Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 35: Tonya Hofmann

November 24, 2021 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 1 Episode 35
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 35: Tonya Hofmann
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In this episode: Tonya Hofmann

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CEO & Co-Founder of BeeKonnected 
 Former CEO and Founder of the Public Speakers Association 
 8 Time Best Selling Author 
 5 Times on the Front of National to International Magazines 
 Sought After Global Speaker 
 Winner of Yearly International and National Organization Awards


Business: BeeKonnected


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Marcy Predmore  0:59  
Welcome, everybody to ordinary women, extraordinary wealth, I absolutely have enjoyed my podcast so much, because I get to bring on so many new people. But today, I get to bring on a friend who I have known for many years. And she really, she pushes me, she helps me to be a better me when it comes to being in front of the room, you'll learn a little bit about that in just a minute. She has made a shift in her entrepreneurial career, which is super exciting. So I'm really excited to maybe bring you a tool for your tool belt in your entrepreneurial connections. And with ordinary women extraordinary wealth, again, I just really like to shine the light on extraordinary. And Tanya happens to be that extraordinary. So today, I get the honor of introducing Tonya Hoffman, my friend for many years through the speaking engagements.

Tonya Hofmann  2:05  
Welcome, Tanya. Hello, everyone. That's obviously watching knows how amazing you are. So it's always a pleasure to be gone.

Marcy Predmore  2:12  
Oh, well, thank you very much. And you again, you really help us shine from the front of the room. You know, when I first met Tanya, it was a speaking engagement. And I didn't think I was really that afraid to speak. But she really helped me to understand how important it is to be in front of the room and to share your story and to share what you have to offer. So thank you for that Tanya.

Tonya Hofmann  2:38  
Absolutely is like, you know, people would miss out on how amazing you are, if you didn't weren't in front of them. So I was like you got to get out there.

Marcy Predmore  2:44  
That's exactly right. And you have to have courage to do it. So today, I get the privilege of just sharing just a little bit. And then we're going to have Tanya kind of fill in the blanks. But Tanya has been involved with the speaking world for many years, and just really promoting herself and other people. But she really had a heart for connection. And she is probably one of the best connectors I have ever been involved with. She knows people globally. She knows how to connect you, she really gives you She totally urges you towards that connection. So her business right now that she has been diligently working on for Tanya the last three months, right before the pandemic right before the pandemic. So be connected.com be connected is the name of her business. And she has, again has had this vision for as long as I've known her in the speaking world. And so I'm really encouraged. I'm excited for you all to hear just a little bit more about be connected. But Tonya is the CEO and co founder of be connected. She was the former CEO and founder of public speakers Association, which is where we got connected. She's an eight time best selling author. We'll let her tell us a little bit about her books eight times on the front of national to international magazines. She is truly a sought after global speaker and winner of yearly international and national organization Awards. She actually has flown to Europe. She's been to a lot of places where she's been recognized for her speaking. So Tanya, tell us just a little bit about how you got to where you are today.

Tonya Hofmann  4:41  
Well, I think a lot of people's you know, it's that journey that you're like, I have no idea how I got here, you know, a lot of times is you know, you take a path and you're like wow, I didn't know I could do that. Oh, I didn't know that person would lead me down this path. You know if you had told me what as an introvert extremely introverted kid that someday be a public speaker and running a global, you know, network of incredible people, I'll be like, whatever.

Marcy Predmore  5:11  
You know what, and one of the reasons again, you already know this ordinary women extraordinary wealth was created is I thought I was also kind of that wallflower, just kind of visual, you know, got to look from the inside out at people that were really moving and shaken. But the more you and I have gotten to know each other, you truly know how to move and shake and help people get to where they need to get. So that's been exciting. So let's talk about before we get into some of my questions, so let's talk about be connected. And and really, I know you have been double timing it behind the scenes. Yes, we've had a pandemic, but you have really built out the platform. So let's just talk a little bit about be connected how people can get connected with your platform.

Tonya Hofmann  6:01  
Absolutely. It's an interesting, you know, kind of dilemma, I always found myself in because I own multiple business, networking group organizations, I own the public speakers Association. And every time I'm like, there's these amazing people that I know, that can truly change people's lives. But how sad those people will never know them. So they can't change their lives. I was like, We got to fix this. And so I got into otter rhythms and artificial intelligence, we hang out with a lot of geeks. And suddenly I realized, oh my gosh, it's kind of like dating software, right? match.com, those kind of things that they put people together for love, I was like, we should be able to put people together for business, right? And so be connected was created right before the pandemic. And then we kept going, you know, what more? What more? How can we get people out there. And so all the other organizations that I've ever created, I just take out what I don't like about that industry. And I put all the stuff in the love. And so there was a couple of really big things about social media. One of them is I did not like how they were selling everybody's data to advertisers and spammers that then suddenly were clogging up my threads clogging up my videos. I'm so done with that, right? And I was like, Okay, well, what if we just went off of the that kind of path and instead, reward the influencers and people, amazing as yourself, Marcy, how do we benefit you, instead of benefiting some advertisers. So we went that direction, which has been amazing. And then also, the whole get away from the spam and the trolls. They're just out of control. So people love it's a safe environment for them to get down and do business with really like minded people that are also there to do business and help and collaborate and connect with each other. So it's been really awesome, especially with the new live in the hive, which is our new live broadcasting live shows, and group formation. So people are just like, oh my gosh, cuz I can't believe how many you might have found this. Marcy, how many people have lost their groups on Facebook? Because someone posted something that Facebook, they're even know why they were kicked off a lot of times. So like, yeah, that's not gonna happen here. It be connected.

Marcy Predmore  8:20  
Yes, absolutely. We have several friends who same thing. They don't even know for sure what how they got kicked off, but their group pages down. So yes, we definitely need a safe haven for that for sure. And not be censored in our businesses, because our businesses, our businesses, it doesn't have to be political, but definitely get our businesses out there.

Tonya Hofmann  8:42  
And I was always irritating, right when you tried to post something and you wanted to use the word free and they wouldn't let you and I'm like, I want to say

Marcy Predmore  8:51  
that's part of what I do. But yeah, I I'm super excited to I'm pretty green at be connected. But Tanya and her team have really been helping my team to get up and running on some live shows. And, and I am really excited about that. Because I didn't get involved with clubhouse. I did tic toc for about that long, I realized it's just not my demographic. It's it just wasn't a good synergistic fit for me. So one of the things that I love about be connected is, again, Tanya, our background of entrepreneurs, I feel like that entrepreneurs really need to space and I think LinkedIn is great to a point. But I think we really need a little bit more of the connection energy, not just the advertising energy.

Tonya Hofmann  9:46  
Exactly. And if you look at you know, a lot of these platforms have moved away from entrepreneurs completely. I mean, LinkedIn is a perfect example. Once Microsoft bought them. Now it's just really designed for employees finding jobs. And now the spammers have like taken over, I can't even go on there anymore. Without, hey, you need you need to hire me for your website is ugly, you need to hire me. I'm like, Oh my gosh, how rude.

Marcy Predmore  10:14  
I have what you want. Give me 30 minutes of your time. Yes. So

Tonya Hofmann  10:17  
we just got connected. So I want you to buy from me, I

Marcy Predmore  10:21  
don't know, you don't know anything about you? Well, I am super excited about be connected and really the the hours and the teamwork that you've put in. And I've gotten several connections. So you know, I really just want to get focused on that connectivity in my entrepreneur space. But I just really wanted you to just help people to understand that it is tell us a little bit about the software. So it was basically based on, like you said, speed dating, but but in the business world, right.

Tonya Hofmann  10:55  
Right, in a safe environment. So everyone's kind of like a dating software. So you can see somebody and you're like, oh, I want to connect with them, but they can see you and decide, do they want the connection? Now our algorithms are amazing. And this is what kills me. I'm like, Come on people, you're overthinking things. So it pulls your profile and it says, Marcy, you need to know Joanie. Now don't email me look at her profile. Why would they put me with her? There's something amazing that she knows or she's connected to. And instead of just trying to sell to one person, Joanie probably has your entire target market sitting there waiting for you. It's just about having that great conversation. So I get it from all times people are like, well, it connected with me with someone that you know, they're my competition. And I'm like, they also have your exact target market. So don't you want to connect with them? You know, and so it's great.

Marcy Predmore  11:55  
And sometimes you don't want to overlook your competition, because sometimes, and most of the time, you have something to offer that they don't and vice versa. And there's some some really good synergy there.

Tonya Hofmann  12:10  
Well, and also, you know, if you look at saying they have 1000 people in their database, well, the 1000 people might have heard from them, and they just didn't resonate with them, but they may resonate with you, and vice versa. So it's great to cross pollinate, so that people can get help. And that's by the end of the day. That's what it's all about is how can we help each other help others?

Marcy Predmore  12:31  
Exactly, exactly. I love that too. Well, let's jump into just a little bit more personal with you. And again, I love to answer ask these broad questions is no right or wrong answer. But I really feel like the audience is really intrigued, because I think they're curious about their own responses to the question. So Tanya, what does success mean to you?

Tonya Hofmann  12:58  
You know, it's an awesome question. And I think that it goes back to when, in 2005, I was trying to get over all my fears. And I wrote down a list of things that I was afraid of, and I wrote down all the ridiculous ones all the way to the major ones, like speaking in front of people, you know, being doing a podcast. Back then there wasn't a bye, guys, right? But you know, it's about getting through those fears. And then respecting yourself and congratulate yourself when you've done something that you know, is big for you. And then challenging yourself to every day go after a do something else that challenges you. And so I have a little I used to have stickers all over the places said while yourself today. And to me that meant I had to do something that I knew was challenging for me. It may from an outsider's perspective, like that challenges you. But there's a lot of times that just doing something that's out of the norm, or getting over a fear that no one knew you had. It's a huge to do. And so you've at certain point you start running into Oh, well, I kind of did all of it. No, there's always something you can continue to do to push yourself. Yes, yes.

Marcy Predmore  14:16  
Yes. And And again, if you're not pushing, if you're not taking that next step into you can call it a quantum leap. You can call it growth, you can call it whatever you want. But if you're not moving forward, if you're just stagnant, we talk a lot about that at private banking concepts our other company we talk about, if you're stagnant with your money, it just sits there and the next thing you know it's gone. It's the same way with your business. If you don't take a little bit of have a little bit of courage to take the next step. You're usually in the same place you were a year later.

Tonya Hofmann  14:53  
Yes, exactly. And you know, when you start even like with the connected people can create groups and shows how many times Uh, oh, I'll do it next week. And then the week turns into the next week, you know, so it's about just the first time you do anything, it's gonna feel awkward. Get over it, do it. And then the next time, it's easier the next time, it's easier. And then pretty soon you're like, oh, yeah, why was I so scared about that? You know, don't let it stop you from being amazing.

Marcy Predmore  15:20  
Absolutely. And, you know, sometimes it's funny, I will go back and listen to the very first couple of podcasts. And I was so nervous. So nervous. And now I'm thinking, it's just conversation. That's all. It's not that we have to

Tonya Hofmann  15:35  
the first video that I did. I literally turned into a robot. Hello, I am Tanya Hoffman. Five, we're like super huge. It's like, oh, my gosh, you know, we all get over it.

Marcy Predmore  15:46  
And it's so true. We just need to be natural a friend of or a mentor shared with me a while back? Well, the next question is, again, just as broad but has such a fun, visual around it. What does wealth mean to you? Tanya?

Tonya Hofmann  16:04  
You know, I think it's multi folded, you know, you can't be a success without money, right? People want to downgrade that. And at the end of the day, people look at you and they decide, Is it someone to do businesses? Is it someone to connect with? You know, what is it? And it's usually how successful are you? But then you also have to look internal. So do you feel successful, because I know people with millions of dollars that don't feel successful. So you have to look at the wealth building is the wealth inside of yourself, as well as exterior. So it's got to be a balanced game, which you know, it can be a challenge, sometimes.

Marcy Predmore  16:45  
A challenge sometimes, because money tends to be sometimes that topic that we all look at. But again, if you don't understand money, if you don't really focus and take a look at money, it can trip you up. So wealth is truly that foundation, as you said, it's multifaceted in the wealth arena, because the more you are growing your own business growing you doing all of these things to build your foundation, your wealth is going to grow at the same time, your monetary wealth. So something that we love to teach is just thinking differently about about money and about Well,

Unknown Speaker  17:28  

Marcy Predmore  17:31  
Well, so I know that you just made a move. And I know again, I know how busy you are from morning till night, I think your resumes calls or conference calls all day long. So let's just talk a tiny bit, Tanya, about a day in the life of Tanya. And again, I know a little bit, but just tell the audience a little bit about what drives you first thing, and all the way throughout the day, what does your day look like?

Tonya Hofmann  18:01  
Oh, well, you know, when we say busy, it's an understatement, right? The entrepreneurial life, you know, especially growing, we've got we're at what 79 countries now. And so it's hard to you know, oh my gosh, I gotta be on, you know, six o'clock in the morning to talk to Australia or whatever, you know, here's this, like, what does it take to make things happen? Because at the end of the day, it's about how can I connect people? So I wake up and I'm like, Oh, my gosh, how can I change someone's life today? And then how do I change my own life? You know, it's a lot of times we, especially women, okay, we always think about other people. And you also have to think about yourself, like, oh, yeah, I do need to eat.

Marcy Predmore  18:44  
Today's habits.

Tonya Hofmann  18:48  
Yeah, you're like, okay, oh, exercise. Um, I haven't gotten out of this chair for eight hours, it might be good to the ladies room or something. So it is about balancing it and I found a schedule is amazing. But you have to follow your schedule. So if it says Tanya, go and eat now, guess what? You got to go and eat? You know, oh, I didn't have a massage this week. Yeah, you know, in you go to it, you know? So yeah, you got to put in some personal time. And I have children. So you know, a lot of times they make me stop. They're like, Mom, I'm hungry. And like, oh, yeah, children eating. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So. Exactly. So yeah, you just have to balance it by putting together a schedule. And to me, I live by the schedule. And a lot of people are like, Oh, but that's so restrictive. And no, not really, you know, you find that it actually opens up things because, you know, and I color code everything. Oh, this is personal time. This is my children's time. This is you know, business time this is you know, so when you put that together now, you know, okay, I know what my day looks like and it feels very calm then. cuz you're not rushing, because you know, you've given yourself time, including driving and you know, things that take time. Don't forget to put that onto your calendar. And I learned that the hard way, right.

Marcy Predmore  20:11  
And, you know, Tim and I are just now doing that, too. If we have appointments, and we now we're very disciplined to put travel, you know, where it's gonna take us time because I don't care where you live in the world. Whether it's a town or a city traffic is terrible to get from here to here. That's why we're all doing these zooms so often. Exactly. Well, and and I know that you are constantly busy with creation with your team, with buildings. So if somebody wanted to, if somebody hears about be connected, how can they get connected? Where should they go?

Tonya Hofmann  20:49  
What does that look like? So you definitely want to use a special link, because we want to connect you with Miss Marcy. So what you're going to do is use these are the letters and numbers to get P like for private. There you go. Be like bank. See, like

Marcy Predmore  21:09  
our cat, we could call it cat every note for that is

Tonya Hofmann  21:13  
BBC One hundred.be connected, so it's B E. So like the bumblebee so be connected with a K. So K O N N students, EC t e d.com. So P BC 100 dot b e connected with a k.com. And then that way, you can find out all kinds of really cool things and how you can go on and create shows, remember, we don't allow just everyone it's not like the clubhouses where you know, you start listening to a show and you're like, I don't think that person really knows what they're talking to you about. This is really experts that are showcasing, you know, because they're at a certain level with be connected. So it's also a special group that gets to partake in that. So yeah, jump in there, you know, reach out if you need any help, you know, we've got support team to help you.

Marcy Predmore  22:04  
You bet you bet. And I will also put that PPC 100 in the show notes just so everybody can get to it, and even go peruse if you have any questions to reach out to the be connected team or myself. And I'll help as much as I can. If not, we'll refer to the expert.

Tonya Hofmann  22:21  
Yeah, it's free. So come and join and try it out, just like Facebook or anything else. You can watch shows and join groups and all kinds of cool things.

Marcy Predmore  22:29  
That is fantastic. That's fantastic. So the next question, just because you and I have been so entrenched in so many connection groups. Let's talk a little bit about mentors. Do you have one or two that actually just come right to mind as we think about your growth? And what propelled you to be where you are today?

Tonya Hofmann  22:49  
Yeah, you know, I think it's important to surround yourself with successful people, and also people you want to emulate and to say, if they could do it, I could do it, you know. And so of course, my co founder and business partner, Mr. Jr. Johnny Reid, has been incredible. He's been corporate and has created huge businesses before. So he's gives me an insight to being the CEO, you know, of a corporation. And so that's been really, really helpful. I remember way back in the day, when I first started networking, I saw a woman walk into the door into a networking group, and everyone ran over to her and was giving her leads, and we're giving her hugs, and like, how do I become Susan. And that was that first moment of, oh, my gosh, I can do this. I can be someone that people want to know, I could stand up in front of the room and do an elevator pitch. If she could do it, I could do it, too. So yeah. And then she became a friend, you know, so it's all about how do you surround yourself with more success.

Marcy Predmore  23:50  
You know, and it really is true about those five people that you hang around with, you know, they do become the energy around you and around that around your business around their business around your growth. It is so true. And I know when you and I so do you still speak Tanya?

Tonya Hofmann  24:11  
Um, you know, I do little podcasts like this, but we're so head down right now getting be connected up and, you know, worldwide. I mean, we're already in so many countries, but we just launched came out of beta for the live in the hive. So the live shows the group's aspect. So a lot of it is just day to day, you know, what do we need to do to grow a company?

Marcy Predmore  24:32  
Absolutely. Absolutely. And as I'm talking about that, too, I just remember tell us just a little bit about a time best selling author. Tell us a little bit about your books.

Tonya Hofmann  24:42  
Oh, you know, I, my first book came out in 2012, who's called a client today the coffee shop way. It was because I own multiple business networking group organizations. I realized a lot of people just didn't know how to have a one on one conversation. So that's what that was about. And then I had a one that was own your fabulousness, which was about speaking. And then a lot of compilation books when I created for the public speakers association. So yeah, it's a lot of fun. You know, I always encouraged I was just talking with Richard Paul Evans, who wrote the Christmas box and had the movie. He's so nice. So he's done 42 different books. I'm like, Yeah, I'm not at that level. Yeah, I think he's still like, 40 million copies. I'm like, you know, hello, hello. So yeah, you know, I always love hanging around amazing people like that. And he's in be connected as well.

Marcy Predmore  25:38  
That is fantastic. And, you know, it is so true. I have said, now for three years, I know, you know that, that I am going to get this book written. And it's, there's there's print back here, there's notes over here, I just haven't struck to get it completed or to get a published. So I am. I'm really excited to do that, too. And just just really continue to grow me and have courage to get it out there.

Tonya Hofmann  26:03  
No, she connect you with Richard. Net, you'll help you.

Marcy Predmore  26:07  
Exactly, he'll give me that kick that I need. Well, so again, as we continue to talk more about the connection, how important connectivity is, let's talk a little bit about how do you grow you, Tanya? I mean, is there books out there? Are there specific podcast? What what do you do to grow you?

Tonya Hofmann  26:31  
Yeah, you know, they always say, you know, leaders are learners, right? Are readers. And, you know, one of the things you've got to look at is, be careful about who you read. Right, make sure it's someone who has been successful, you know, get information from the people who really know. And so, you know, I did a lot of reading, you know, before I launched be connected on like, the E Myth revisited. Thinking grow rich, you know, all of the base, you know, things that you've got to go over. But then, you know, who else do you need to, you know, learn from, and it's about really learning from, but this is where people a lot of times make the mistake, is they read an incredible book by someone, or watch a podcast, or, you know, whatever. And they don't reach out to that person to get to know, like, how many people are listening to this right now, Marcy, and have never contacted you? Exactly. That's a shame. It is, it is right, you can change your life, you've got so much knowledge, and you're just amazing. Anyways, you know, you have that ability to really do good for them. And shame on them for not just saying, Oh, I can I can? Mercy. Oh, right. That's the problem that I see for most people is they look at somebody on YouTube. And they think somehow that they're a God, sometimes I'm like, come on, this is just a person. Yes. So just reach out to people, and especially someone that you really are resonating with, it's to me, even if you There's nothing that happens, you took the step. And then you realize, oh, that's just just anything, never contact us. And you know, that's probably not a person you want to get to get back to it go on to the next person. That's exactly

Marcy Predmore  28:22  
right. And I do love that Tanya, and I, I really think that be connected. And even these podcasts I have, you know, I always do a call out, I would love people to call in and just come on the show and talk and tell their story. But I have had some feedback, but I don't get a lot. I mean, I get some written but I don't get a lot of verbal. And I think we'll be connected. That's what will be kind of fun, too, is to be able to build the relationship with the people who we're talking to and our audiences, because podcasts, I mean, they're they're kind of like Facebook now. I mean, you you hop on, you tell stories, you really give people encouragement, or tips and tricks or tools. But how many people do reach back out? That's a great thought.

Tonya Hofmann  29:15  
Yes, it's awesome. And it's so much fun to

Marcy Predmore  29:20  
Yes. And with be connected. I mean, that is part of it. Right? I mean, basically you are getting to know somebody, yes, the algorithms put you together. But the more you get to know one another, the more you can do a personal introduction rather than an algorithm introduction. Right.

Tonya Hofmann  29:39  
Exactly. And it's immediate connection so that way you really build up by not just followers sometimes like I got a million followers. Yeah. So what is it a billion people who actually know you? Yeah. Or is it just a person who just you know, clicked on is it Oh, that person looks good. No, that that mean anything is we want to get to actually know people. And I think that's where I think social media diverged from the networking world before. Now I think it's time to get back is really getting to know people. So they can connect and they can connect each other.

Marcy Predmore  30:18  
Yes, and I am right there with you. I just we just did an event in Dallas just this past weekend. And, of course, due to the pandemic, and all of the things that we've all lived through in the last what year and a half to two is everybody was so excited to be in a room with each other and have breakout sessions and have lunch together. And, you know, it was just really it was it was a feeling of opening up a new gift, even though we all did business that way, for all the years that we've known. But everybody said how much they appreciated. Just having people in a room and getting to know each other, because zooms are fantastic. Digital is incredible, especially in 79 different countries, there's no way we can get to everybody. But the connectivity of face to face sometimes has a lot to say. Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Well, and I know we're getting to this just flew by today, which I knew it would once I got Tanya on here, her energy is just so infectious. And and again, I just love your connectivity. It just is incredible. But what about do you have a tip or a tool, I call it the tip of the week for our audience. Um, you know, some of the things we've talked about share just a little bit about a tip of the week.

Tonya Hofmann  31:45  
No, I'm not a real big, quote, person. But I did see a quote, long time ago that changed my life. And it was in a grocery store on a gift card. And it said, Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. And at that moment, I was like, all those time I've been looking who's Tanya, who's tiny, who's just, instead of just creating who I wanted to be. So there's no excuse for anyone out there, you know, I've gone through massive cancer, I've been robbed and tied up when I was six months pregnant. Those aren't the worst things. So I understand, you know, sometimes we go down that negative route I completely understand but then is that where you're going to stay are you to create the person that you deserve to be better people are waiting on you to be that's the moment is taken?

Marcy Predmore  32:36  
Yes, creating you allow allow the creation to happen inside. And really, I think that's what you were talking about way at the beginning of the show is, again, when you have something to offer, have the courage to stand out or to stand up and and really get that out there. Because that's going to grow you just as much as you know, gurus or books or anything else I remember again, you were so strong in sharing with me just be the light at the front of the room, see the light at the front of the stage, the stages in a scary place, you're just hearing your story. So I love that I love just that growing, you know, making a difference in you.

Tonya Hofmann  33:24  
Yeah, and when I found out that, you know, the whole group in front of us that 25% of people are never going to like you and just let it go. Because you're never like them either. Focus on the 25% who love you, and want to do business with you or want to connect you or want to, you know, figure out how to play in the sandbox together. And then the other 50 Just let them decide later on, do they which which camp do they want to be in and be okay with either one move on with your life and focus on the people you need to be around?

Marcy Predmore  33:54  
Absolutely. And I love that what a great way to bring it to a close. So I will have in the show notes. I will do the PBC 100 be connected.com and then be connected calm. As Tonya said, it doesn't cost you anything to go take a look at be connected. If you are an entrepreneur out there today. And you don't take massive and immediate action. Well, you might just be in the same place you are this time next year. So go to be connected, calm and just take a look at the other entrepreneurs that took that leap of faith to see what that looks like. And Tanya, I just want to say thank you so much for being with me today and just putting up with my schedule you and I trying to connect. And again, I was super excited to get our live shows going and just get more involved and be connected.

Tonya Hofmann  34:47  
I can't wait. I think

Marcy Predmore  34:49  
it's going to be just fantastic.

Janay Harris  34:53  
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