Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 27: Jewel Tankard

September 29, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 27
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 27: Jewel Tankard
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Jewel Tankard, an economist turned financial powerhouse, ​is taking the world by storm. As a serial network marketer, she has grossed over $5 million dollars and empowered over 250K people in her robust organizations. She has created a global reputation for creating multiple 6-7 figure earners with her success strategies. Committed to helping women create wealth, Jewel created the Millionairess Club and the Pink Hard Hat Real Estate Investment Club with over 400 members across 10 countries. The club empowers women to trust their financial gut, improves their confidence, gives them cash creation and wealth growing strategies, and introduces them to modern investment tools. Jewel was thrust into mainstream media as the matriarch of Bravo’s hit reality show Thicker Than Water: The Tankards and is a current star of AT&T’s Chatter, making her a superstar in both the business and entertainment industries. The wife of Gospel Jazz Legend, Ben Tankard, Jewel also pastors The Destiny Center alongside her husband in Murfreesboro, TN, and has 5 children.



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The Blueprint link- www.millionairessexperience.com






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Marcy Predmore  0:59  
Well, I just I'm so excited today, you know, in life, you meet people that touch your heart, you meet people that actually have a mind like yours, but you have a connectivity that you really don't understand. And you know, as Tim and I travel around the world, just teaching and training different people, we get so excited for the people we get to meet and again, there's those jewels that we get to meet and I get the privilege and the joy to introduce you to miss jewel tankard, she has become a dear friend of ours, trains and teaches wealth, prosperity, thinking prosperity. And today I get to introduce her. But first, I just want to say that, as you listen, I just want you to glean some of her energy, she has so much to offer, and so many outlets for you to actually do a little research and say, Hey, that might be for me. So as Joel talks as we share some ways to get ahold of her, I want you to really take a listen and really decide, are you ready to take your Quantum Leap? So Joel, I just want to welcome you to ordinary women. Extraordinary wealth today. I love it. I love the name. First of all, it is everything. I'm all about that. Thanks, Marty so much for having me. And I love getting together with playing with you. We're always doing things that create wealth and empower people. So thanks for having me. Oh, you're so welcome. And that's really what it's all about is connecting with people to help you get where you want to get. And you want to look for those teachers and trainers, which is truly you jewel who have been where you are, but achieved where other people would love to achieve and now they need to have the roadmap to get there.

So yeah, thank you bet betcha. I am going to just share just a little bit because we don't have a long show today. But I want to just tell you just a snippet about jewel and her family. And then we're going to go into a few questions and again, I just really want you to put your ear to the words and maybe go out and take a listen on how you could get involved. So jewel tankard, economist turned financial powerhouse, and that word is truly jewel a powerhouse is taking the world by storm. As a serial network marketer, she's grossed over $5 million and empowered 250,000 people empowered, keep that word in mind. She has created a global reputation for creating six and seven seven figure earners with her success strategies committed to helping women create wealth. Joel created the Millionaire's club, the pink hard hat real estate investment club of over 400 women and 10 countries. The club empowers women to entrust their financial gut. And really I want you all to think about your intuition your gut today. What is your gut telling you as you listen to this story? Joel was thrust into the mainstream media as the matriarch of Bravo's hit reality shows thicker than water, the tankards and is a current star of at&t is chatter, making her a superstar in both the business and the entertainment industries. The wife of gospel jazz Ben tankard, jewel also pastors the destiny center alongside with her husband been in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and has five children, and I'll do a small plug. I subscribe to Ben's YouTube and his morning meditation is wonderful. So I just Gonna put that out there because I it just touches my heart every time I listen to it. So john, just let's let's just jump right in and tell tell everyone out there just a little bit about what were some some missing pieces of the bio How did you get where you are? And how did you get started where What gave you the ideas to get started on what you do with Millionaire? us with the with the real estate clubs with everything?

Jewel Tankard  5:30  
Yeah, so I'm definitely I would say God's grace. God was my dad's hand was on my wife before I knew it was on the violin. He was on my mind. You know, and when I look back at it now, my parents, I'm a fourth generation entrepreneur. And what's my parents grew up downtown Detroit, they were the first African American savvy business outside of Detroit mercy. And they did very well. I mean, we had a lot of the Motown brains come into the record store at that time and sign autographs. And I mean, the Jackson Five where they were still young, a lot. Yeah, Marvin Gaye, I mean, the list goes on. And my parents still have pictures of them up and, and I was a child growing up in there. And I just knew that my parents are kind of cool, but I don't you know, I can't say that I really understood the magnitude of what I was being exposed to. They were like the first, you know, power couple before you knew a power couples word that I saw. Yeah. And so as a result of that I grew up with like, housekeepers and cooks and drivers, and, you know, some of the best private schools, beautiful home in the suburbs of Detroit, in Southfield, Michigan. And then at night to one day, we lost everything. That Marcy, I was devastated. And I was like, I thought we were rich, you know. And I remember asking my mom, and particularly questions like, hey, do we have any money? senese? Do we have any money invested? Do we have anything paid off? Like, how do we go from all of this to none of that, and literally all have our cars repossessed within like six months, I had a Volvo, that they got me to 16 and that went with it. And my dad was very depressed. He was a big personality, big provider. And the city of betrayed and was just used to taking good care of his family. And now he was, you know, busted. And I, my mom's questions to everything that I ask where, you know, when your father thought this, your father said this, your father wanted to do this. And that's when I started to realize Marcy, that my mom did not trust her own financial instincts. Even today, my dad is naturally a very good provider. They own a producer, they own a construction company, the largest one here in the middle Tennessee area, I'm very proud of them. But my dad naturally is a good producer, my mom naturally would have been a very good manager and investor, but she let my dad operate in all three, even though that was not his strength, you know, and, and so I was disappointed, I was angry. And then I started to kind of notice this common thread with women that they really kind of shied back from the economic side of life, leaned into the domestic side, you know, girls grew up hearing, what are you gonna cook tonight? You know, did you sign Little Johnny for soccer? nobody really talks to women about did you do a deal. And so at that point, I, you know, I changed my major economics. I was at the University of Michigan. And I was blessed to have a lot of male mentors that I sought after and gold and silver and oil and real estate, and they were all men. And I'd be like, we're the women, you know. And so that's what made me want to start the Millionaire's club where I empower women all over the world to basically trust our own financial instinct. That doesn't mean you're going to do everything that I do. But I want you to learn to listen to that little voice the same girl, make this move. Respect your right to think

Marcy Predmore  9:02  
respect your right to think I absolutely love that. That's absolutely right. And have courage in your own heart to take that next step. Don't Don't wait for someone to create it for you.

Jewel Tankard  9:17  
Yeah, that part is huge. And now,

Marcy Predmore  9:19  
you bet you bet. Well, and and I know you've got an event coming up. Tim and I were honored to be at one of your events in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a few months ago, and I know you have another big event coming up. So how can people go find out a little bit more attendance or just even information? How can they reach out research it?

Jewel Tankard  9:44  
Yeah, so everything is on jewel tankard calm. So all the millionaire giveaways that I do are on there and the club is on there. Anything that I do is on the website. So yeah, for them to check it out.

Marcy Predmore  9:57  
You bet. So jewel tankard.com jewel also has the jewel tankard show podcast, which again I highly recommend and I also know that all of your social medias medias are all jewel tankard cracked so if anybody wants to find you on tik tok or Facebook, Instagram any of those they could find you at jewel tankard, correct Yeah,

Jewel Tankard  10:21  
exactly, yeah.

Marcy Predmore  10:24  
Well, so the Millionaire's club is certainly something that I think you all should at least take a look at. And again, jewel is also heavily involved in cryptocurrency and you know, I'm going to go ahead and get your book because I don't know much but it sounds like your basics would just help people to understand the buzz of what's going on in the crypto world these days.

Jewel Tankard  10:50  
Yeah, no, definitely. Well, I do this book called crypto for beginners because crypto can be very intimidating. And you know, you can just kind of end up saying it's another one of those things, but I definitely believe it's the future of money. Bitcoin billionaire by the name of Michael Saylor, I've met with a group of s&p 500 companies and February and basically said Hey, guys, I recommend you start moving a lot of your capital into bitcoin because the purchasing power of the dollar is going to diminish greatly. Um, every time the feds print more money anytime there's an endless supply of something then you know, it drives down the value with Bitcoin is only 21 billion and after 21 million and after that they're gone. So Bitcoin right now people can use Bitcoin to buy real estate to buy vehicles, to go to Starbucks, buy coffee, you can go use Bitcoin to, you know, buy supplies at Home Depot, I definitely think it's the future of money. And so we I teach people in ebook like to beginners because I want everybody to understand the fundamentals of it. And I really want everybody to get involved even if it's not on a broad scale. I want them to get involved with the lease owning Bitcoin code accumulating it consistently. Even now you can if you have a million dollars with a Bitcoin Murthy, you can actually leverage it. And they'll automatically give you 50% of whatever total value of Bitcoin that you have in cash. So if I say hey, here's a million dollars, they'll say here, here's a half a million dollars cash, so let's call it decentralized. Thank you. Okay, that's happening right now.

Marcy Predmore  12:33  
Oh my gosh, that is incredible. And And again, if they want to get it, if you want to get ahold of Joel to find out just a little bit more, reach out for sure. And definitely I'll get the book because I think I need to. Um, so as we talk about wealth as we talk about the journeys that you and I have been on having it, lost it, starting over and really recreating you, I have a few questions jewel that I like to just found the show with, and that is, what does wealth mean to you.

Jewel Tankard  13:07  
So, you know, I think especially now Marcy, in the middle of, you know, everything going on in the world, whether it's you know, 19, or the various you know, health care, I think for so many reasons, people need to be wealthy, they need to be wealthy, just to be healthy, you know, the supplements that it costs for my family and I, you know, every month is probably about $1,000, in supplements, you know, and then we have a nurse that comes over every month to give us all you know, IV therapy with the Myers cocktail, the Z d, the C was it was quality is options. It's, you know, being able to choose between a Piggly Wiggly and a wholefoods and it needs to be Whole Foods every time, okay? So that you can buy organic food, you know, it's the difference between sending your child to the wisdom rice plant for the farmer, or sending them abroad to University of Scotland to learn languages, or about artificial intelligence and stem cell. So everything you know, I think is lean back to money. And we are now in a decade where people are going to have to be thought minded. That means that you're gonna have to learn how to think it's not so much labor minded. All the labor jobs are being wiped out, you go in the airport, and you have kiosks to check in. You can check in on your app, everything is going digital. So wealth really puts you in a position to be able to educate yourself, educate the people that you love, and then also be able to take care of them. There's a scripture in the Bible that talks about wealth as a defense and actually insulates you and insulates you and protects you. From everything from your house, your education, to your ability to be able to rest in about two hours. I'm going to be getting a two hour deep tissue massage She comes over every week, I live a fast paced life. And so my, my self care is also very strong, that's very important to me, I don't want to look like the amount of hours that I work and so I have to take care of myself. So, you know, I want everybody to know that wealth is available to them, and they need it because your overall quality of life is going to be impacted. It's much bigger than a nice bag, or a nice pair of shoes or clothes. And that's nice too. But your quality literally,

Marcy Predmore  15:29  
you bet and, and really, that is quality opportunity. It gives you freedoms to, to work towards your health. And again, wealth is it's not greed, it's just, it's really just building a stronger foundation is probably a good way to put it also. So that's awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your, your bird's eye view of what you feel as well. Second question, what does success mean to you,

Jewel Tankard  16:01  
um, success is allowing your potential to be challenged, allowing yourself to evolve and to change, you know, because we've all seen, you know, the corner store where, you know, the grandma and grandpa opened it, you know, 20 years ago, and now it's close. Because they didn't change. They didn't pivot, they didn't shift. They didn't keep learning, they didn't keep asking questions. So I really think success is about the habits that we have every day it's not just an event. It's not just a car it's not just a mansion or a pin house. Those are nice I like that I have that. But it's also making sure that my daily habits are in line with my bigger goals so that I can not just change my life but literally how many lives of people can I change this year and last couple of years, you'll take your foundation is giving away cars we're going to do it again this year. So how many people's lives can you impact you know?

Marcy Predmore  16:56  
Yes, absolutely. And you know what, you just hit on something that is so near and dear to my heart but a friend of mine years ago, said in a in a meeting one time if you're not growing, you're dying. And at first I thought I've always been a fast mover also and I it didn't quite connect with me but now I understand exactly what he's saying. And I I feel like that's what you're saying is you constantly have to be working on you. Because if you don't put your own oxygen mask on first, you're no help to anyone else. So to that question, jewel, what does a day in your life look like?

Jewel Tankard  17:42  
It starts off every morning, I get my eyes on the scriptures. Not just memorize it, not just say it but I try to put my eyes on the Scripture. Yeah, whatever scriptures there are that I feel like holy spirit is leading me to that day. Because if I get into my eyes and I get it out of my mouth, and I get it in my ears, I'm going to be calm I'm going to manifest and I don't really listen to the news I depend on there some people on our team that kind of keeps me abreast I'm on purpose thing disconnected to a degree. Because I know whatever I keep hearing is going to impact the way that I think what I believe. You know, there's another scripture in the Bible that talks about the disciples not being able to perform the same miracles of Jesus because of their unbelief. And so I protect my ears because I want to make sure that I'm believing big I'm believing strong and I'm believing for the best so I kind of insulate myself that way in the mornings, and then I write out with my goals I read I'm beautiful and vibrant, I'm strong, I'm energetic, my seminar is thriving, then I feel great emotionally mentally and so I work on my mental and my emotional my physical and my financial I started drinking a lot of water I've got my alkaline water here is my bestie every day I drink a lot of water and then I'm off to the races. I usually start with zoom and I probably do quite a few zooms a day a lot of conflict resolution. Some days I don't have as much conflict resolution and I appreciate that some days Yeah, I know right? There's some days are managing other people's emotions and just make sure their mind when I say emotionally intelligent and I look at the big picture and not get caught in you know, small matters and majoring minor things but keeping the major on the major and just revisiting my vision. And so pretty. From the time that My day starts I'm usually talking to someone. Even when I'm at the salon, I'm on the phone. I greet everyone I'm gracious. I'm usually talking to someone until I get ready to start unplugging at night. I'm posting social media or something I'm posting content on social media. A lot of the content that I make for social media also turn around and make ads for that as well. I get with my staff, I check the analytics to see how those ads are doing. Sometimes we'll do a repost and run it for another 30 days, if it's doing good, if it hasn't done some good, we'll take it down and create some more content and put it up. I check in with my children. They're all adults now. So that's fine. So we have a family chat, where I used to, you know, remind them to feel in control of their life. They're in control of what they think. And so I do a lot of that every day with them. And I don't talk to all five of them every day, one of them still lives with us. I probably I tried to talk to you know, I've tried to make my rounds I'm a doctor today and then the next day, they will let me get the other two or I asked my husband Hey, did you talk to Mike and he'll be like, No, you need to talk to them today. I will check the other one. This one may have something going on and I'm like okay, it's funny how she handled this you haven't heard that. So we've seen parent depending on what's going on. Yeah, and check it with the Ministry we have a thriving church here destiny center that I'm in love with I'm in love with the people and check in with those leaders and you know, making sure that we're staying on track and growing our digital footprint. Right now we're working on Wednesday nights wanting to increase our footprint there and want to see our our engagement increase and get to win Sunday's Um, and so yeah, so all day it's either ministry business checking investments today, I bought another NFT that came out through crypto with Simone Biles, I bought it for $29 is probably going to be worth six figures soon. So yeah, that's it, and then I come down, then I come down about 10 or 11 o'clock at night. And then and I'll say, Okay, what time are we gonna kind of cut off here? And then we'll watch Netflix and act like we're normal.

Marcy Predmore  22:05  
And I can attest to that. When we talk to jewel, a lot of times she'll say, can you talk at nine year time, which is 11 her time

Unknown Speaker  22:14  
so it's like,

Marcy Predmore  22:16  
she's still going. Now that's not me. I love to go but not not like that. So I just kudos to you. But one of the things that you said that I just loved was you like to revisit your vision you like to get refocused on your vision. So one of the things that, you know, as I heard you teach when we were in Tennessee, and as I study and learn and read every day is you have to really feel the emotion of what it is you want. So you need to revisit your vision every day. Speak it out loud, feel it, believe that you're in it now. So I heard you say that, and it just touched me because that's what I wrote out this morning was the emotion to the goal or to the vision. Yeah,

Jewel Tankard  23:09  
yeah. Now that's good Murthy. It's good. It's important. Because you know, your vision can be so big, but then you forget, you can forget parts of it, you know, but if I keep it before me, and I'm sending it out every day, I'm calling them the resources, the staff, all the parts and pieces that I need. Next thing I'm now starting manifesting a bit here manifesting a bit there, you're always going to be able to find my team to do these lavish vacations or we're doing it tomorrow, we're going to actually our place in Detroit. And I've already made dinner reservations. As soon as we get off the plane. We're going straight to the spa. And then I just planned what else we're going to the Motown museum one day. Oh, yeah. So I've always wanted to love on people like that, that have helped to support my vision. But I manifested it, I wasn't doing this 15 years ago, you know, to grow into this.

Marcy Predmore  24:05  
Right. And you know, as we talked about growing into, and as you talked about mentoring, and just loving your children in the journey today, helping them to get where you where they want to get tomorrow, where you hope they get tomorrow. Let's talk a little bit about mentors. So do you have any buddy significant Dead or Alive book? Do you have anybody who's really been significant in getting you where you are today? Yeah, definitely.

Jewel Tankard  24:39  
My parents. I'm very grateful for them. They're still pushing today. I'm like my dad, he's a futurist. And my mom is his number one cheerleader. I'm that for my husband. My husband has had a tremendous impact on my faith. Not just spiritually, but even believing big. Kim Kiyosaki who was Far away and in two or three years and then we met we spoke at an event. And I was like Ronnie Genova Chow

and we just totally connected we talked on that day and I called her a few times she didn't answer I was like, that's okay. You You just don't know we're gonna be besties and now Kim and I have done quite a few things together. She's writing the foreword of my book coming out in October and, and she's flown to Detroit, then on my show. She's, you know, just, you know, you know, all of that she, she's doing amazing, amazing things. I'm really proud of her and saw her and Robert have become dear friends of mine indefinite mentors.

Marcy Predmore  25:47  
Oh my gosh, that that is just such a great story. Because their story is great. Her story is is very wonderful, too. So if you haven't heard about Kim Kiyosaki, you definitely need to research her just a little bit, they have an amazing journey. That's awesome. That is so awesome. And I know that, you know, with mentors, you and I both I know you are a mentor to many, and especially at your destiny center. So you know, when you need to shine Christ's light through you. How, how does that work in your life? I mean, I can tell that's a big passion that you have. So how does that work? Do you have mentors there? Or do you continue to be the mentor?

Jewel Tankard  26:35  
Yeah, um, yeah, so we have I mean, I feel like I can learn from everybody. Um, I won't say anybody. But there are a lot of people that I can learn from, not necessarily because they have more money than me. But there may be a certain amount of empathy that they show that I admire, or maybe they're extraordinarily quiet, or they're extraordinarily giving or extraordinarily kind or supportive. So they'll were a mentor to a lot of people in our ministry, there are a lot of people that I admire in our ministry that I've grown from. So I think that, you know, the teacher always has to remain the student, I'm not big on titles, I just, I'm hungry, I'm hungry for more God, and I'm hungry to grow. And whoever can help me get there, you know, rather than have whatever, you know, doesn't mean I'll take financial advice from everyone. But I can definitely grow there some key people that God has sent in our lives at the ministry that I'm able to glean from for sure.

Marcy Predmore  27:33  
Oh, gosh, and you know that that's so important to and your ministry is really your journey, the more I learned about you guys have never been to the destiny center, I hope that we get to come and, and visit one day, I would love that. Because that would touch my heart tremendously. But the journey of just really, like you said, you have to be constantly learning, you have to be constantly growing you whether it be in your faith, your spiritual walk in your financial, entrepreneurial, walk, whatever that looks like, you just really need to grab ahold of that. And sometimes you do have to reevaluate, you do have to say, am I where I want to be? I know you had rooms full of a room full of women when we were down in Tennessee, and we talked to so many of them. And so many of them are so hungry, for, for the message for the message of, you know, I just want to get to that, that next step. And it just touches my heart when I get to hear that because in the world with the negative energy at times pushing in, it's such a joy to be in a room full of people who want to grow and you being that light at the front of the room was just, it was a blessing to us for sure,

Jewel Tankard  28:53  
man. Wow, I love talking to you guys there. I've learned a lot from you and Tim as well.

Marcy Predmore  28:59  
Well, we just we just so appreciate. And I know, I know, you're you're a little bit short on time. So last question I want to ask, and I asked it a lot of times that I usually have an answer, but I want you to give the answer because you've got some real resources. And again, with your growing knowledge, can you give the audience a tip of the week, just something that they could grab ahold of, practically, to take the next step?

Jewel Tankard  29:30  
Yeah, I would say you know, remember, no matter how much money you got ever accumulated or have that people won't remember how much money you have, they're gonna remember how you treat it though. And so just remain a nice person and stay hungry to grow. You know, even if you say I'm a millionaire now. Wow. You know, just because you're a man And Eric is a name that maybe God wants to take you to town. Maybe he wants to take you to 20. Maybe he wants to say, you know, 100. So don't allow where you are now, even if it's good to make you complacent.

Marcy Predmore  30:11  
I really love that too, because complacency Can, can definitely get in your way. And you know, Joel, I again, just want to thank you so much for taking the time to come and just hear so we could hear your ordinary story too extraordinary. And your family story with your parents growing up and your family today. It's truly extraordinary. So I just look forward to our next visit. And you and your family have an extraordinary week ahead.

Jewel Tankard  30:47  
Thank you. And thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. It's been fun. You are so

Marcy Predmore  30:53  

Janay Harris  30:56  
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