right now on a more micro level, right, because my plans are global. So I don't know if we can go into it on this show, maybe another show here. But like I've managed to have my wife quit her job, my sister quit her job. And I promised my mom This was her last year to work. So it's like when I when you start to see all the people around me starting to have their time freedom as well. It's like whatever I created is spreading. And of course, we want to spread it now globally. And so that's what I felt like success is where you can, like I said, create a well designed life and then also share that with others. Because if you're the only man at the top of the mountain, and you felt like you totally made it like Who did you bring with you? That's I think that's a man's true measure of success.

In You know, it is so true and you can't climb a mountain on your own. Yes, you can. But that's something that I do. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and I couldn't have made the summit. If I didn't have a guide who had already been where I wanted to go But started where I'm starting at the bottom of the hill. So that one is is pretty awesome. Well, thank you for that. And I know those are broad questions, but I really feel like people really need to understand that they're, they're not out there on an island all their own. So the next thing I just want to ask is, in the digital marketing world, if somebody is going to start their business, you know, there are all sorts of different strategies, there's different businesses out there, what draws people, as you shared both of you some amazing testimonies, what drew your clients to you?

I think for one, it's being genuine, I've had more more people than not telling me that, like, Hey, I just, I believe that you're going to tell me what's right or wrong, good or bad. And there's not going to be a filter there. And I really do feel like that, like, if somebody doesn't want to, let's say, purchase our products, or they don't want to sell us their property. Like for me, I harbor no bad feelings one way or the other, like, I truly am there to make sure that the other person gets a great experience. Yeah. And I think you really can't fake that you can't manufacture that, there's nothing you can do to prepare for it. It's just being who you are every day. Yeah. And people see that. So I get into a seller situation, I've had sellers take $30,000 less, right, my offer was $30,000. Less, just because they wanted to do the deal with me, where I've even said, like, Hey, you know what, I'm probably not your guide then. Right? Because I need to be about here. But here's what I would do. If I was you, I'll give you these five, six, you know, pieces of information. And with that going forward, I know that sellers going to be successful in the transaction, whether they go with me or not. And I think people kind of read that and they fill it in, they see it. And I tell people to say hey, look, if you don't get the warm and fuzzies from me, don't send me the property. If you don't, if you don't get the warm and fuzzies don't join the mastermind. And I truly mean it, you know, yeah, I would, I would rather you know, hang out and chat with people and do business with people that I do get those warm and fuzzies from, as opposed to me having to force the situation. So I think just being genuine overall, is probably what makes you easy to do business with and I think people they subconsciously feel for that and look for that.

Absolutely. And again, genuine, I can't stress that enough. In the digital world that we're all moving to one of the things that's been heavy on my heart is just seeing people face to face. I mean, I'm so thankful for technology that the two of you are right here that we're we're getting able to share our businesses, but I miss sometimes the connectivity, and that's why I really feel like if they can just find out who you are. And again, the genuine person that you really are or both of you are in the business. I think that says volumes. Daniel, how about you?

What I'll say is chord and document everything. My side of the business that I do with hive mind is I do a lot of the social media. And a lot of businesses aren't leveraging all the free social platforms out there. Whether it's a Facebook group Facebook page, Instagram, tik tok doesn't really matter. A Twitter if you're not leveraging all the free resources given to you you're missing out. And a lot a lot of people like what are what do I post when you post? Everything you do? If you're out changing the oil on the car, that's that's content? If because when it comes down to it, we're all ordinary people. If you're going to dinner, hey, dinners content, and there's never there's never like, What What is wrong? What is right is content. I literally I made a post yesterday that before we even started a hive mind, we sort of had my end earlier this year. But last year, I made a decision to produce more content. I found a way to get it. And it doesn't take too much by time but it's just producing content. So one of my quotes I'll probably make famous is your your you create your own infamy off the content you produce. And I'm gonna trademark that one. That was a good one. That was a tweet I made. And it wasn't really that infamous now. It's just I'm seeing people that I look up to my mentors. And all they did was create content. It wasn't the content isn't always pretty. It's just content. You can you can always you can always refine and get better later. But if you're always producing content, you can always refine and fix where you messed up and use produce more. So like, with stuff with high BMI, we started our YouTube channel, we have a YouTube channel, the hive mind. I was telling Anthony when we first started this I'm like I would never ever 12 months ago be on a YouTube channel. Like ever. Like I just I never saw myself being that position I never thought would be on podcasts. And now we this is a second one today. So it's just getting out of your comfort zone and there's a quote I always hear is that if you wanted to be, if you always aspired where you wanted To be, you have to become a new person. Because if you were that person now you'd already be there.

And you know, that is so true. And I want to stay on the social media topic just for a minute. But one of the things Daniel, you and I chatted about just a few minutes before we hopped on is, so many people call it failure or success in business. But you know, one of the things that sounds like both of you have done in hive mind and even in your other businesses is, sometimes you have to experience those times that don't seem like a success in the world's eyes, because that's what drew you to the success you are today. And I really feel like social media, even though none of us really liked it, I didn't even think I'd be very good at a podcast as like, Who would want to hear from me. But you know, what, I just kept having that little voice say, you need to just share, you need to share extraordinary and, and that's why we all need to really understand where the digital is coming from. So social media, let's just back up for just a second. So if somebody really needed like with the CRM program, the hive mind program does is that part of what you help people with is their social media, presence platforms, those types of things.

We encourage it because the content you produce. So I like I said, I'll go back to the mastermind I told yesterday, a lot of people are a part of other masterminds that you get to say your piece. So the other mastermind we're a part of is that they, they kind of bring up business problems and business issues, or whether it's hiring, firing, by finding a price point for your products. So we have these discussions all the time. And they mentioned yesterday that was going to this social social media, you can leverage. Mostly, most of these mastermind calls, we do three a week, they're all recorded. So if you can come up and say your piece, you now have content you can reproduce for yourself. Yeah, and you're in front of an audience. So you can you can show your, your that people actually, you actually have something to say and worth listening to because you're in front of an audience. So a lot of people feel they have no value to provide because they don't have an audience. Well, it's as simple as joining a simple place where you're allowed to speak and now you have an audience. Yeah. And you're allowed to use that, that social that social media for your own content. So we did a we did a we did a podcast with a another another person. And he invited us to comment on his live. So it was a simple thing of commenting on a live that he did. And he's doing call outs people to do it lives or Instagram lives. Yes. If you join in and comment with them, they might Hey, Daniel Martinez out there in the crowd, shout out to Daniel Martinez and hivemind boom, that's content, you now have someone who already has an audience in a stage. And you can leverage their audience and their and their and their, that you can leverage them and their audience all at the same time by using that content. So one thing that I've done in the end with the YouTube channel is AYP since April 7, alikat. up yesterday, we posted a video every day since April 7.

Wow. So just like you said, and that's and it's content. It's what people are looking for. Correct? Correct. Yeah. So yeah, go ahead.

I was gonna say a lot. A lot of people though, the day and age we're in now is that people are pivoting from TV to YouTube, like, YouTube personalities are becoming just as more and more profitable than TV personalities, because they can leverage and push an audience. Logan Paul fighting celebrities made $20 million in that fight. And it wasn't nobody wanted. Yeah, so it's the power and ability to drive eyes and traffic and you can monetize that.

I really do love that. And why don't one of you tell me and Daniel, it might be you, but I know you have several outlets. So YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. Where can people find you guys?

Right now we drive everybody to the Facebook group. But we are on Instagram, we are on Tick Tock we are on LinkedIn. We're on every social media platform. We're starting a podcast in July. And we're just trying to we're trying to leverage all the free platforms out there just to get our, our our brand out there because a lot of people they focus on Well, I'm just gonna focus on Instagram or focus on YouTube. Yeah, well, we don't realize is that you can use that same, the same place of end product and other platforms if you if you just put it over there. And it's a simple thing is transferring it uploading it into other other platforms. So you can still leverage and use that same product in other and other systems as well.

And I really think a lot of people don't understand that part of that of your world because Again, they make it harder than it is we all thought maybe we won't be good at a podcast or YouTube or whatever that is. And of course, growing in our business, we had people say, well, in your age group, you really should be LinkedIn or in your age group, you should be, you know, Instagram, those types of things. So I will make sure that we put all of your information in the show notes, because I really want people to be aware of your upcoming podcast, because I think that's going to be a really great niche for not only the real estate business, but again, just what you do with the CRM and helping people keep score and then continue to grow from there.

We'd really appreciate it and I look forward to doing another one of these with you. One thing I wanted to touch on real quick before we leave the social media topic is that I think people get stuck in analysis paralysis by trying to figure it out, like I don't have the perfect lighting, I don't have the perfect scenario. I'm not doing anything extraordinary enough to, you know, warrant me putting this in front of others. And I think that's probably the biggest thing that people miss in social media, is that all your content is your life. That's it. So if you did absolutely nothing extraordinary, and you had a 15 year old kid, follow you around with a cell phone, and just record everything you're doing all day, you can pull out several pieces of content, you know, from that, that information there. So whether you're just going to the gym, whether you're going for a run at the park, and you get inspired and you do a selfie video, and you're completely sweaty, which I've done before, you know, you get that euphoric high, and you're like, Hey, you know what, I have an idea. And here I am with my hair on this and all sweaty and I post this cool video, and a lot of people engage on it. I think stuff like that, that people are missing out on. And I think that's what Daniel has become a master of now is that we just record absolutely everything. And we'll find out that there's these 32nd and one minute snippets all over the place that a person would otherwise miss out on. So I wanted to just, you know, remind people of that is that your social media content is passing you by minute by minute. And as we get closer to our end, right before we go meet our maker, you're losing that, right. And so if you're not recording it, you're not capitalizing on that time, we're not being good stewards of the time. So I encourage everybody yet to whip out that cell phone more often. And just record what you're doing on a day to day basis. And you'd be surprised, I would just use that as your content. Don't worry about any kind of like fancy banners, no kind of captions, nothing, just pull it out people would rather be you know, they would rather follow somebody who they know is genuine. We talked about that. somebody that's real and just you know, gives it to you one cut, as opposed to everything needing to be perfect before you decided to manufacture your content. I don't think anybody wants to do business with a guru. We want to do business with people that we know, like and trust that we think are genuine.

And you know, that is so true. Anthony is and again, I even say it to myself because I do some wives. And I'll think oh gosh, I didn't say it right or didn't come out Ross better. But on the other hand, I get so many comments about people just telling you Hey, thanks for the share today or even the podcast. I mean, I'm not a Dan bungee no or or some of these guys that just can, you know, their verbiage is amazing and how they talk. But what what we're here for is really to help other entrepreneurs step outside their comfort zone. Maybe, yeah, maybe create their own podcast, to launch their businesses or grow their businesses.

Yeah, just create. I think that's kind of what what my goal was when I started getting real heavy on content as I just wanted to inspire somebody else. I said, you know, what, if 1000 people laughed at me, but one got inspired and change their life, then mission accomplished, right? So I'm not too worried about it. So if you go to my YouTube channel, my Anthony guy on a YouTube channel, not the hive mind channel on YouTube, my very first video when I got into real estate, it says, you know, my first 30 days in real estate as a real estate wholesaler. And in my video, I said, You know what, I haven't even gotten a deal yet. I said, so I guess I'm just a wannabe wholesaler right now. But I just wanted to convey to people like hey, I'm brand new, I'm not being fake. And the video quality and the sound quality was probably the have the worst video on YouTube as a sound quality was absolutely terrible. And I tried to convince myself to not upload it because I felt like a doofus, right? I'm like, I don't want to upload people are gonna think I'm an idiot. And I said, You know what, I actually am going to upload it that way people know that I'm not I'm not holding I'm not pulling any punches. And this is everything. And it has tons of likes, tons of comments, everything so yeah, I think just getting that content out there and get over that initial fear and then it just becomes like clockwork.

And you know what, it is so true. And one of the things that my staff and I have done is the first few that we we recorded for the podcast. Oh my gosh, I keep them just for posterity because it's just so funny to see where we started and where we are today but you almost need those. Those boots Cooper's right in front of you, just so you can get to the next step. And I hope the audience hears that, that it doesn't have to be perfect.

I'll tell you another one. And that sound a little, I guess field of energy or field of thought, is a real estate. So we have people you know, that we know, on Facebook, or that we've seen around and they're like, hey, I've been trying to do real estate for four years now. And I suddenly got my first deal. And so you have your people out there that they try to just gather up so much knowledge, so much information, they try to perfect everything, trying to build out the perfect CRM. So they're doing all of this perfecting, but they never take any action. So that's another like, thing that you could kind of, I guess, you know, run into write if you hit that wall. And the analogy that I always use, because I grew up, I was a boxer, and I used to like to fight when I was a kid. So I think I tell everybody, it's kind of real estate, or any kind of business really, is like fighting. It's like, I can explain it to you over and over and over again for years. But there's no way for you to learn until you get punched in the face. I think that's real estate, you know, like, there's no way to do it, you got to go get your hands dirty, go get just throw yourself in the ring and just make something happen. And then you'll learn as you go. And that's the same thing for social media that you can't read enough books to get good at it, you just got to just go for it.

You really do and you have to make those mistakes. And so that brings me to and this one struck me right at the beginning. So our real estate mentor many years ago told us that most people are running around looking for properties. But really, you need to solidify your financing first. So both of you tell us just a little bit about creative financing. What is that? What does that sound like? What does that mean? How can you help in the creative financing arena?

You know, so I'll tell you, we do the exact opposite, right? So we didn't find our initial funding, because when we got into real estate, we were so green and so new. We didn't read any books, no studying or anything. So we came out swinging, right, we went out, we found the deals with the I guess the idea that the buyer would find us if we found a good enough deal. Okay. Right. So we ended up like meeting sellers that needed to sell, they weren't exactly desperate, they didn't need the cash right away. But they didn't they were in a situation that they couldn't otherwise get themselves out of. So we put a deal together where we said, okay, like, what do you what exactly do you need? The sellers? Like, you know, what, if I had $10,000? all my problems go away? Yeah. Okay, so what if I gave you $10,000? down? And then we worked out something on the back end? Is that something you'd be open to? And the people were like, yeah, that totally works. So all we did was go find a new buyer that had $10,000 or more, and then we piece the deal together that way, and then just put ourselves into the deal. And, you know, using that strategy, and like I said, we didn't do it, we didn't learn it from any courses, or any gurus or anything. It's just like, doing enough marketing. These are the situations that we came across, not realizing that this was a very adept strategy. So now people get on our podcasts or on our masterminds. And they say, you know, they're asking us all these questions, and they're really fascinated by it. But we were just so green and so dumb that we didn't know what we were doing, we just kind of put it together that way. And then now we've made that our business model. So instead of using like the birth strategy, or going and applying for credit, somewhere, nobody's ever done that credit before, nobody's ever asked for anything in real estate. Everything has been done through seller financing. So we specifically targeted high volume lead generation in real estate, okay, and we were looking specifically for sellers, who would work with us on a creative level, like doing something like that. So that's kind of what we made our niche, inadvertently. And that's where we've concentrated our efforts, we got really good at it, and we got really creative, we'd learn the game inside and out. So that's what we stuck with, again, not knowing that that was an advanced strategy. We just started there by accident. So we ran with it. And now we want to teach other people that, hey, you can buy real estate, you can make over six figures and not have you know, you can have $0 in the bank and zero credit. And you can still do really, really well if you know how to piece a deal together.

And a lot a lot of the a lot of the creative strategies come out of just just not a necessity. So Anthony didn't mention it. But one of the people that he helped a lot of the people we work with are people that are in dire situations that don't know the way out. So usually we're dealing with death in the family, we're dealing with divorce situations, we're dealing with people live out of the country. So one of the one of the one of the properties Anthony actually got was I think the person the sellers, the seller inherited a house from her mother that passed away but they had just bought the house so now they didn't have equity to sell. And they needed to lose the property because a house and a property can be an anchor as much as a blessing in the wrong situation. Yes. So for that situation, we were able to take control the house leave the mortgage in place, and they didn't get a foreclosure in their house in there and hurt So she inherited the house, and the mortgage stayed in place from the students in the student's name. And now we get to leverage the property turned into an Airbnb, a rental, whatever you want to do or sell it on the open market. So a lot of the people that we do work with are people that they don't know any other way out to, to relieve that pressure from the house.

And you know what, both of you, I love that strategy. Because so many times, especially in our business to in the finance industry, so many times people are so focused on their problem, that they can't see it from the outside. So it almost sounds like between the two of you, you're able to strategize with somebody that seems super dire to them. But yet, you might have a totally different viewpoint and a different strategy for them to get themselves out. To me, that's the gift right there is just helping people when they feel like the walls are moving in, and you're like, Oh, wait, so you have an allergy. Okay,

we deal with a lot of like, we deal with a lot of heirship problems, too. So like, families, they inherit a property and everybody owns 10% of a house between 10 siblings and a cousin. And nobody wants to sell the property because they're not talking to each other. Yeah. So we can come into a situation via a third party and resolve all those issues, or buy interest in a property and then settle with the other with the siblings. So one of our users actually had lunch them last week, he, the the wife, wife had a property that was with her husband, the husband and the left disappeared, like ran away. And histo on the house with with the with the wife, she thought she couldn't sell because he was on the deed, ended up we ended, he ended up buying her percentage of the house. And that was him solving the problem because she thought she, since he didn't know where he was. And he just disappeared and ran away. Hits she couldn't sell the house because he was on the deed. So and she was so she was so focused on the problem that she's like, I can't get out of this house. Yes, he's gone. I don't know where he is, you know. So when you when you can troubleshoot a lot of and this is where stuff with agents as well, agents don't know how to solve these problems. This is where we come in as investors using our knowledge and information that we've acquired from mentors, books, and just knowledge that we've acquired separately from, from our own from our own intuition and search, that we're able to solve these problems that agents can't solve. So agents come to us to solve these problems, because they don't know what to do in most cases.

I mean, that one, I think is so important, especially in the real estate industry. And right now flipping houses, buying houses, everything is so big in that arena. And Daniel, you mentioned earlier, so one of you share with the audience, you're doing an event in August, is that right? So Can people come and be trained with this type of strategy? Good, Anthony.

Yes, absolutely. Yep. So it's August 28, and 29th 2021. Right, it's in Dallas, and we're going to put together a two day event. So it's kind of funny. So if you think of all what the hive mind is, is when two minds come together to form one mind, right. So there's, there's already a hive mind that exists out there. But anytime anybody comes into contact with this hive mind that like the system gets stronger and gets smarter, faster, more intelligent. And what's kind of cool about it is we feel like the hive mind formed itself. So all of our mentors that we've been working with since the beginning, both in the digital product space, and the real estate space in the creative finance space. This, this is the collective intelligence that helped us, you know, get to where we are today, both in real estate and in the software world. And those are going to be the speakers at the event. So we wanted to make it like a private event for for our users just so we can get to know one another better. Because the idea behind the program, right? So that we would all do deals together. Yeah. So we felt like if we spent a few days together and just, you know, build a stronger connection, and you know, you're doing deals with storm, form a stronger bond, that kind of thing. And then we can also hear from all the people that kind of helped put this thing together. But now thinking about it, we think we do want to open it up to the public. So people can come and take a look at it. We do want to talk about creative, which one of my mentors is going to be one of the speakers there. He's the one that helped me put together a lot of these crazy deals that we've done. But yeah, that's exactly what we want to do is for people to come in to be able to take a look at these strategies that are very advanced, and we didn't know that they were, we invite everybody to come out, have a look, take a look at it, get close to it. See if it's something that you feel like you might be able to improve your business or at least take away a few nuggets that you can carry into any other business, whether that's marketing, automation, anything.

I just think, again, I think an event like that would be super successful. So if you guys can get me that in info, I'd like to put that in the show notes. If you do open that up to the public, because I do think that right now, I mean, even in my industry, people are asking me all the time, where can I find other opportunities? I've got sitting money, I've got, you know, a house or I've got whatever that may be. So if you can get me that info for the event, that would be great. And then exactly, the hive is live. So it's like, the hive is live calm. Okay, great.

If you do that the hive is live slash event, if you go to the hive is live.com, there's a button that says, tell us about

great, where we will, we will definitely get that in the show notes. Because again, I can't stress enough, I think I think you'll be extremely successful, you might have to grow your room.

Thank you so much that we were praying for that too. I was gonna tell you too, I think one thing that I'll tell you one thing that I think that we're doing now, like you said that people are looking for other opportunities. So we started in the real estate business as marketers, right have the marketing background. So I got my first contract, and just right over 30 days on sales, like 3540 days in and with no knowledge of real estate at all. So I think anybody can come in even a new person can come into real estate, they can find traction momentum, easily if they start from the standpoint of a marketer. So we usually tend to produce an overabundance of leads. So we're not really looking for opportunities that often, you know, they're coming to us. So if somebody had capital, they wanted to park or something like that, we can help provide those opportunities. But I was gonna say, I think with the wave, right of forbearances, and stuff, they're gonna come due and a lot of other things, people are going to be out of their homes. As a, you know, the rental start to get freed up, people start to lose their homes. So I think opportunity is going to be flooding the streets right now. So you got to know how to capitalize on that opportunity. We've done a lot of stuff inside of the creative area to I felt like I've always been a defender, right? I've always defended kids from bullies and stuff like that. Yeah, I was in my fighting days now, and I always protect the other kids that couldn't otherwise defend themselves from the bullies. And I felt like now today, it's like the banks and it's the, you know, the mortgage companies that are coming around, and they're bullying these people knowing that there's other options, but they're not going to present those to the to the people they want their house back, they want the asset back so that they can resell it and maximize profit, we can come in as a defender with our strategies and whether we file like a tr o or we do something like that, where we come in, we buy more time, we find a you know, different avenue different strategy for that person to be able to to at least recapture some of their equity before having to exit the property. So I think there's a lot of opportunity coming. And I think getting yourself around and positioned for that having a little bit of specialized knowledge is going to be everything you know, for the next probably 24 to 48 months.

Oh wow. And I really do feel the same way. And again, our clientele is constantly asking us about opportunity. So to the audience, I just can't stress enough if you're out there looking for an opportunity for somebody to help you get to the next level. You really should seek out Anthony and Daniel at hive mind and have them help you to create a like mind with them. And you know, guys, this this time went so fast. But I have one last question. And I always end with a tip of the week. And I just want to give people a little bit of condensed nugget to walk away from so I want each of you so for instance my tip of the week for the audience today was what are you willing to give up? To get to the next step? Are you willing to give up the TV Are you willing to give up time are you willing to give up sell something what what are you willing to give up to achieve what it is you're looking for? Can you guys give a tip of the week to our audience

Sure. I go first on this one my tip of the week is if you get knocked down try and get back up and do it again like a lot a lot of people a lot of people they get figured that they might fail the first time and it hurts hurts always hurts does fill your hurts might hurt your pride if I hurt your wallet it might hurt your your your sensibility might hurt your brand it might hurt a lot of different things but if you can get up repeatedly after getting knocked down, nothing can stop you. And everybody in business has been knocked down in some other way they've been hit in the face they've been

cussed at like either it's gonna happen. Get a thick skin and get back up and do it again.

Love it. Great tip. Anthony, how about you?

I wanted to touch yours real quick and then I'll give mine before yours. For giving something up. We always think of giving up coffee or tea or or junk food. But sometimes I think it's giving up a relationship, something that you've been hanging on to or maybe somebody you've been hanging on to that that's no longer serving you, that might be one of the heaviest ones that nobody's paying attention to. That is a big deal. Yes, the first thing that came to mind when you said that, I think mine, the biggest thing that I've done is I stopped setting an alarm clock in mid December of last year. And that's when kind of like hive mind was born and accelerated, right. So we brought it to production, probably a year earlier than we thought we were going to be ready. And that was not a mistake, it's been going very, very well. But my main tip, I think, is to recapture your morning. When you get up on your morning, don't grab your cell phone, don't grab a book, don't grab anything. find someplace quiet to sit, close your eyes and just sit there for as long as possible. I think my sweet spot is somewhere between 10 and 40 minutes, and start there. And if you can kind of like imagine the way that you want your day to happen, I think you will master your day. So I think recapturing your morning is probably the single most valuable thing that I've done for my personal life, my business, my spiritual health, everything recapture your morning.

I love that. I love that. And that's one of the things I do first thing is I read a chapter of a book for 30 days, and I journal and then I really think through what it is that I want to be aware of today. So recapture your morning, I love that that's, that's super important. And I really feel like the audience, you know, can really relate to both of you. Because again, the three of us started out with hard working parents, seeing them go out the door every day. But now we've recreated our entrepreneurial journey with freedom to move freedom to help freedom to be a part of, or partner with other people's businesses. So I just I really can't stress enough how how much that you all need to reach out to hive mind, I think there's like mind there. So if you're interested in that event in August, if you're interested in any of their social outlets, please look at the show notes reach out to them. I think they would both be excited just to hear who you are and, and what your goals, dreams and desires are in that arena. So thank you, Daniel. Thank you, Anthony for being with us today.

Yeah, well, thank you for having us. It went by so fast. I can't believe it's already been almost an hour. Yeah, it was it was an amazing, amazing conversation. So thank you so much for having us. You bet. Man,

I think I've come to a realization that like podcasting, I like having conversations. With the one we had earlier. It was it wasn't what we expect. It wasn't what I expected at least Anthony Anthony for them. But I think having one of our one of our other pilot, we did a podcast last week, I'm always gonna say this, but he says his his thing, his thing that he wants to perfect his his power to communicate. And I thought that was so powerful. And I'm like, communication is such a core thing as a human being that if you have the power to communicate, it's so powerful.

And you know, Daniel, I and I will just follow that up is I really feel that the case is in people want to be communicated with, but people want you to see them. So if I can just last tip of the week, I mean, I'm just thinking of this because you brought it up. But if if we can actually just keep this closed, when we're listening to our clients, hear what they have to say and see what it is we can help them with. I think the abundance would really come back to all of us if we just are aware of what people are needing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And and, and the hive mind, I've really feel like you guys have really honed in on, you know, just the integrity of who you are, but who you are to your audience. So again, success to both of you and I can't learn. I can't wait to learn more. That would be just awesome if we can keep connected. Thank you, Marcy. Thanks for hanging out with us. superbalist. You bet. Thank you guys.

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