Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Ep. 1: What Does Wealth Mean to You?

January 05, 2022 Marcy Predmore-McPhee Season 2 Episode 1
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth
Ep. 1: What Does Wealth Mean to You?
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WOW! Happy New Year Everyone! Is anyone else in disbelief that we have started yet another year and it’s now 2022! 

Now if you follow Marcy in our Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wealth Facebook group, you may have already heard this. Her new word, which I believe can also be considered a New Year Resolution, is going to be Present. Meaning be in the present moment, not worrying about yesterday, not worrying about tomorrow but being present in that moment. 

If you would be so kind please Drop us a comment because we’d love to hear what your new year's resolutions are for this year. We also just want to give you a quick piece of motivation to kick off the new year. 

And that is, All you need is the courage to fulfill all your dreams. Do not ever fear in life, take chances and you will definitely be successful and unleash your extraordinary! We wish you a great year ahead!!

And now to our first episode of 2022, which will be a look back in 2021 and what wealth means to our guest speakers. 

Janay Harris  0:01  
Wow, Happy New Year everyone is anyone else in disbelief that we have started yet another year. And it's now 2022. That almost feels weird to say. Now, if you follow Marcy, in our ordinary women extraordinary wealth Facebook group, you may have already heard this. However, her new word, which I believe can also be considered a new year resolution is going to be resident. And what that means is that in the year 2022, Marcy wants to live in that present moment. So not worrying about yesterday, not worrying about tomorrow, but being present in her current moment. Now, if you would be so kind, please drop us a comment, because we love to hear what your new year resolutions are, for 2022. And we also want to give you a quick piece of motivation to kick off the new year. And that is, all you need is courage to fulfill all your dreams, do not ever fear in life, and take those chances, you will definitely be successful and unleash your extraordinary. We wish you a great year ahead. And now to our first episode of 2022. We're taking a look back at 2021. And what wealth means to our guest speakers. Happy New Year, everybody.

Marcy Predmore  1:25  
Wealth is a foundation. But there's also more to wealth. And so Jessica, what does wealth mean to you? Hmm,

Jessica Buttry  1:36  
so I think when I was in school, learning and a young student didn't know, didn't know anything about the real world, right? So we're in chiropractic, school and morale, yay, chiropractic and health and working out and fitness, then you're kind of like in a bubble with all the other chiropractors who think like you, and do the same things that you do eat healthy workout, and this and that. And then you get into the real world. And it's kind of like you're slapped in the face a little bit, because you're like, wow, everybody doesn't think like this. And not everybody wants to work out and not everybody wants to be healthy. And not everybody wants to go to the chiropractor, and that's okay. And I think, being in the world world now, like when I was in school, you think like, well, like, oh, yeah, I'm a doctor, I'm gonna get out and make a lot of money and this and that. And I want the really big house in this amount, and you kind of focus on material things. And then as I'm out of school, and I'm in my business, and I'm working, and I'm listening to my mentors, and reading different books, and personal growth and development, I think the true wealth circles back to that balance in every single area of life. I've heard tons of stories of you know, this person had all the money in the world, but then you look at their personal life and their relationships, and their relationships struggled, maybe they were abusive to their spouse, or maybe they weren't even married, or maybe they didn't even have any kids. And in my opinion, because I am a mom. And because I do have a family, I would look at that person and say, you know, maybe, maybe they weren't as as wealthy or successful as they thought they were. So I think it again goes back to that balance and every single area of life. And I think when most people hear the word wealth, they think of the Hollywood celebrities and all the money and this and that. And if if you if you follow some of them, you know, when they're retired, they lose all of their money, because nobody's taught them how to properly handle that money. Yes, no, I think the true wealth again is, is that balance and then working on yourself and, and growing and learning and then sharing those things with other people. And then living out your true life's purpose. I think if you're living your true life's purpose, I think that is true wealth, and that is true success.

Marcy Predmore  3:39  
What does wealth mean to you? Well, when

Melissa Posey  3:42  
you say wealth, I mean part of me right away goes to money, I think about money and a lot of people that I coach, most people that is what they're wanting to create in their life that is, is the money so that they can live and have freedom. However, wealth to me now is really all areas of my life. Yes, wealth is my health. Wealth is absolutely the financial piece of it, because we can do so much good, not only for ourselves and how we want to live, but for so many people around us. For me, when I think about money, I think about what I can do with my children with my my family, and how I can give and wealth is my relationships as well and it's me being fulfilled. So wealth. It absolutely is the financial peace. However, I know that it's really entwined in all areas of my life. And so I work at those every day all areas,

Marcy Predmore  4:47  
but I do want to ask the question, because I always love hearing the answer is what is wealth to you?

Peymaneh Rothstein  4:55  
All right, I'm glad you mentioned it because yes, money is one aspect of wealth in my world.

Marcy Predmore  5:01  

Peymaneh Rothstein  5:04  
So for me is abundance of what I see value are valuable to me. Oh, yes. So for me, having people around me abundance of beautiful like minded light hearted people, to me is love.

Marcy Predmore  5:23  
Stephanie, what does wealth mean to you? No. And

Stephanie Kirkland  5:29  
I thought a lot about this again, because wealth, to me is again, seeing how successful I've become over the years, and being able to start with nothing, and be being able to just get $1,000 in the bank. And I felt wealthy, um, you know, so over the years, it's been starting, and then building that. And again, wealth is different for everybody, wealth for some people, you know, that they may have, you know, $50,000 and feel like, that's enough. So your enough is very personal. But again, you can't have wealth, if you don't have your health, if you don't have all the other things that combine in that meaning, you know, again, you're spiritually spiritually sound, you have good relationships, you've, you've got a good attitude, you're, you're with the right tribe, in order to to have that. So if you don't have your tribe and your health, you don't have your wealth, and wealth is created again, along the way, as you start to grow, and the kids grow up, and we're not having to raise them, and I don't have the payments, we'll talk about how to get there. But again, wealth to me is well, more than, you know, again, the dollar driven, especially in a real estate career, where again, if you count on that almighty dollar, then you'll never succeed, if you count on the relationship building that you have, and being able to give and give back, that's going to create more wealth than you will ever anticipate. So to put, you know, an exact terminology on it, it again, it's all personal related, but wealth to every individual is different. And again, my biggest philosophy and wealth is I can't compare myself to other people. Yeah. And that, to me will be the biggest reason that you will fail is if you compare yourself we've all got a story. But the wealth and the wealth and success, part of it is huge. But you have to believe in yourself, and what is what is important to you. How much is your enough?

Marcy Predmore  7:45  
What does wealth mean to you?

Tommy Collier  7:48  
Yeah, that's such a good question. And you know, what, Marcy, I would say that I'm still working on that. I'm still defining that for myself. But I think that one of the things that that means to me, because, you know, it's, as you said, when you started, it's not all about money. But anybody that thinks that money isn't important is really kidding themselves. So in terms of, like money, but it's not even really that much about money. But my one of my definitions of wealth is being able to do whatever what you what I want to do when I want to do it. Freedom. Yeah. Yeah, totally freedom.

Marcy Predmore  8:23  
Absolutely. JT, what does wealth mean to you?

Jason Taylor  8:28  
So wealth is the total package now always has been for me. When I, when I first started on this journey, I thought wealth was money, period. It was wealth equals money. That was the the whole equation. Yeah, but much like math growing up. Sometimes the equation you think isn't the one that gets you to the right answer is not the one that gets you to the right answer, or maybe it's a part of the equation. Yes. As your teaching math going through, you'll notice that you add on different parts to the equation, and it gives you a better answer, or a more specific answer. Right. Right. So wealth to me, is the whole package. It's your health. It's your ability to enjoy the money. It's your ability to enjoy the free time and the experiences. Yes, no. And one of the things that I like to do when relating it to money is that oftentimes our programming has done something to us where it's, it puts money over to the left, and then everything we're good at to the right, and it makes them different. Yeah, but if you can somehow find a way to relate what you're really good at to money and connect those two, suddenly money is much easier to come

Marcy Predmore  9:55  
by. I would just love to have you define or give me your idea of wealth.

Dr. Shani Fox  10:04  
Wealth to me is abundance that's aligned with your values. Oh, I love it. So, for example, my father after that terrible accident when I was 15, he lived another 28 years, by the way, ultimately, he died of cancer. But he had another 28 years that turns out, and the good news about that is that he did realize how fragile life was. And so he began to live in alignment clear aligned with his values. So what was most important to him was family and friends. And that's what he emphasized. That's what he looked for time to spend with family and friends quality time. So for him, that was a life of wealth. You know, for some people, I mean, you know, sometimes money enters the picture or money used for beautiful purposes, it's all good. But if the money really only becomes beautiful when it's used for beautiful purposes, right, so, so it's the values piece that has to be in there for it to be wealthy as opposed to simply an asset.

Marcy Predmore  10:57  
What does wealth

Liesl Hays  10:58  
mean to you?

Troy Byer  11:01  
That's a good question. I think for me, when I think of the word wealth, I think of abundance. It's to be in a state of abundance. Yes. Yeah. But it's health. Spirituality, like all that. Yeah. Abundance. Yeah. You know, you think of people like Steve Jobs, you know, from Apple and all the money that he had, but he didn't have wealth when it came to health. Right. So which wealth which you which you will hunt? Lauren, I'm going to ask you, what does wealth

Marcy Predmore  11:30  
mean to you?

Lauren Abrams  11:36  
For some reason, I keep thinking family. I mean, I equate it with family.

Marcy Predmore  11:41  
Love that. Absolutely. Love that. In you know, the depth of wealth. Isn't that family? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Lauren Abrams  11:53  
I mean, it is freedom. But it's it's family. Yeah.

Rebecca King Crews  11:57  
Yeah. So um, I have goals now that I want to reach before I die. And I'm well, into terms of financial wealth plays a role there. Because I think I'm supposed to build schools, and I'm supposed to build orphanages, and I'm supposed to serve humanity. And wealth is a great way to serve humanity. So I want to encourage all of you entrepreneurs out there not to see your gifting as unimportant because wealth makes things happen. Absolutely. Wealth is a blessing when used by the right person.

Marcy Predmore  12:37  
So Suzanne, tell us what does wealth mean to you? Yeah. Well,

Suzanna DeMallie  12:44  
I think wealth, when I think of the word wealth, I think of abundance of something. But I think for me, I'm maybe more, I don't know, simple. And it's really having what I need. Not necessarily like tangible items, but just what I need in my life, which is, you know, like everyone, you know, you want to be loved. You know, you want to have your family around you, you know, you want to be respected. So it's really more of more of an emotional, I think, are social sort of need that I have and so if I have what I need in those terms, and to be I'm a wealthy


Marcy Predmore  13:28  
what does wealth mean to you, Polly?

Polly Hohn  13:33  
So I think your wealth as a richness in life, being able to wake up every day and do whatever your heart desires. Yes. So I love my coaching business. I am excited every day like this morning, we have a book reading come every morning that we have that I love waking up and helping people and just opening their awareness because that's what we're here to do, isn't it? Find out what we're truly capable of? Yes. So having that richness in your mind is his perfect world. Perfect tools, perfect happiness, like you can get that. And money just comes with that. Yes. I believe that when you go up the ladders of awareness that the money goes with it. Yeah, I've like I've always been one. I love shopping. I love buying clothes. I love buying jewelry. I love going on holidays. I love cars. I love houses and furniture. It's all Yeah, it's all to get that picture out of my head into the physical world. And yeah, I think if if you love people, money just turns out for you to use it to help more.

Marcy Predmore  14:51  
What is wealth mean to you?

Sue Thompson  14:56  
wealth to me, means I guess it goes back to my definition of abundance. It's the, whatever that looks like for you, because it's different for all of us, right? You know, I mentioned you know, the kind of house, you want to live in the kind of car, you want to drive, the kind of clothes you want to wear. That's, that's your wealth, whatever that picture is for you. And I think we have so many emotional hiccups with money along the way in life. I know, ask me how I know I've walked them, right? Learning how to deal with them and learning my own emotions that are wrapped around some of those things of, you know, do I deserve? That is a good thing right to want? That is it? Is it? Am I gonna make a big enough impact in the world with that all of those kinds of things, which are really on our heart to live out, being able to step into that, that to me is wealth and, and dollars and cents and numbers is just kind of the lifeblood that makes it go round in the world. And so learning how to play that game is really important.

Marcy Predmore  16:07  
What does wealth mean to you?

Liesl Hays  16:12  
So wealth to me is balance in all things. So one of the things that I really struggle with in being an achiever, is giving so much of myself to all the things that matter to me, I go all in. And I have to make sure that I have balance in all things in my life. And that doesn't mean that when I'm at work, I don't show up and give 100% when I'm at work, right. But it also affords me the ability in the evening to be able to say, I'm done at 530. And on, you know, on Friday, so it's four o'clock, right, like I'm done this work is it's not, I'm not going to let it you know, infiltrate all the things, I'm going to stop answering emails, I'm going to stop, you know, feeling like I need to be on. So I think for me, wealth is true balance when it comes to the things that actually matter to me. Love it. And so that's how I define I personally define wealth.

Marcy Predmore  17:16  
What does wealth mean to you? And how do you disseminate that to your clientele? Well,

Chris Williams  17:23  
it reminds me of an IRA actually heard this from you also, is that wealth, just like anything else, you get we I get what I focus on, right? So I don't focus on wealth, and Marcy brings that up all the time, right. I don't focus on wealth, make a plan, make a roadmap, then how can I expect to grow it? And it always reminds me, let's just say we're taking a trip, my daughter and I are getting ready to take a trip my youngest daughter who's in college, and we just were planning it out right before this meeting. And she goes, Mom, when should we buy the tickets? I'm like, Well, as soon as we buy the tickets, then the plan is in action, right? It starts rolling, then we get the hotel, and then we get this and then we get that. And she says so funny. She goes, Well, we're not going until July. And I'm like, Well, if we don't have that plan, it's just like our wealth, right? If you don't have that plan, then how can we build wealth? And it kind of ties in to what you asked about? Like that question of? Where did you learn from your parents about wealth? I did not learn from my parents about wealth. It was not one of No, it was not one of the Convert. I learned how to make money

from my parents. Good. But I great distinction. Right? So I

learned how to make money clearly barn on just like my dad giving me the phone buck. And you know, other examples my mom letting me to would have never sold cookies for me. She just gave me the phone and gave me the tools helped me with the script, probably but would have never done it. But that was only one part of wealth. Right? I can make money all day long. Because that's what I do really well. But I didn't learn until I was like 35, maybe almost 40, how to save money, how to have a rainy day fund, you know, all those different pieces of wealth. And I'm still learning I think that's that's what you bring to the picture. This whole idea of extraordinary wealth is like, well, if I don't have a wealth Coach, what am I doing? Right? Because that's the area that I least know about, even though I'm a finance degree.

Marcy Predmore  19:39  
Yeah. So Sandy, tell us your tradition of money.

Sandra Gold  19:44  
That's a really interesting question. Because you know, I mean, what's the last name of gold to begin with? I get a lot of comments like, well, you must be rich. And my answer has always been no matter how financially well, there was, yes, I am because there are so many more riches to life than just money. I do believe that money however, makes it easier and gives you more choice because you can do different things, you know, love to travel, if I wouldn't have any money, I wouldn't be able to do now and again, share that with my daughter, it's a lot of special memories and bond that we create when we're traveling the world. So, yes, it does help, you know, the people that say money doesn't buy happiness, it doesn't, but it helps

Marcy Predmore  20:27  
What does wealth mean to you?

Victoria Gallagher  20:31  
So to me, I believe wealth is entirely a mind set. It is not what we normally, immediately the picture that comes to one's mind when they think of the word wealth, usually, people think of bags and bags of money. And, or, you know, overflowing and you know, and it is it is a sense of abundance, I do, I do equate wealth, with a feeling of abundance. And but abundance, like I said, if feeling, it is a feeling, it is something that you experience, and you can experience wealth. Without a single dime in your bank account, you can experience wealth, by simply having an experience that I am worthy that I am enough. And, and wealth is just something that you personally exude. And all of the things that you want are attracted to your vibration of wealth. So in a way, it's like a vibration. And you know, but it can mean a wealth of of, you know, of ideas, I think, actually a wealth of ideas is far more valuable than just having money sitting there, if you don't have the mindset to know what to do with that money, or how to make it work for you. So it's really something that comes from your mind, it could be a wealth of, of resources, it could be a wealth of people that you're connected to, it could be a wealth of, of having, you know, good health, it could be a wealth of experiences. So, you know, it's a lot of things. It's, it's it's abundance, and it's an experience, and it's just something that really comes from within. And so that's ultimately how I define wealth.

Marcy Predmore  22:42  
What does wealth mean to you, Deborah?

Deborah Driggs  22:46  
Again, great question, and that is completely changed. 10 years ago, even even two years ago, I would have said, wealth would have been the big house. Yes. A private jet. Yeah. So the 20 vacations a year? Yeah, you know, millions of dollars, but it's not. Wealth, to me now. Is contribute contribution. Growth, learning. Doing this inspiring, being inspired? Absolutely. The love of my three children makes me a very wealthy woman. Yes, yes. You know, my definition of wealth has completely changed because I know a lot of people with a lot of money, I'm in proximity of those people. And they're not wealthy. According to my definition, they're not wealthy. They're very depleted. Now, you know, so I wealth to me is having my health, having my love in my heart, having food, you know, and, and having my friends in my life, you know, having my angels, my mentors, my coaches, my family, that makes me wealthy,

Marcy Predmore  24:11  
what does wealth mean to you?

Anthony Gaona  24:17  
I have one, let me break into two parts, let make it super quick, even one is control of your own personal time. So if nobody else owns you do your day to day activities, like nobody else gets to dictate what you do with your own personal time. Hopefully, you can share that with your family. You know, on the other side, we created enough abundance in your life, whether physical or non physical, right could be spiritual as well, but that you have enough to share with others so that your cup is overflowing. That's what I think of when I think of wealth. I don't exactly think of like a number in the bank. I think of Do I have enough to feed the people around me have the people around me grow and increase in their life in all aspects? And then do I get to do whatever I want with my free time every day all day? That's what I think that's how I feel wealthy.

Marcy Predmore  24:54  
Love that. Love that. That's great. Daniel, what about you?

Daniel Martinez  25:00  
We have the same exact answer. I think I think freedom of time is the most important for me. It doesn't really how many, how many, how many dollars I have in the bank account, if I can control my time where I want to be the freedom to take the day off and go to the park like, that's, that's true. I feel like that's true wealth. And a lot of people they might have made it, they might have a high paying job, but they don't have the freedom. They don't really have the freedom of it. So I don't know, I wouldn't consider that. Well, they might have a wealthy bank account. But I wouldn't consider the freedom off.

Anthony Gaona  25:30  
You know, I felt that internal calm. That's that's another part of it. Like if you feel that that clarity, that internal clarity, I know what I'm going to do next, I know where I'm headed. Today, I feel the wealthiest when I'm at the gym on Monday morning at 9:30am. Or I'm at the park with my kids riding bikes. That's when it kind of occurs to me, like have I think I've mastered this thing we've called life.

Marcy Predmore  25:51  
And so Kenny, what does wealth mean to you?

Kenny Harless  25:55  
I learn as King Solomon said in the Bible, that where there is no picture, or image of vision, the people perish. Well, there's a flip side to everything. Yeah, so if there's resistance, there's also growth, right? So if there's an up, there's down and there's an owl, if it's a little bad, it's a little good. If it's really bad, it's really good. So I had to get myself a picture. I always picture well as five pillars physical, mental, spiritual, social, and financial. Yeah. And, you know, and I know this, if I don't grow me, I won't keep it this way. You see lottery winners, they never grew into that kind of wealth mentality. And it's gone. Yes. So you have to have to have to have to understand who you are. When I started to study me and understand me. That's how I understand other people. And one thing in my consulting I do I never give people answers ever. I never give people answers in my practice. I learned a long time ago, no one knows what's right for you. But you, yes, what a very good mentor will do is they will see things in you and they will ask you questions, for you to find yourself help you. Yes, yeah, absolutely. Right. And I always remember that in school, like when I would ask a question, if, if I just tried to give the you know, someone gave me the answer. It was as powerful. Yeah, what I've learned is we look outside of ourselves, because we've been so conditioned by society to look outside yourself, you're giving your power away? Yes, the power is already inside of you. Yes. And when you're in resistance with what's inside of you, you get create friction and friction, an engine breaks it down. So I'm constantly trying to work on my physical health, because without a temple, it doesn't matter what kind of wealth I have, right? And I start to realize that the more money the best example I can give this world is to be the best version of myself. So if I want to help poverty, I don't focus on poverty, right? I focus on wealth, and creating an abundance of wealth and pictures of wealth in the minds of those people. When I talk to taking care of people, I never focused on a condition. I never told people they had a condition, or that they were this I should like, there is a specific reason why you're going through that thing. Right? And that's what Christ did Christ. When he found people, he never agreed with them. He never said they had leprosy. Yeah, he would see them, he would tell them, then Go wash yourself, right? Like what basically he's saying, wash away the old thoughts you have be not conformed to the world, but by the renewal of your mind. So I just I work on those pillars is what I always am trying to do. Like, I've learned my little girl. I'm constantly trying to show her. She was two and two and a half, and we were taking some of her toys to a woman and Women's and Children's Shelter. And she's like, why are we doing that? And I said, Well, Kate, and some little kids do not have toys, NIA plenty. And she goes, kids, I have toys. And I'm like, no. So she was going and grabbing toys and taking them in. I mean, they want to serve but we have to be the example and if we don't fix it, they inherited. That's exactly you know, and I've seen so many people who maybe had some money. Yeah, right. But they men have the mindset. Yep. They were always cheap trying to get cheap trying to do it like that. It's a mind set. Yes. You know, even when people like I remember when I didn't have anything. I had the belief in myself. Yeah. And my wife would even tell you that she was I love cheese I just saw potential. Yeah, we all have that potential. Right? You can plant flowers or you complaint weeds is what James Allen said when your environment right in his mind at evermore he takes a total of his thought and shapes as well as he brings 1000 joys or 1000 meals you think and secret comes to pass your environment you're looking glass, right? But people use history as a key indicator. Yes, if you read history, it completely it always we know that repeats itself, but people don't study it. And they don't study their own history. Why are you doing what you're doing? Why are you reacting the way you're acting? It's because you got bad pictures, and you were never given A good picture, right? And so one thing too is you grow. And I see this all the time, I'm sure you've seen this, the people closest to you fight resist you the most,

Marcy Predmore  30:09  
what does wealth mean to you?

Jewel Tankard  30:13  
So, you know, I think especially now Marcy, in the middle of, you know, everything going on in the world, whether it's, you know, 19, or the variant. You know, health care, I think for so many reasons, people need to be wealthy, they need to be wealthy, just to be healthy, you know, the supplements that it costs for my family, and I, you know, every month is probably about $1,000, in supplements, you know, and then we have a nurse that comes over every month to give us all you know, IV therapy with the Myers cocktail, the zinc, the D, the C. So what's quality is options, it's, you know, being able to choose between a Piggly Wiggly and a Whole Foods, and it needs to be hopeful with every time, okay? So that you can buy organic food, you know, it's the difference between sending your child to the Boys and Girls camp for the summer, or sending them abroad to University of Scotland to learn languages, we're about artificial intelligence and stem cell. So everything you know, I think is leading back to money. And we are now in a decade where people are gonna have to be thought minded. That means that you're gonna have to learn how to think it's not so much labor minded. All the labor jobs are being wiped out, you go in the airport, and you have kiosks to check in. You can check in on your app, everything is going digital. So wealth really puts you in a position to be able to educate yourself, educate the people that you love, and then also be able to take care of them. There's a scripture in the Bible that talks about weapons of defense, and actually insulates you and insulates you and protects you, from everything, from your health, to your education, to your ability to be able to rest. In about two hours, I'm at the beginning of two hour deep tissue massage.

comes over every week, I live a fast paced life. And so my, my self care is also very strong, that's very important to me, I don't want to look like the amount of hours that I work. And so I have to take care of myself. So, you know, I want everybody to know that wealth is available to them, and they need it because your overall quality of life is going to be impacted. It's much bigger than a nice bag, or a nice pair of shoes or clothes. And that's nice, too. But your quality literally,

Marcy Predmore  32:34  
what is wealth mean to you?

Jennifer Keeton  32:38  
Oh, man, that is a I'm gonna say that every question you asked. Oh, man, it's such a good question. So again, there's sort of two veins that I live in. One was sort of my life growing up and who I was before Williams syndrome, and I think who I am now. So growing up, I grew up in a very blue collar family. We did not have money, no money, negative negative money. And so I grew up, always looking at people who had money and just like, like aspiring to have money. What's really interesting is I grew up feeling a lot of guilt for the burden that I think I felt that I put on my parents a financial burden, right. And so from a young age, I worked not because I wanted to, but because I had to. And when I started working at age 12, it took some of that guilt off of me, right, but now I have some of my own money that I can contribute in a different way, or at least do things for myself to take that burden off of my parents. And so from an early age, I was just really motivated by wealth, right? Like, when I went to college, I'm the first person in my only person in my family to go to college. And honestly, the reason why I went to college, I picked a major and I picked my major was business. And I picked that major, because I was like I need to get a job where I make money. And it was so it wasn't about interests. It wasn't about passions or desires or like long range planning, right? I was just like when I get out of college, I gotta make enough money to support myself. So there was always this I think pressure to make money to take care of myself, so nobody had to worry about me. Yeah, fast forward 20 plus years and it's like I'm super independent. And that's the problems that I have to deal with now on my own but I always saw money as a way to not be a burden. Now, as I'm older and I you know did go to college I have had successful careers where I've made enough money to support myself and my family. I see money differently. I see money, do you see money as a tool for independence, I not just for me, but for my family. And I see money as a tool to probably like the biggest thing like, support other people and bless organizations that I believe in and do things that make my heart fulfilled. And so my relationship with money now is less about like, what would be the term I would use? Like, I need before it used to be like, I need money, because I'm constantly trying to like, catch up and get ahead and and not be a burden. Now my relationship with money is more like, how can I use this money that I have to do the things that make my heart happy, right, and that bless other people? Yes. And take care of my family at the same time. I think money is important, right? And I totally going to tell your listeners like, I would be remiss to say that it's not important, I'm very, I like to make my own money, because I like to, I don't want to have somebody tell me like what I can or can't spend my money on. So I'm a little bit like, I still have some work to do in that area. But I also have realized, though, that money isn't everything. And sometimes, when you make a hard decision that feels risky, because leaving your job has a lot of risk. Yes, if you can channel it into work that you love and find fulfillment in oftentimes, it leads to more positives, possibly even more financial positives, then you can even realize, so being open to the fact that your journey may not look exactly as you planned it out, is really, really important.

Marcy Predmore  37:09  
Chad, what does wealth mean to you?

Chad Peevy  37:15  
Again, I really love I love all of your questions, because they made me really think about some things in a new way. For me, wealth is about wellness. And what I write about in my book, I write about basically, I call it personal freedom. Some might call that enlightenment or salvation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, he calls it self actualization. And self actualization, or this personal freedom that I talked about is our person, personal potential fully realized. And my thinking is that to fully realize our potential, it requires fulfilling our life's purpose. And as I write about in the book, I believe we all share a common purpose. And I think that purpose is to serve one another. How is another story, but at the core purpose, I think is all about how we serve other people. And I believe that wealth is the realization of that lifelong endeavor. And I don't want to give, I don't want to give the wrong impression that that wealth isn't money. Money, for me is certainly a form of wealth. Yes, I'm in the personal development space, but I'm very much a business person. And I like money. And, you know, I like shiny things. Yes. But you know, so for me, as much as I like shiny things, there is no personal fulfillment for me in the pursuit of money for the sake of money itself. Yes. And so I believe that financial wealth, accrued in alignment with our purpose is, is is extraordinarily satisfying, and meaningful. And I believe we can do the most good to further our own realization of our life's purpose, when we reap the benefits of that financially. Yes, and it certainly allows us to serve more widely. And I don't make any judgments about wealth being finances bigger, saw bigger, small, but I do think it is in the pursuit of our purpose, that wealth aids in our overall wellness and personal freedom as a human being,

Marcy Predmore  39:23  
what does wealth mean to you?

Joseph Okaly  39:28  
So what wealth Oh, could say what wealth definitely doesn't mean to me. And that's some big arbitrary number on a piece of paper. I think the first thing when you're trying to define wealth for yourself is that it's not comparative, right? So it's not at some point across this line, I have so much money, and now I could look behind me and say, Hey, I have more than those guys. So now on wealthy, I think wealth is much more about the freedom you have in your life. So when I look around, I say, oh, that person is really wealthy in their life. Those are people that don't have to do things that they don't really enjoy doing. They don't want to waste a lot of time on things they don't enjoy doing. And they have the opportunity, and really the clarity to know what things they do want to do, and the freedom to go out and do those things and make a really big impact in the world. So since I started to put my voice out there and more and try to reach more young people, I feel much wealthier now than I did before I did that, because I feel like I'm really contributing to the world in a much more positive way. So I'd really look at wealth much more in those terms, as opposed to, you know, dollars on a piece of paper.

Marcy Predmore  40:30  
What does wealth mean to you? To me, it's being

Jen Coffel  40:34  
able to be as generous as I desire, with my time, my money and my resources. To me, that

Unknown Speaker  40:42  
is true wealth.

Marcy Predmore  40:43  
What does wealth mean to you, Jennifer? As you ask that,

Unknown Speaker  40:52  
I feel like

Jennifer Crowley  40:53  
the definition for me between success and wealth is not that dissimilar wealth. It doesn't have to do with money, I feel like you can have a wealth of spirit, a wealth of love, you can have all of those things. I think the bottom line is you can afford the things that you want in your life, and that you're not trying to cover for the fact that maybe you don't have enough time to spend with your family. So you overspend on, on things that you don't necessarily need or those types of things. But I really do feel like maybe it's just this point in my life, that those two are really connected success and wealth, glory, what

Marcy Predmore  41:34  
does wealth mean to you?

Unknown Speaker  41:39  
I love the question on for me that the word that comes to mind when I think of wealth is abundance. And when I was in this desperate new moms state,

Tonya Hofmann  41:50  
and the only thing I can manage to do was feel completely overwhelmed. I wasn't feeling very abundant. But I ended up taking this online course called The abundant mama project that was designed to help new parents and parents in general, find the abundance in their lives. And so when I was able to reframe my perspective, on my day, even though I hadn't slept, and the house was a disaster, when I could frame it in in terms of abundance instead of scarcity, that I truly felt wealthy every day, I had this beautiful baby. I had a job that I loved. I have a wonderful partner in life. And those things made me feel abundant and wealthy, even though I was sleep deprived and otherwise completely overwhelmed.

Marcy Predmore  42:34  
What does wealth mean to you? Tanya?

Tonya Hofmann  42:35  
You know, I think it's multi folded, you know, you can't be a success without money, right? People want to downgrade that, and at the end of the day, people look at you and they decide, Is it someone to do businesses? Is it someone to connect with? You know, what is it? And it's usually how successful are you? But then you also have to look internal. So do you feel successful, because I know people with millions of dollars that don't feel successful. So you have to look at the wealth building is the wealth inside of yourself, as well as exterior? So it's got to be a balanced game, which, you know, it can be a challenge sometimes.

Marcy Predmore  43:19  
What is your definition? Or what do you think? How can you explain wealth, let's just put it that way.

Kaitlyn Carlson  43:26  
I can actually explain wealth very simply, to me, wealth is the luxury of not having to worry about money.

Marcy Predmore  43:34  
Love it, plain and simple.

Mm hmm.

Kaitlyn Carlson  43:37  
And I think there there are other things, you know, like having all your family members being healthy, having the health of your family, that kind of stuff, I, I tend to think of wealth, as financial as strictly financial, I tend to think of things like your health and your family as blessed and fortunate. To me, wealth is as simple as that the luxury of not having to worry about money.

Marcy Predmore  44:01  
So what does wealth mean to you?

Brigitta Hoeferle  44:06  
Wow, that's a good one too, right? Cuz you can be and it's funny, and I don't know if the listeners can see it, but I actually have a tattoo on my left hand. And it is the ancient Chinese symbol for gratitude of wealth. Now, when I had that tattooed on my hand, I defined wealth, not as money because we can be wealthy and money if we want to. But money for me is a side effect. It's a It's not the it's not the end result. It is a side effect of the end result. It's the side effect of a win, win win. It's the side effect of in my wealthy and happiness and by wealthy and friends. What do I want to be wealthy in? Right? So really, that definition is, again, very individualized for me. It is a wealth in making have a bigger impact in the world. And the money if people you know, they hear wealth and they equal it to money for me is that is the byproduct of it.

Janay Harris  45:13  
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