Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 26: Kenny Harless

August 25, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 26
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 26: Kenny Harless
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From a small town in West Virginia Dr. Harless moved to a small town in Michigan and created one of the largest Chiropractic Clinics in the world and after 16 years walked away to become a consultant and work when he chooses


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Welcome, everybody. Today, I have an exciting show for you on ordinary women, extraordinary wealth. You know, I share so often why I like to do this show. Because again, so many of us feel like we are ordinary, but truly, we are all extraordinary. And I feel like God wants us to shine our light on that extraordinary. And today, I get to introduce a very dear friend of Geminis. And he really exemplifies exemplifies that extra ordinary. And you're going to find out here in just a minute when I'm talking about. But I really want you all just to if you're driving, if you're just listening, or even if you just need to pause it. And listen later. Today is one of those shows that I want you to start thinking about what you want. And I want you to think it into results, you're going to find out why I just shared that. So today, I get to introduce Dr. Kenny heartless. Again, he is a dear friend of Tim ionize. We have known him for several years now. And we just have a heart connection. His entrepreneurial spirit is so connected to ours, that we have been able to grow together and really create a synergy that has been beyond measure for sure. So here's just a little bit about Dr. Kenny. He's from a small town in West Virginia, and he moved to Michigan. And in Michigan, he created one of the largest chiropractic, chiropractic clinics in the world. And for 16 years, he helped people not only physically, emotionally and mentally with their journeys, he felt like it was time to step away. So he walked away, and became a consultant, which is what he does now. And today, again, I really want you to pay attention and listen to how you can get ahold of him to really make some changes in your life. Some of what he's going to talk about, I've been through personally, and I can give you a first hand account on that. So Dr. Kenny teaches thinking into results, lead the field. And if those are something that you haven't heard of, listen up, you're going to really want to know more. So Dr. Kenny, thank you so much for joining me today. 

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Well, thank you fan, you know, first off, thank you to Tim and yourself and your guys love and guidance. You've helped mentor me and helped me change also my family and give us strategies and tactics that we weren't even didn't even know existed, right? Yeah. And what you have been speaking upon, like thinking in the results is, you know, I find a lot of times I know you've been through this Marcy, we think mental activity is thinking and I always make the joke like but up up up. People like, like in a flat picture flashes right with the people how to take the picture of what they truly want, and create the life they want around it. And so but it is it's shocking, and I was fortunate.

I've always I don't want to say I'm religious, completely spiritual, biblically like the Bible. I read the Bible. I pray don't just read it. I practice it. One of the things that you really hit upon is you're saying realism. repetition is the mother of all earnings. Yes, I listened like I watched the podcast with David Hooper and Tim did the other night already probably isn't five or six times. I go to the range and I hit golf balls and I'm listening and God inspires you know, I've heard people say praying is talking to God. To inspire inspiration or intuitions when God's speaking to you, you have to be ready and open to listen and learn and then apply Most importantly, so, thank you but Yeah, I was gonna say I was 19 and I was still in West Virginia. I was a student didn't really want to help people. I want to be a doctor, but I wasn't one of those. I wasn't into the drug aspect. I haven't had even an aspirin in my body since I was 14 years old. My little girl never had a drug in her body. She's eight and a half almost nine. Okay, not that we're against them. We just tried to live a healthy lifestyle if we need that it's there that's an option for us. And I started getting migraines after an auto accident and I didn't know what to do a Medicare practice six months before that he was trying to get me to look at it and I thought it was just a bunch of quackery and tomfoolery and all this stuff and I literally know what to do and I went into to see this guy because I was being I was getting migraines I couldn't sleep I couldn't function focus my grades suffered. I was being a rear end to be honest with you to my girlfriend and my mom, my dad just everyone because I was so stressed and just you know, you just fall apart when you're not resting. And I don't know what I was going to do. I go into see this guy and and he kind of explained it to me adjusted me and my literally right then and there I just knew. And when I see something and I feel it in my heart, I freakin bolt. I just do it. Yeah, when you've kind of learned that about me and then I go inherit by the couch. My whole family thought I was crazy. Like, you're gonna do what? Like, once you go be a real doctor is kind of what I was hearing your demeanor, like, doctors are just different doctors, you know. So I go to chiropractic college. And it was so funny. I thought I was big stuff. I'm confident human being right. But I was going through 4.0 Marcy, I could already adjust in the first trimester, you have 10. And most people don't know this, but we take 530 hours more than a regular general practitioner doctor in school. I knew

Marcy Predmore  6:51  
it was more but I had no idea it was that much. Yeah, it

Kenny Harless  6:54  
was it was a med school way that I'm so grateful. I mean, what I learned, it's incredible. And but I thought I could do the thing already. And one of my cousins who's like five years older, my big brother on there, forget this. He goes, he goes, his buddy was with us. And we were all partying to be honest with you and undergrad, you know, type thing. And he goes, Yeah, he goes, his buddy was that blew up my back, you know, lay in block today. And I was like, he was like squat tactica so I start talking big doctor talk, right? Kinda like when you guys talk finance systems, people they're like looking at you like you got 12 heads because they don't understand what you're saying. And I go You mean sciatica compression or appeal five dermatome. And he looked at me like I was insane. Yeah, and I couldn't explain right to him what I was doing, who loves and trusts me? And I thought God really hit me between the eyes. And I think it's Romans 12.2 if I remember correctly, those that are humble, or those that are exalted will become humbled and those that are humble become exalted, right and I mean, boom, and thank God don't have to learn hard lesson. So I started focusing on I see a guy reading a book called How to Win Friends influence people. Yeah, I never read a book outside of class in my life like you were to be and I see him read this go What's that about? That's how dense I was. That's how asleep I was but up up up. Totally program right. And so I like a go, what's that about? He was was Sato when, for instance, I was like, and then I next week, I seem reading a book called by Tony Robbins, how to awaken the giant within. Yeah. And so then I found this chiropractic system, how to take a picture and help and relate it to people and what they do. And then it just in I graduated, scared to death, or went to Michigan, five and a half hours from home, I wanted to get out of where I was from. I knew that my environment was going to influence me just like it says in Corinthians in the Bible. So when we talked thinking in the results, I take the spiritual aspect, the Bible, and I related to that, to free a person's mind because I had big hang ups of money. I think I was telling you this. So I go to open this clinic and my dad's like, why don't you come down here and all this stuff. And I told him, I had cast the vision. We were standing out in front of my little strip mall. There wasn't even a startup. I'm crying. My dad, mom's crying. And I said, I'm on 100 people a day get better in his place. And he was like crying is why hope because we can't help you. So I had already burnt those ships. When I got to the island. There was no going back. Yes, I don't believe in plan B's will inspire you and show you the way. But you have to be open to the way. And so I did the thing and I started to open and it went crazy. And I mean, I blew up I was almost 1000 visits a week. And in a matter of four to five years. Wow. We'll get stuck and as you love that book, you squared. Yes. Yes. You know, I see all the time people lose faith. It's like that's why biblically it talks about that like the See I never knew this but the mustard seed is a small seed. If that's the belief, right, and get that belief. It makes the biggest tree.

Marcy Predmore  9:51  

Kenny Harless  9:52  
Yeah. You can't lose faith. You're me like I tell people don't go blind faith. Yeah. Faith, your faith based on understanding Yeah, if we can land a spaceship on the moon and time the landing within a precision of a second, yeah, using these laws, what Can't we do? Right? And so, having said I'm sorry, yeah.

Marcy Predmore  10:12  
Yeah, no, no, no, you, you're just an amazing thought process. And one of the things that you said that, that Bob actually said to directly to me, even though there was 160 people in that room was your environment is you're looking last, James. And one of the things that you said, not that West Virginia or a little town in Michigan isn't a great place to be. But if you want to really create your environment, you really have to manifest that. And some of my favorite words, before I really even got into Procter Gallagher, or just any of Earl Nightingale, any of these things was, whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe. You can bring it into your sphere, your life. And I used to say those words, but I really just said them, I didn't feel them. And now I really feel them whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve. So I love that crucial, though, you have to

Kenny Harless  11:19  
feel it. Yes, there's a mind model I can, that I didn't construct with that kind of put pieces, pieces, pieces of the puzzle together for me. And you know, if you can picture I wish I had a piece of puzzle here because the things just come to me. But like, you know, that little piece right now the 2000 piece, you know, puzzle, that one piece, we don't know what that piece means. And we don't see the connections. And that's what Steve Jobs said, you can never connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards, we can't have faith that they're going to bind together. So God sees your whole picture. Yes. And you don't know what that little piece means. But one thing I have found, in my growth is that when I flip out my parents, that's when I know I'm on the right track. Because God impresses evasion on each of us. That is why we are here. If if he was done with this, we wouldn't be here. And some questions I had to ask myself, I was telling you, I remember the first time that a person went to hand me money in my clinic, it was like they want, I pulled back I felt so weird. And I started to realize, oh my god, this is consciously crazy. And what I started understand is it wasn't my consciousness, that change me in Christ said this also that maybe I got that one Bible verse incorrect. But there's a 12.2 is this he said, be not conformed of this world, but by the renewing of your mind. And what he's saying is you've got to study every day to improve yourself. Are you better today than you were yesterday? And when you do that thing, eventually God is impressing upon you what his desire for you is in the word desire. When you break it down a Latin day means of are from and sire his father. And I sort of asked myself questions like, Well, what does my Heavenly Father want for me? Yeah, what do my parents want? For me? They want the best. Yes. And I want to realize that that's what my heavenly father wanted. And I said, Well, my God, what? I found a book that really led me down this way. It was my favorite of all time, by science science of getting rich by Wallace wattles. Yeah. And if you haven't read it, you need to read. And I've read that book 1000 plus times, I listened to it, I read it, a highlight a beat up, I don't know how many books like Bob does, or thinking, you know, thinking Grow Rich, right? Isn't that great? Yeah. Yes, yeah. And he talks in there about being also you have to believe in higher power. And I think we all do. But the third thing he said is, you have to be grateful for everything. And what he was saying, not just what you have on hand, but you already said it, you have to be able to see it and more importantly, feel it when you can feel it, like Mark 1124 in the Bible whatsoever. He ask, you ask him this in the right in the conscious mind. And then he says, what you asked for believe that's in the subconscious. That's the feeling you're talking about. And our thoughts are pictures that we create, literally change our feeling, and how we feel the vibration of which we feel we feel great, right? Then you're gonna attract equals this is Newtonian law. This is for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. Like, this isn't like a debate of you. And I like this is scientifically proven, right? And once you get your like, I always love studying the Bible, but I love studying science proving the Bible, right. And they're really one of the same thing once the study of the cause, which is the Bible and once the study effect, which is science. Yeah. Yeah. But people don't get that. But when I started looking into it, I realized that the issue of money that was subconscious, yeah, and I didn't finish that point. But you know, think about that you're taught as a child, not to take things from strangers, right? And you're not supposed to take money from family and what Who the heck are you supposed to get money from?

Marcy Predmore  14:57  
Right? That's exactly right. And,

Kenny Harless  14:59  
you know, and here Another one like money doesn't grow where money is the root of what? It's not that it's the garden, the love of money, the Bible says it's love people and use money. Yes. And I started to realize when Wallace wattles when I read that book science getting rich, he was so funny. Marcy, I needed money. Yes. And when I picked that book, it's about 110 pages written in 1902. Yeah, it never said one thing about money. Ever. It was all mindset. Yes. What I realized that if I gave people more value than what they came for, then like you and I aren't getting paid for this, that No, you don't. I mean, we just want to be able to help people, gather some things, get some nuggets, take some things, right. Because what he impresses I didn't finish it is designed to be expressed with vision. People don't see your vision. It's not their vision. And that goes for your family. Right? People don't understand that. It's so they get so well. Who cares what anybody else thinks they're not thinking as Earl Nightingale said, if people had to say what they were thinking they wouldn't be speechless. That's exactly right. That's exactly. mental activity is not that we you know, here's something I remember too when they're talking about you know, I wouldn't get caught up in science because I was raised so in the church, right. I was raised Methodist. I could I tell people just read the freakin Bible. Yes. You didn't know the Bible, like not what somebody's thinking you would have been like, are just regurgitating, like, learn to think for yourself. Right? Yeah. In yourself. Yeah. And I was reading a book and this guy was talking about read proverbs for six months, every day. I didn't know this. But proverbs written by King Solomon, who was anointed by God, right at 12 years of age. God asked him, What do you want? And Solomon always took counsel, and wouldn't immediately answer. Yeah. So he said, the smartest, wisest man ever. He said, I want wisdom to lead my people. In God knows it because you want wisdom and mastering for yourself, I'll make you the wisest, wealthiest man. And he was until he went in, he didn't heed God's advice, and, and then it fell apart on him right. So you cannot do the source. But the funny thing is, when you look at this, if you ask a theologian, what created the universe they say, God, and define God always has always will be cannot be created nor destroyed, evenly present places all time. That means and you and I, right? Yes. So if, before you can speak as it says, In the Bible, what do we have to do? You got to think Yeah, right. Yes. And if we're made in the image of God, what are we designed to do? Yes, yes. So then if you ask the scientists, right, what made the universe they say? energy? And it's the same definition? When you look up the word universe, uni in Latin means one. Inverse his voice, one voice, God's voice? Yes. And the people that are rewarded the most in life, follow what God is designing for them to do? That doesn't mean you're not going to have frustration is mean you're not going to be scared to death. That's all part of your growing How do you build a muscle? Yes, resistance.

Marcy Predmore  18:09  
That's right.

Kenny Harless  18:11  
That's exactly what you got to do with your mind, but people can't see it. It's the inner eye of understanding and they don't it's it's just, it's just not tangible, right. And you have to be able to see the intangible to obtain the tangible. So

Marcy Predmore  18:24  
you know, and and Dr. Kenny, that is just so mean. So many of those things resonated in this morning. I just have it open. So I'm just going to read it really quickly you talked about risk is you do have to have resistance, but one of and I've read this chapter now for 30 days, choose a different set of risks. You squared everybody knows I love my little book, price pressure. I have I have underlined I have dated I every day something comes to mind. So this morning, I've read this now since July the first this particular page, but it says this isn't a case of taking big chances. It's a matter of giving yourself a big chance. Well, if you don't take risk if you don't have some pushback if you don't work your muscles hard if you don't go into business if you don't try business opportunities you're never going to know about the chance that you missed. Absolutely. So I just I mean again that that that little sentence just popped in and and sometimes those things don't make them see read that that's the key. You back and it's repetition, repetition, repetition every day, you're going to read something different. What is Bob say about? um

Kenny Harless  19:52  
he's written thinking in thinking Grow Rich for since 1961 or two. I think

Marcy Predmore  19:57  
that's what I was just gonna say since 1960. So and and every day he reads it, but he always reads or ingest something different. And I was so intrigued by that. The same with you. I mean, whether it be the Bible, whether it be, you know, some of these books, and we'll talk about a few books that you enjoy reading that people can really get into, but thinking into results. So let's start with I've got a couple of big questions that I want to ask you and that I, I just really want people to resonate with you, because you and I have come from the same place. But you now have been given the gift to kind of guide people through their journey in their thinking process. And that's really what Proctor Gallagher Institute we call it PGI, Bob Proctor Sandy Gallagher, Earl Nightingale lead the field, there's so many of them out there. But Dr. Kenny has really kind of taken the torch. And really, he grows himself so we can help grow you through your journey. So I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask you. They're a bit broad, but I think we all think about, let's start with wealth. We all think about wealth. And one of the things you said as a young entrepreneur was, oh, gosh, now I got to take the money. I've got to ask for the money. And so many of us are afraid to take what we're worth. And so Kenny, what does wealth mean to you?

Kenny Harless  21:39  
I learned as King Solomon said in the Bible, that where there is no picture, or image, the vision the people perish? Well, there's a flip side of everything. Yeah. So if there's resistance, there's also growth, right? So if there's an up, there's down and there's an out if it's a little bad, it's a little good. If it's really bad. It's really good. So I had to get myself a picture. I always picture Well, there's five pillars physical, mental, spiritual, social, and financial. Yeah. And, you know, and I know this, if I don't grow me, I will keep it. Right. That's why you see lottery winners, they never grew into that kind of wealth mentality. And it's gone. Yes. So you have to have to have to have to understand who you are. When I started to study me and understand me. That's how I understand other people. And one thing in my consulting i do i never give people answers ever. I never give people answers in my practice. I learned a long time ago, no one knows what's right for you. But you, yes, what a very good mentor will do is they will see things in you and they will ask you questions for you to find yourself

Marcy Predmore  22:46  
help you. Yes.

Kenny Harless  22:48  
Yeah, absolutely. Right. It always remember that in school, like when I would ask a question, if I just tried to give the you know, someone gave me the answer. It was this powerful. Yeah. What I've learned is we look outside of ourselves. Because we've been so conditioned by society to look outside of yourself. You're giving your power away? Yes, the power is already inside of you. Yes. And when you're in resistance with what's inside of you, you get create friction and friction, an engine breaks it down. So I'm constantly trying to work on my physical health, because without a temple, it doesn't matter what kind of wealth I have, right? And I start to realize that the more money the best example I can give this world is to be the best version of myself. Yeah. So if I want to help poverty, I don't focus on poverty, right. I focus on wealth, and creating an abundance of wealth and pictures of wealth in the minds of those people. When I talked to taking care of people, I never focused on a condition. I never told people they had a condition, or that they were this I should like, there is a specific reason why you're going through that thing. Right? And that's what Christ did in Christ. When he found people he never agreed with them. He never said they had leprosy. Yeah, he would see them, he would tell them, then go wash yourself. Right? Like, basically, he's saying, wash away the old thoughts you have be not conformed of the world, but by the renewal of your mind. So I just I work on those pillars is what I always am trying to do. Like, I've learned my little girl. I'm constantly trying to show her. She was two and two and a half, and we were taking some of her toys to a woman and women's and children's shelter. And she's like, why are we doing that daddy? And I said, well, Caden, some little kids do not have toys do plenty. And she goes, kids like toys. And I'm like, no. So she was calling and grabbing toys and taking I mean, I mean, they want to serve, but we have to be an example. And if we don't fix it, they inherit it. That's exactly you know, and I've seen so many people who maybe had some money. Yeah, right. But they men have the mindset. Yep. They were always cheap trying to get cheap trying to do this like that. It's a mind set. Yes. You know, even when people Like I remember when I didn't have anything. I had the belief in myself. Yeah. And my wife would even tell you that she was I love cheese I just saw potential. Yeah, we all have that potential. Right? You can plant flowers or you can plant weeds is what James Allen said when your environment right in his mind and evermore he takes a tool of his thought and shapes as well as he brings 1000 joys or 1000 bills, you think in secret, it comes to pass your environment you're looking glass, right? But people history is a key indicator. Yes. If you read history, it completely it always we know that repeats itself, but people don't study it. And they don't study their own history. Why are you doing what you're doing? Why are you reacting the way you're acting? It's because you got bad pictures. And you were never given a good picture. Right? And so one thing too is you grow and I see this all the time. I'm sure you've seen this the people closest to you fight and resist you the most Oh, right. Yeah, never heard the crabs in the box metaphor.

Marcy Predmore  25:56  
You know, I think I have but share.

Kenny Harless  25:58  
If you say I love metaphors, because metaphors are the portal weighted subconscious mind this is by Christ always use metaphors. Right. And so they're these Dungeness crabs that are huge are like this big. And what happens and this is really funny. I had read this book. Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad, right one out my clinic, right, because I had no business experience. I just went all in. And I remember reading I think it was Sue Lecter was the accountant who, right I don't remember her first name. Sure. electramate. Yeah, it was.

Yes. Anyway, go ahead. I'll think about it. Let me know. So it was really cool, though. So what happened? Sharon? Sharon, thank

you. Yes, you're right. And but what happened, they would catch these Dungeness crabs. And they would have to do two things, they would check the sex. Okay, to make sure they weren't disrupting the Hanky Panky. Right, you would also put them in pairs in the buckets. Now, the interesting thing is the bucket wasn't very deep. It was like this deep. Right. And they didn't cover it. And they would hang it off the edge of the boat or the dock. Yeah. And as soon as one of the crabs would go to expand, to express more to see, seek other opportunity to where you'd go into the ocean where abundance was available to all right. Yes, the other crab would pull it back in again. And I thought how many times his family of friends? Yes. hold us back in? Yes. Right. Yes. And that's why I distanced myself. Yes. And I went away because I knew enough to know that the people around me they lie, it's not that they don't love us, right? Scared, and they've taken risk, and they didn't Well, that's all life is, is risk. We're natural born risk takers, as Bob says, you learn to walk and then what's the next thing then it's jog and then it's climb. And? And what are you having the most fun in life? Yeah, it's when you're doing what? Hitting goals, right? And you freakin doing something new, whether it's going to school or buying that house or that car that whatever it is, right like that. It's not the gaining it's the gaining the understanding as kings on the Bible's that, right? It's not the goal that you have to serve, how many do you have to serve to get the new house, right, or to get the I always loved timepieces and watches. And I remember when I left my clinic, I set a goal of seeing 500 a week, and I was going to go buy any Rolex that I saw. And I loved that I fell in love. Right? And it was a reminder, because I would wear it when I would adjust patients. And every time I saw it, I would go, it would make me would put my picture back in my mind what I was doing, right, and we went to buy that thing. And I remember they told us the price. And my wife was like, well, it's your goal, and you really weren't comfortable with that. So and I tell my clients all the time, if you want that handbag, it's not your stuff, right? or whatever it is, maybe you want to put an addition on your church or you want to go you know, like we do tons of philanthropic like you guys, right? Like we love to give because living is giving Yes, the true meaning of life. Yeah. And that's why Christ is more blessed to give than receive. Yes. And when you give from your heart not trying to gain anything truly giving to someone else. Your life is continuously unless he changes the feeling like you said, and when you change the feeling, you change what comes back to you. And when you come from us or when God when you feel something your heart, you need to act on it. Yes. And you asked one other question I thought earlier about it was about success. Yes, yes. And Earl Nightingale his definition, which I'm sure you love is my favorite. It's a progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. Yes. To keep it simple. is I am I better today than I was yesterday? Yeah.

And people go I don't have time for that. You know, and we were talking about this earlier. Mercy. We can go slightly different directions. But like every morning for 20 years, I've been up usually 430 at the latest 530 in the morning. Yeah, and I study for an hour. Yeah. And people are like I said, if you just drive 40 minutes, 15 minutes a day, and you listen to something instead of the radio. Yeah. Right. Just one hour a week, you know, a day, you're literally gonna have a major, you're gonna have a degree in that within two years, right? And if you just do that every day and you're a little bit more effective and a little more efficient. You were yesterday. Yeah. Eventually that avalanche starts to take loose, right? And you get on top of the avalanche instead of getting crushed by it. Right? You're gonna be either on top or the bottom. Right. You can live by design. Yes, right. Or you can live by default. And I got tired of living by default. And I found the more you dig, the more God blesses you. Yeah, you know, it's, it's so absurd when people said, Why are you ever going to be satisfied? Never. Yeah, I'm eternally grateful. But I'm never going to be satisfied. And I said, This satisfaction is what leads to your growth. That's what God put it in you for? Yeah, right. Like, I don't want to like the whole point. I want to wear this body out my mind out when I leave here. I got tons of stuff to do. And I don't like I'm not leaving anything on the table. Bob said this. When I was the seminar, I need to tell you this, but like I went out in January of 2020. Yeah, my wife and I were to seminar Austin, Texas in 19, October of 19. And I've had a goal I wanted to be for 17 years, I want to be consult, but it was always outside of me. So the biggest things we teach people is how to put themselves in the pedestal their own movie. How do we first class is that a second rate? So it's a huge chapter that we teach in so I go to the seminar, and I got to meet Bob, I was a just a general admission because there aren't any tickets left. But she saw and she's you got a book this thing in October because Bob was 8485. Yes, but she never tells me to travel Marcy. And she knows I love Bob. She loves Bob. So I'm like, I'm going. So I book it. Next day. She's I want to go well, there are no more tickets. So I went and this is October right before this is January 2020. Right before COVID. Right? So I go out there. I land and I'm standing on talking to everybody. And I'm right beside his son. I have no idea. He's Hey, are you going to Proctor I'm gonna lie. I've never been a Los Angeles all over California. neverthele la. And I go I am he goes well, he goes, I'm Brian Proctor, his son and I get to meet wife and Cory, his dad as a chiropractor, which is the mind models created by chiropractor Thurman fleet, right. So I meet Bob, I get a VIP ticket, blah, blah. I'm getting ready to leave that last day. And Sandy Gallagher, his business partner is up there talking about Spanx. Yes. And it's an inspiring story now to get a permit.

Marcy Predmore  32:17  
Yes, it's inspiring. It is.

Kenny Harless  32:18  
And I'm cracking up Marcy. And I'm like, Okay, well, this is cool God, but no, there's a purpose. And I want to ask God always ask God for the purpose. Like, what's the what's my lesson here? Right? If you give the mind direction, it'll always answer. So eventually, I'm leaving. And I go to the airport. I'm late. I'm going up the escalator. And yeah, you have that moment where you just boom. There's those staffers. And these two young girls go, Oh, my God, Kobe Bryant has died. In my heart stuff. I was about 10 miles from where he crashed. Wow, the moment and I graduate high school seniors Coby. Wow, it really hit me hard. I go upstairs. And I'm like listening on CNBC news. Because I'm buying some waters. And they say tonight on the show Shark Tank, the founder of and I swear on my life, as soon as they said the word Spanx. I'm looking at a spank store, I swear to God, so I go home. And I'm telling my wife all this and she's like, I go, I tell her, I didn't tell her at all. I told her I wanted to, like be a consultant. And you know, the cost and all that stuff? what that entails all that stuff, right? So when I'm like, okay, but I didn't tell her when to retire. And I set a goal for five years to retire. Right? And so anytime I set a goal, it usually happens about a 10th of time or less it So sure enough, we had done a lot of things, right? had everything paid for this. And that since learning from you guys have learned a lot about like finances, and you know, money and like things, you know, but if your mind's not open, you're never gonna attain it, you're not ready to see it. Right? So I had all these setbacks. And as I shared with you, I love your title, because setbacks are given to ordinary people to make them an extra ordinary. So my favorite quotes, and so I tell her, I want to do this thing. And I was talking to a guy who had a company, it was really funny. And part of the main was the matrix. Right? And I go upstairs. My wife's watching the ranch out of Colorado, right? supposed to be on Netflix. Yeah. And that goes, Oh, yeah, we're watching some movie called The Matrix. And I'm like, wow. So I set this goal. And then I meet you guys, you know, and you guys show these bags that I seen other things occurring throughout my life. And I'm connecting all these dots in like, I'm watching Tim do a presentation in March. It was no as May. It was the weekend before Mother's Day on a Sunday. I mean, really was yesterday. And, and she and I said we're doing this thing and she was just like, we're doing what I said, Honey, you just trust me. You know me when I see. And she was like, okay, and like, I mean, we literally uprooted our family from Michigan and moved to Florida. You know, in a day in my life as you asked, I mean, Lord, I'm like, I get up usually 430 I study for a solid hour I have a puppy not play with I go I worked out for about 30 Five to 45 to an hour, I go hit golf balls. And I'm listening to things that I do that I've got a voice all kinds of things that I do. And I literally most of my calls are Monday, Tuesday. And then I hop on things like this. And I'm consciously strategizing what people are multimillionaires and billionaires. Right? And I do what I want, when I want, where I want, how and whom with what I want. And if you told me, I could have created something like that, I always wanted that, but I didn't think it was possible. You know, and if you just is King Solomon said in the Bible, those that are diligent in their works, will stand before kings. And if you just keep doing the do, you know, and people want to know what more I hear that all the time I do to your writing. It's false emotion appearing real. We asked them also, you know, smallest physical thing you can think of as a seed, right? That you can physically possibly see. I said, as a seed, say, Oh, you know what, I'm good. I made 10,000 seeds in my life, and I'm not gonna make any more does it ever thought making more seeds? I said, your mind creates has thought? And that thought is designed to make more thoughts is I think it was Buckminster Fuller said, Any man can count the seeds in the apple. But only God can count the apples and the seeds. Yeah. And Luke, I think in the Bible, he talks about that single seed can create 3060 100 fold. And in Deuteronomy 111, it talks about the 1000 fold blessing. Yes. So you never know. And you don't know which one is going to be so you got to keep turning the rocks over. I tell clients all the time, you got to make the picture. What you got to do the work, you got to go out, you got to till the soil. If you just throw seed all over the place, and you have no no point of what you're doing and no plan. Would you leave the house today it is drive, or you have a plan of where you're going? we plan our weddings or vacations. But in our life, yes. If you're not diligent, if you're not a good steward, why would God give you more? Right, right? Just plan your day out the night before?

Marcy Predmore  37:01  
You know what and that I can't say enough about that is if you don't have a plan, if you aren't prepared, then you're really probably not going to be any further than you were yesterday. Or you'd be worse off. I

Kenny Harless  37:19  
think Marcy right. Because if you're not prepared for a blessing that comes, it's a curse. That's what Moses said, I give you a blessing and a curse. Yes. Like when I'm when I first started making money. I always saw myself as a billionaire. Yeah. And like, but then like I told you, I didn't know what to do with it right? 20 years ago, and I'm thinking, well, if I was what I do with it, how would I? How would I use it? How would I help philanthropic? Like I didn't have a plan? Right? Or I didn't freak and habit. couldn't see myself with it? Yes. Like, it's really it's so simple. That's why we miss it.

Marcy Predmore  37:51  
We miss we do miss it. And one of the things again, I'll tell the quick little story. When I we were with Bob, October of 2019. And I was sitting up in the left hand corner. And again, sometimes you feel like you're the only one in the room even though there's 160 other people there, he pulls you in, it's amazing holds you and he he makes you really feel like he's talking to you, just like sometimes in church or wherever you are. But one of the things he said and I swear he looked directly at me and he said, What do you make in a month? Do you want to make that in a year? Well, my first you know, in internally, I'm just like, you can't make what you make in a month in a year or a year a month. But that was my challenge. So we went again in October of 2020. To see him again. And sure enough, that weekend was my turning point. Throughout the year, I have something called voice loop. So I listened to my voice and I listened to my affirmation every day, sometimes 10 times, sometimes 20 times, whatever it takes. And it was that I wanted to make in a month, what I made annually. Sure enough, I closed one of the biggest business deals that I had on the table when I was with Bob and made more that weekend to the day almost a day almost there then, and that was it covered my whole income from the prior year. And so I had to share that with Bob. And then sure enough, I'm at Bob's home. I'm recording a live and Bob pops in and it just was what a blessing but if you don't, but I go back to what you said at the beginning of the call, Kenny is is you have to feel it. You have to feel your annual income To monthly and what are you going to do with it? With my staff two weeks ago, I told them, I want you to take a piece of white paper, blue ink because there's an energy, and I'm going to give you a million dollars. And I want you to spend all of those dollars, all of them the million dollars, and I want you to feel what it's like to be in that new car or new home or whatever that is, but you've already achieved it.

Kenny Harless  40:36  
You know, it's funny you say that, because what people don't realize is money it has is designed to move, right? Like if you guys teach, and it's emotional. You're hoarding it, right? Yeah, you're actually and I tell my little girl time I said canes when you share, she goes, Daddy, everybody is more. Like I do affirmations. I'm a little girl. I say to her, I go, Kate is the greatest amongst you. And she goes servable. And I'll see if you can see it, you go, you can be it. And I say this to her before she goes to bed. I'm constantly putting pictures in what you said in the Bible. Habakkuk 2.2. This is my goal. And it literally says it's a gold card to carry my pocket where they're looking. And it says write it down. Plain and tall. It even though it's tare on tablet for all to see. And targeting is difficult and annoying and time and basically says it will come to right. And it doesn't matter. It's not going to feel real to you first, right? It never does. And I told my little girl I said Kate is when you learn to ride a bike, it was tough at first, right? Yes, it has to be tougher, you won't appreciate it. That's right of ownership is determined by your ownership. If everything comes easy, you'll never appreciate that what you have. It's a law of polarity

Marcy Predmore  41:40  
in this so true if, again, like you had said earlier, as we were talking if you don't put in any motion to it any any energy towards it. You know, right now we're doing the same thing. Because of your guidance, we're really working on some health goals. And one of mine is you know, you get to a certain place in life and weight is just a hard thing. So I've been sharing with people is I do get out every day. And I try and do anywhere from three to eight miles just depends on you know, if I do stairs or backwards, forwards, skip whatever it is I do. But the biggest key for me was you being one of my mentors, and many others that are mentoring me right now is I had to take massive and immediate action. Because you know, what, if you had given me a lesson today, on what to do, and I just sat on the couch and said, Well, this is what he, you know, he told me to think about it and to work on it. And but if I don't go move myself, then I'm going to be on the couch in a year. And I'll be in the same place.

Kenny Harless  42:54  
You know, it's funny, I just took up the sport of golf, Marcy, and I absolutely love it. And I never want to play it because I know me when I go into something all. Yes, I didn't have the time then. And I'm so grateful for people like you guys that have guided and helped me. I mean, like literally and I tell people and I guide people to guys all the time. Yeah. And but it was funny. My dad about 10 years ago shared with me the history of a golf ball. And it's it's a metaphor of life. And what I mean is originally the golf ball was very smooth, and it was round. And it kinda reminds me a life right? You know, like our kids are born, they're perfect and you want to wrap my Bubble Tape and never let them fall and I found that the more they hit the golf ball, the golf balls start to get dimples. And those are experiences those are the trials and tribulations and the stress and the resistance, right. And they found that the more of those dimples that that golf ball had the further and straighter the ball would go. And what I've learned in golf, if I'm out on the course I'm playing with somebody is really exceptional. And you can tell the difference between a pro and someone. And I've learned without is Albert Einstein said he said, If you can't take a concept and teach it to a six year old, you do not understand it yourself. I make things as simple to where a six year old my daughter I teach my daughter the mind mall. She literally knows where the conscious mind is I'm like Caden's if you don't like how you feel, and you're watching TV, what eight issues I change the channel, change the picker. Exactly. And then the change how you feel. And then what is she she totally gets it is so simple. But it's creating the habit. And we're out and he shows me something this guy shows me something who played on the tour. And I couldn't wait to go back and work on it. See, the game is the reward. Yes. It's not where the games won, the games won and your practice and your preparation. And people don't understand that. It took me years to understand that and I'm still just a glimpse of understanding of that. And what I'm trying to say is, even though I couldn't get to the range to practice the thing, I was doing it my mind. Yeah, because your mind is where the game is played. Right? That is the connector to God to your physical being. Yes. When people grasp that the heavens open As above, so is below. Yes. As it is in the How does it? I had a guy say the kingdom of heaven, right? It lives within. Doesn't the kingdom of hell See if you can plant flowers, you can plant weeds. Yes. And as Lao Tzu said, mankind is the same in nature means the mind works the same and somebody is gregarious versus shy. Yes, it's their habits to differ, right? That's it. My dad always said that grew up, he said, poor people have poor ways. And rich people have rich ways, right? And it's so true. And I thought, well, man, I can help a lot more people, the more wealth that I have. But if you and I are confined, but look, if we didn't have wealth, if we have money right now, how in the world we have the computer, how do we have Wi Fi? I mean, think about this one, like people get so negative towards bills, I love bills, that means somebody believes in me to give me the opportunity ahead of time to have electricity, that I didn't pay for that. Yeah, yes, you're gonna be like, and I started to call them blessings instead of so I just changed the feeling I changed the picture in the feeling of what I'm dealing with, right? And my wife said the other day, she's man, we have so many bank accounts. I'm like, that's beautiful. It's called the vacuum law. Yes. The more freakin openings you got, the more you can put in. That's right. Bill Gates has one bank account guys are thinking like, he doesn't go buy a car, he buys the car lot, doesn't buy the land he buys the whole freakin tries to buy the whole farmland the country. Like, I'm not saying he's a good bike, I don't know the guy. But my point is they think totally different. Hey, you gotta if you want more, you got to think differently. That's what all sorts

Marcy Predmore  46:35  
really does, and, and just what you said, but you also have to be prepared. I mean, our families are working on some things that we have to be prepared, you have to know where it is you're stepping into, otherwise, it could, it could flood your boat quickly, if you're not prepared. And I really think that's one of the things that I've loved thinking into results, is it really helps you grow in the moment, but it also helps you be prepared for that growth. Absolutely. For what it is you are experiencing into fruition.

Kenny Harless  47:16  
You know, you just sit there it's kind of funny to Mars late, right. So it hasn't got always pulled us through every situation. Yes, yes, we just have faith and that to know your meat, like you and I were talking before and I know you have a huge goal right now, you know, I've talked a lot I have, compared to what they used to be right just is right. You know, but my point is, is those things didn't happen when we wanted them to happen. Right? It doesn't mean you change the goal. It just means the plan changes, right? So and I started to realize in life that you know, when those things don't happen, God has a bigger plan. There's a reason that a certain thing didn't start yet. Yeah. So and when I give faith that's the gratitude the Wallace wattles was talking about, if you have gratitude unequivocably, I have when I say feeling, I get goosebumps, like my arm hairs. That is where you want to be and stay in. Stay there. You literally they medically notice your frequency changes your thoughts carry frequency. So if you're thinking negatively, you can only attract back to you then it's a mirror. If you're thinking positively, you can read your thoughts travel 980,000 miles faster, mph faster than the speed of light. That's how fast it's freaking are your voice. I mean, it's crazy what God has given, you know, and but we just don't realize that

Marcy Predmore  48:38  
we do not. And you know what, if you're having a really bad day, a lot of times you're creating an even worse day, you're always creating because we are creating that energy. So I love that. Well let me ask we've gotten about I've got two other things that I really want to get out there but Harless success.com if somebody really wanted to, today, something just resonated with them if they want to get with you and talk about thinking into results or lead the field or just even where they are and where they want to go. Is that how they would communicate with you as Harlock Harless success calm?

Kenny Harless  49:16  
You? Absolutely. Then we do like a question and you know, just to find out about them, because this isn't it's for everyone. That doesn't mean everyone's ready for it.

Marcy Predmore  49:23  

Kenny Harless  49:23  
You don't I mean, so I tell people all the time, if you want to go fast and change your life quickly, like this is it and it just like in Bob said to me, which really hit my wife hard. We got to a point our life where we were so comfortable. It was our own prison Marcy. Like everything was paid for we had money in the bank. Yes, we quit living and I remember him saying stop tiptoeing through life trying to make it safely to death. Yes. And that hit me and when I went all in, it's like I said, I was 42 and I literally gave my practice away. My dad thought I was crazy. Yeah. And now he sees how happy I am. I've had God knows how many years of my life. I Do what I like I said, I golf, we I can do golf every day if we wanted to I take my kid to school on a golf cart. I mean, it's you know, but this is for everyone and more. So yes, heartless, success, calm, you can get ahold of us, we do an individual call to see if it's a fit, you know, where they're at what they're looking to do, we do filled as well, which is a way to increase leadership abilities. I do the science of getting rich, also working with laws and other programs that we work with and do too. So. Okay, absolutely.

Marcy Predmore  50:29  
Yeah, so that'd be awesome. So give the audience just as we come to a close today, I know you and I are both we look to people who have been where we are, but achieved, what we are looking to achieve. So is there a couple mentors out there that are really just just really changed your life that you can think of, and possibly a book that you could share that's made really made a huge influence on you. I love Ralph Waldo Emerson, but

Kenny Harless  50:59  
one of my favorite quotes of his each man is my superior and from that I learned and so I've always tried to hold that to my heart. And this what Christ said, Grace monks you serve at all. So you know, here's the thing, too, you can have people that are mentors that aren't even alive. Oh, my God, I go into, I literally ask God, Christ all the time, certain things, but you know, you guys have been huge in our development. You know, I mean, that my favorite book other than the Bible is the science of getting rich. Yes, I love by Wallace wattles that is like, it's super simple. It's written by a pastor. And I just, it really resonated with me. totally changed my practice. When I started to apply. I remember reading it the first time it went right over my head, I read the second time, and I started crying. And I was like, it was so sad. I was like, Oh, my God, is it really that simple. You know, and I'm trying to kind of hedge so many people in my life, my parents, you know, they've been instrumental with work ethic, teaching me how to work out, you know, coaches growing up that push me to do more, you know, it's one thing that I tell my clients, I'm not going to consult you the way you want to be consultant, I'm going to be hard on you, I'm going to make you do things that you don't want to do the pull out, if you knew how to do it, you'd already be doing it. That's right. You know, and I tell people that all the time, it's not designed to be easy. If it's easy, everybody would do it. On your pastor, you know, in my life, who literally was just incredible in two big events, like we had, it took us six years to have a child, you know, because I put so much energy into everything else, and I wasn't doing it. You know, another way it was just we and then bam, then we had two miscarriages. People were like when I said, Look, I said that makes me appreciate my little girl that much more, you know, and so everything is a blessing. If you look for the blessing,

Marcy Predmore  52:50  
yes, yes. Truly, truly is a blessing and a gift for sure. And you have truly been a gift to us today on ordinary women extraordinary wealth, just just sharing your metaphor, sharing your life's journey. And, and really where you've come from what the world would consider ordinary in West Virginia, to where you are today. So I just really want the audience to stop for a minute and really, really think about reaching out to Kenny, and just seeing what that looks like for you. Let him consult and give you an idea of where you can go, or what you can achieve. And again, he's not going to do it for you. That's not part of the game. If you want your physical body to change, you have to work at it. If you want your mental imagery to change, you have to work at it. And that's what I think we tried to share today is just be extraordinary. So I'm just going to give you a really quick tip of the week on finance, because I don't want to overlook that piece. And really, I've been sharing with just on my lives lately, I'm going to do short little clips of some basics of money. But do you know how much you make in a year?

Kenny Harless  54:20  
continually goes up? Exactly. Yeah, but only because I designed it that way. It's funny you asked that Marcy, because when I started I remember in the first year of my practice, I was making more money in a month and my dad made me here. Yes. And that was really so why I'm even bringing that up is because he couldn't understand the moves I was making. Right. And I had a mentor once say to me, he said Kenny, the only difference in your life is going to be is the amount of zeros behind the walls, right?

Marcy Predmore  54:49  
That's exactly it. And the more

Kenny Harless  54:51  
you input, the more you output. So I have set goals 100% for what I want and where I'm going and they can tenuously expand and get bigger. So,

Marcy Predmore  55:03  
absolutely, and they have to expand. And what I want the audience to really understand is, you do have to keep score, you do have to measure things, you have to know what's coming in. And where's it going, you have to be aware of that piece. And I think one of the things that you share it again, earlier, as we were talking is repetition, repetition, repetition, you have to start studying what it is you want. Well, your finances are the same thing. Go out and find a mentor, find somebody who can really take you by the hand and help you through the journey of where you are today. But where you want to go tomorrow? So that's just the tip of the week. Okay, just to let the audience know, is Be mindful. So go ahead, Kenny.

Kenny Harless  55:52  
Really? No, I'm sorry. tithing to Me, too. That was a big one. And I remember, I've always given 10% that's what ties means. I didn't even know what I meant, you know, and, and I heard someone say, look, it's all God's. So wouldn't it make sense to have 90%? Blessed and 100% curse? Right. And my whole goal probably started about seven years ago is to become a reverse tither. So you give away 90% and live on 10th? Yes. And my pastor shared this with me. And he said, there was a guy named Marilyn, who made Maryland cabinets. He's now deceased, from a little town in Adrian Michigan, where I went to church. And he was, he would always tie and people were like, boy, of course, I would always want to have your money. He tied he was I was tithing, making cabinets after work hours in my garage making $4 a week I was giving to God first. Yes. And he said, Well, why? Like he goes, why are you know, he goes, how do you? What do you say he goes, what did you learn from becoming reversed either. And he said, I learned that God shovels always bigger. We've idolized money when we hoard the thing, okay, that's what people are seeing when you're trying to hold and hoard it. And that's your start. If blood flow stops, if nerve flow stops, you die if money stops circulating the economy dogs, right? If you stop thinking, you die, right? If you're not growing, you're dying. So when you start hoarding it, that's the very thing you need to release. Because you're idolizing and the only thing you're to idolize is the power above God or an all around, right. So when you when you're, when you that's what they mean by money is not the root of all evil, right? It's the love of money. Absolutely. When I figured and I got my mind wrapped around, that money just keeps coming in, the more I give, and the more I do good with it. The more God trust me with it, and the more God gives me

Marcy Predmore  57:46  
exactly right. The abundance comes right back at you from abundance, he took abundance and still abundance remained, right? That's exactly. Oh, it was a pleasure. It has been doctor, have you as a guest and just your wisdom has has really resonated with me, and I know it has with the audience. And I just really again, can't stress enough. If you are feeling ordinary out there in the audience, just know that you are extraordinary. And you have people like Kenny or myself that would love to help you on your journey. So I just want to thank you again for being with us. And everybody stay extraordinary.

Janay Harris  58:36  
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